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  1. Yes, your logic is self defeating. Merely point out one documented case of a problem with the adjustment in the past two decades; don't care which version. Surely there must be hundreds if your theory is correct.
  2. Merely a few hundred thousand people have reduced OPV for about two decades without problems. But we'll all trust your "feels" and change back to be "safe."
  3. Are you getting channeling as viewed from the output of a bottomless portafilter? That's all that counts. Looking at the top surface of the puck tells you nothing since that's mostly affected by the suction of the solenoid kicking on.
  4. IMS is the only company that makes a precision Gaggia basket. VST sort of fits but you'll likely need to change the gasket. The IMS starting with B68 will fit like stock.
  5. Sorry, don't know for sure (likely yes). But it normally takes several years for that to be an issue. Perhaps try for a warranty repair.
  6. Ah but you need a Silvia V3 wand! Always happy to help spend's other people's money.
  7. Wow, good job! I took the lazy way and bought a bottomless portafilter with a plastic handle that screws in and then replaced it with a wooden handle I found on Ebay.
  8. I've single-dosed from a Specialita for over a year with very consistent results. Only modification was to remove the gate from the funnel and block the hole with tape. Popcorning is dreamed up BS, retention is irrelevant in real world tasting. I'm sure you need to justify the price you paid for your Niche or Monolith or whatever but please don't spread nonsense about Mignon's requiring a weight or some ugly homemade hopper. For 99.9% of people, that's utter nonsense.
  9. Please stop spreading this nonsense. It's absolutely false. Agreeing with Tom Hughes, doesn't sound like they're touching. To find out for sure, you need to use a marker, which is needed for alignment testing.
  10. Just grind into the portafilter w/funnel, give a few solid raps on the tamping stand to settle, then tamp. I do use a leveling tamper. Tried a distributor but sold it. I made a WDT tool and find it's mostly a waste of time. Popcorning and retention worries in a newer Mignon is much ado about nothing.
  11. You can ignore all the silliness about popcorning. The Mignons single dose just fine without any hacks (perhaps remove the shutoff door and cover the gap with tape). A funnel does eliminate grounds on the counter. Amazon sells an inexpensive one with magnets to hold the filter rim a bit more securely.
  12. Yep, that's the one. The 8.5 is for the stock or IMS basket, not the VST. A leveling tamper has a ring that makes it impossible to crook uneven; e.g. the Decent V2 tamper but there are cheaper alternatives. Some people use a distributor only but that's not a great choice unless you always drink the same coffee blend since you have to calibrate depth based on density.
  13. None of the VST baskets are made for Gaggia; dimensions are slightly off. You need to order an 8.0mm silicone gasket to get it to lock properly. Too late now but IMS does make Gaggia specific baskets. Do get yourself a 58.4mm tamper, preferably a leveling type.
  14. I installed a pressure gauge on my Classic with the T into the line coming off the pump. When I run the machine and it gets up to pressure, the needle vibrates rapidly over a range of about 2 bar. The Ebay seller says some vibration is normal but over this much range is unusual. Anyone else have this issue? I do have a Quickmill pulser on the pump to reduce noise (works well) and would think it would also damp vibration.
  15. I had the V2 wand and consider the V3 a worthwhile upgrade. Because the tip is smooth (vs the nut), it's easier to clean. It's articulated with a ball and socket (Gaggia Pro is not) so you can position the angle the way you want it. And it just looks better than V2.
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