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  1. Hi all, I am taking part in one of the 2014 Big Fun Runs that are taking place across the country, on the 25th October. I am raising money for a gym in London that provides training and support to people with disabilities and long-term health conditions. If you would like to find out more, and possibly make a donation, please visit the site here: http://uk.virginmoneygiving.com/RowanBFR 100% of the money raised will go to the charity. Many thanks, Rowan
  2. When using the Technivorm, since I've no control over pour or temperature, it's only the grind that I alter between brews. Other than taste, I'll consider the time it takes to drain and what the bed looks like once drained to figure out whether to go coarser or finer.
  3. Last summer I made some cascara cordial as an alternative to cold coffee. Overnight steep of water and cascara, then filter. Next reduce over heat in a saucepan with some sugar to make a syrup and leave to cool. Dilute to taste with still or sparkling water over ice. Tasted a bit like cherry coke (suppose it depends on the cascara), but a lot more fruity, and didn't leave fuzzy teeth.
  4. The water here is muck. I like the taste of it on it's own, but it scales up a kettle quick-fast and mutes most non-chocolate flavours in a cup of coffee.
  5. It's been a while since I looked on the message board and feel very much out of the coffee loop. So what's new. . . Any fantastic, must-try, new roasters / beans / brewers / brew methods / grinders ? I'm drinking as much coffee as ever, but have become less finicky about the process as I have less time on my hands. Sometimes I don't even weigh the water! And occasionally use tap water! Blergh. Clearly I need help.
  6. I like the look of your page. Clean and clear like that stuff teenagers put on their spots. I've tried that recipe with the AP before and think it works well. Question regarding Wordpress: is there anyway to get line indentations for the first line of a new paragraph without have a line break? As if in a book or newspaper.
  7. Thanks for the warning sdeleng. Fortunately I ended up going for the Technivorm and am happy with it. A similar thing happened to me when I was cleaning a glass/plastic Thermos: think I was a little heavy-handed with the scrubber and it exploded in my face. No lacerations thankfully!
  8. If you're using 1.5kg of beans to make 60L of coffee, that could be why it tastes bad!
  9. I'd suggest buying a grinder and some good beans first, then seeing how you fare with the current equipment. You might find you can make a decent brew without changing everything. Beans are always most important. Trouble is, 60L worth of coffee means about 3.6kg of coffee! I'd have thought that would be over £50 a week. You'd need a grinder that can handle that much action in one day. Can't really give any advice on which as I've only ever had my little home grinder. Good luck!
  10. I use Waitrose essential or Tesco Ashbeck, depending on which shop I'm near, as they're both relatively cheap. You might find it tastes better, but be aware that mineral water will extract at a different rate to the tap water, so you may need to adjust grind, steep time etc.
  11. Earlepap

    Square Mile

    I tried a couple of espresso blends from JG a couple years ago, but that was using a porlex hand grinder I think, so couldn't give a fair judgement. I'd recommend their filter coffees though.
  12. Earlepap

    Square Mile

    For filter, if you like SqM and Workshop, it's worth trying James Gourmet. It's a similar roast level and the quality is great, but the prices are much lower.
  13. I'd have a go with a higher temperature. Should help bump up extraction giving you more wiggle with grind size and steep time. At the moment I use my Technivorm to fill up the AP which on paper puts out water at 95c. That probably drops by at least 5c once it's in the AP. When I used a kettle (electric, stove-top) I'd pretty much use straight off the boil.
  14. It is pretty faff free. Just be sure to stir a lot, or leave it sitting there for ages.
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