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  1. Sorry mate just seen this it's already sold on ebay about 15 mins ago
  2. It's just the standard one, I am willing to accept offers on all items
  3. Hi I have got a few bits for sale that I iust don't have time to use and enjoy any more. Stag ekg uk plug in black, no box sadly - £100 + £5 postage C40 nitro wood with both collection tubs - SOLD Acaia Pearl model s with the acaia travel case - SOLD All items are only a month or so old just don't have the time in life at the moment hence the sale. All items will be dispatched royal mail first class with tracking. I will upload photos when I get home from work today, feel free to ask any questions.
  4. I have a acaia pearl model s in black with a travel case for sale. The scale is like brand new ans I have only had it a week I have just decided to buy a lunar instead. The case is brand new in the packaging still. Looking for 200 all in including tracked shipping or 195 collection from nottingham. However I am open to offers
  5. jdonnell

    Vegan Milk

    I personally like soya or oat milk the most but the barista oatly is one of my favs tbh
  6. I can absolutely recommend the c40 mk3 the best grinder I have ever used, I absolutely love it
  7. I quite like outpost coffee tbh but it's only a tiny shop
  8. jdonnell

    V60 slurry?

    Looks very fine to me, also recommended checking out the james hoffman video for the v60 recipe
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