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  1. @Batian The exhaust duct is about 1m. I will drop you a msg, perhaps we can arrange it in the weekend. I will use the power meter now and record the whole roasting. We will see how this will go.
  2. @MediumRoastSteam I'm going to read it, there is a ton of knowledge there. It will take me sometime to read it I'm based in UK, Suffolk/Norfolk, nearby Newmarket. I've just uploaded a picture of roasted beans. I will add Kenyan tomorrow. I didn't check voltage fluctuations yet, but I bought the electricity meter and I will be measuring it from next batch. I leave beans to rest for at least 3-4 days before tasting. I did cupping of Brazilian beans yesterday and they were roasted on 12/02. When it comes to drinking I only use V60 / Aeropress.
  3. Hi there, I would like to share my initial experience with Gene roaster and do a bit of troubleshooting🔍 because I'm struggling to get a good roast. As you can imagine my first attempts didn’t result in the best tasting coffee. I roasted 3 batches of 200g-250g and none of these made me happy yet😢. Description of the matter: I purchased my Gene at BB, brand new, unmodified. I read all manuals attached and followed Dave’s guidance and tips. The roasted beans look great, nice brown colour, very nicely rounded bean, perfect for a photoshoot to a magazine📷 however I can’t tell the same about the taste. I did two cupping sessions of my coffee together with professionally roasted coffee from one of the trusted roasteries. My coffee tastes simply bad, I can taste some vegetable notes🥦, onion-ish🥬, garlic-ish, some over-roasted nut flavours🥔, woodiness🌲, hints of mushrooms, charcoal hints 🤮. Body is quite nice actually, smooth, milky but acidity is quite low. So overall, I wasn’t very impressed, and I decided to not waste any beans and do a bit of research on this forum. After reading few topics it looks like my issues boil down to: 🔸Temperature control – a believe this can be addressed by dimmable mod which I’m investigating now, and I will be buying bits and bobs and hopefully installing it in next 2 weeks following this guide: http://coffeetime.wikidot.com/genecafedimmermod2017 🔸RoR (how quickly we get our beans to desired temp) – I think this is driven by our goal and type of beans we use. What roast level I wish to achieve and final outcome. 🔸Hearing 1st crack and use it as our reference point – I can’t hear any cracks at all, it’s too loud in my environment (busy road, wind, open window etc). I’ve got a nice advice from 🏅Batian🍻 to use a tube to hear it better but still not much joy with this yet. I know now there is a bit of smoking happening around 1st crack so I will pay attention to the smoke level coming out of the duct and then pay a lot of attention to cracks. There are possibly few more factors which affects my roast that I should consider but maybe we will find them together. Let’s get down to my roasting results and logs. My desired goal: 🏆☕Light-medium roasted coffee with a nice acidity and wonderful fruity notes Used beans: Brazil, Veloso, Red Catuai, Natural from BB Kenya, Mkumbune-Meru, Washed Tested roasting guidelines (from Daves manual): ✔️Gentle Raise – Gentle Finish ✔️Gentle Raise Method: Kenyan was roasted from cold Brazil – one batch roasted from cold, one from warmed machine (higher starting temp visible on the chart) Coffee beans weight: Brazil 1st - Green 201g / Roasted 172g (15% mass reduction) Brazil 2nd - Green 202g / Roasted 170g (16% mass reduction) Kenyan 3rd - Green 249g / Roasted 209g (16% mass reduction) Problem: Bad coffee taste. Flavours of root vegetables, onion, garlic, woodiness, mushrooms, dark roasted nuts, smokiness Please see below the temp/time chart with specific temps. I didn’t note any 1st crack because I couldn't hear it. I also dropped pictures of roasted beans. Left - Gentle Raise/Gentle Finish Right - Gentle Raise. Both are Brazil. Kenyan - TBA >>>> Temp log <<<<< ❓ Now. What you guys think about it ❓ What should I try, what temperatures or timings should I try ❓ I understand that dimm mod would help with temp control but maybe there is something I can try before I modify my roaster. Thank you kindly for all feedback! 🏁🙏 Voocash
  4. Created by mistake - Please remove.
  5. Hows going on with your modded Gene? Everything is still working as intended?
  6. @eustyi'm hoping to make similar mod soon, would you draw a wiring schematic please?
  7. Nice one, how about removing the grinder for the inspection and then bringing it back later once you get your food hygiene certificate?
  8. You can choose from ABS/PLA most likely. They are called filaments and are available in reels. Both of these materials are common and it all depends on your wall thickness and model. In printer parameters or settings you can specify the wall and layer thickness and structure of the body to be mesh like, or solid. So if you find your model too brittle, fragile or bending increase the thickness of certain walls in your 3D model and this should solve most of the issues.
  9. Hi @TomHughes I'm a Mechanical Design Engineer and I work regularly with 3D printing and 3D CAD design in manufacturing industry I can perhaps give you some insights. In regard to printers my colleague bought this one for his own purposes: Ender 3Pro and it works good for him. At work we use a bit more professional gear Raise 3D and CubePro Trio. Most of 3D printers nowadays have easy to use interface and have quite simple Quick Guides to follow so I don't think you will have much trouble using them. It only depends on your budget and material you wish to use. As for the CAD software, well it's a similar story. It all depends on your budget but I wouldn't buy fancy super-duper Solidworks or Inventor which costs more than few grants a year. There are free CAD programs available which can fulfil your needs in simple modelling and exporting your models to STL files. STL is the most commonly used file extension for 3D printing. I think sticking to free programs available online should be more than enough for you. Few minutes of Googling should give you answers to most of your questions. TL;DR. 1. Find a free to use 3D CAD software. 2. Play around with it to see if it suits your needs. 3. Define your budget and requirements for 3D printer. 4. Google for the best printer that meets your criteria within your budget 5. Crack on with it.
  10. @Jam1e1 How's your journey with Gene so far? Any progress in developing the roast?
  11. @Mr Karlsen I found your topic because I'm now struggling with the same things. I use brand new machine and don't have the dimmer mod which I haven't read about yet. I only made few roasts but not having much of a success/tasty coffee roasted. I've used two types of greens but after roasting the flavour seems to be equally bad from both varieties which then make me thinking that it is down to the process not a raw material. Hows your progress now? have you got better results with lightly roasted coffee? Thanks! Voo
  12. Cheers @Batian Will follow the guidance
  13. Interesting, could you link your bluetooth and wifif bean mass proble? I'm thinking about putting a thermocouple next to the built-in one at the exhaust.
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