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  1. I'd like to buy greens from cafe imports (35kg bags). Presumably 2-3 bags for my own use. Different origins and varieties. Would someone like to join? I will be buying the beans and keeping them at my house in Sheffield. Once joined you can either collect these (from 1kg) or I can arrange the postage (5kg+). I won't be charging you ANYTHING. You get them at importer prices. I will only ask you to cover the postage cost. I aim to have a party up to 10 people. Not sure if this is appropriate sub-forum.
  2. Taking the advice from @Mpbradford I did dry coffee before ramping up the temp. Results were satisfying. The best tasting cup so far. Very pleased with those baby steps and achieving better and better coffee. Kenya 2 roast: Drying phase at 190C for 2min (mod ON around 1000W) Then max temp up to 240C and hold till FC ( at least 3 consecutive pops) hold for 1min from the FC (mod OFF till max temp, then ON at 1100W to sustain the temp) Drop to 230C and hole for 0:30 out / fast cooling and discharge at around 150C This time I managed to achieve higher temps possible due to
  3. Interesting. I didn't go through whole 'today's roast' yet but have you shared your experience here?
  4. I clean it after every roast, clean as new.
  5. Hello there, I roasted my first batch on modified Gene and I would like to share my results. I roasted 3 batches of which: - Ethiopia Limu 1 - roasted without using the dimmer mod. I tried to follow previous profile of reaching 240C then until FC-> holding for 1min and dropping to 235C for 0:30 and OUT. - Ethiopia Limu 2 - first roast with the dimmer mod, I only managed to get it to 233C, after FC started I held it for 1min and dropped it to 230C and after 0:30 OUT. - Kenya Meru - with the dimmer again, max temp 233C -> 1min through the FC -> 230C for 0:30 and OU
  6. Thanks! @MediumRoastSteam. I assembled the roaster and switched ON and.... it worked! All looks fine, machine is heating up, display is working everything looks good. Now I need to do a bit of digging on the forum how to use it properly. Thanks everyone for contribution. I hope this topic will help future generations in modifying their roasters.
  7. Voilà I checked the continuity between all connections as well as from start to end of the circuit. All good. Wired as per diagram, both diagrams @MediumRoastSteam and mine are the same. I'd say I'm good to go. The only place where I couldn't measure the continuity was between point A(in) and B(out) on regulator. and
  8. There we go! Now it looks better. I will now get multimeter and do "some" checks, not sure yet what I will be checking but I'll try to figure this out
  9. Thanks. Sorry I didn't want to annoy anybody. I just simply don't understand electrics . But luckily together we've managed to find out that I didn't know how the display works True, there is a picture on the back of the display but it looks like nothing to me, I can only recognize the Minus and Plus which in my language is addition and subtraction Still not quite sure if (+) is live or neutral 😕 I will try to google it. Nevertheless, everything is coming together now. Hence why I created this topic, to ask people who are better and more experienced than I. And surely I won't be switching
  10. Here's the vid: https://photos.app.goo.gl/SBUf8JLAdinwqjvd9
  11. It is wired as per pictures/diagram of mine above. I completely understand your explanation here: But once I follow your diagram it doesn't make sense because wires going from PCB are going into display and back to PCB. Not actually doing anything . I recorded a video, perhaps this will put give more understanding
  12. I think I see the confusion here... first of all, I just found out your machine had different labelling so perhaps identifying each element is a good starting point. Which one is which on your diagram? I annotated as a,b,c,d. The confusing bit is the power display on your diagram and what you wrote above, you marked red dots (live wires) and yellow (neutral) in pairs but in my case they are as below (perhaps I was the dumbo all the time not being sure how to connect the display):
  13. Thanks. Sorry I'm not English native speaker therefore I may need to read things twice sometime Where it says ter3 on your diagram? I only see ter4... Do you mean 'PCB Heater slot wire' is your Heater Ter3?
  14. @MediumRoastSteam Thanks for clarifying, makes more sense now. This is my current wiring. I added actual pictures to the wiring diagram. It doesn't actually say where is in or out on my display. I lined up all ports and wires as they are actually connected. Unfortunately I don't have a multimeter... I barely know how to use a battery and light switch, hence my poor knowledge about electrics and electric circuits. (colours are irrelevant, I used colours as actually have them in my setup, they don't mean anything)
  15. thanks ok. In your diagram there is "TER4" going to Gene Heater and Gene PCB. But There is only one TER4 slot. The others are respectively TER1, TER2, TER3. This is my confusion. I'm not sure which cable should be actually connected to TER4. Next thing is: I've got 4 wires and 4 male pins on the PCB. If I connect all of my wires to those pins, heater will be disconnected?
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