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  1. Thanks Phil right back at ya!
  2. Thanks so much! Will send a message now
  3. Hi @Phil104 if this is still available, I'd happily come and pick this up from you and pay £375 for it. Thanks!
  4. Sold! Will pm you to arrange payment and pickup
  5. Thanks. Will wait to see the pic of the base sans drip tray. Assuming it's OK then I'll take it!
  6. Hi Im interested in this. Any idea what approximate year or version this is? Assuming it runs well and stays pretty temp-stable with the heatsink? Im in London and could come out to pick it up. Thanks
  7. I'm in the same boat. Looking forward to the journey!
  8. About a month for me. Signed up so I could make a purchase and get into the discussion
  9. Hello from far off London! Newbie here too but keen to learn and buy something new as well. Welcome
  10. Google as many others did. Trying to read up on europicollas if I recall
  11. Hi all! Early on in my journey to buy a proper machine and learn to use it. Been absorbing as much as possible through all the wonderful discussion here and hope to get a machine very soon. Cheers!
  12. Posting because I want to buy something! Never worked this hard to give someone money :S
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