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  1. I think I'am starting to understand the process better so im asking to experiment. Its decent / nice but I will only know if it can be better by trying. Going manual with cup weight has made coffee life a lot simpler. Its a Sage Barista Pro. Changing the weight in the cup is easier Id say as the grind is harder to determine in small steps with the dial. If I want 30g in the cup I have to stop it around 22g as it keeps going after I stop manually lol
  2. Ooh thats confused me Ive gone more manual so weigh 18grams of coffee. The I stop the pour when ive got the weight to say 30g in the cup but not sure how I can affect time?
  3. Its fine if wanted to make a finer adjustment do you think I should change the weight in the cup or the grind weight? Or do you think I can use either of these methods? Justin
  4. Hi, Not 7 seconds thats just the infusion time before it starts to pour. Thanks, Justin.
  5. Hi all, Been a while but I got there so ive been checking the weight in the cup. 18g coffee Manual dose 7 seconds infusion and 30g in cup has been decent. Whats the best way to see if I can improve on what I have? The coffee dose or the weight in the cup? Or would it work either way? Thanks Justin
  6. Grind setting 3 18g of coffee 35 seconds (manual) Stop at 36g in the cup Was better!
  7. Im sure and hope youve all been there 6 weeks now I feel like giving up 😂 Going to start using the method of kill the weight in the cup and go from there. Even trying the next day seems to have an affect after thinking im getting there.
  8. Ill have a look in my book how to dose manual
  9. I didnt measure in the cup this time as it everything had been working okay previously around double the dose. It runs automatically so it ran from pressing to finishing for 21 seconds.
  10. 18 grams and grind 4 Just changed to Warehouse and that wont work only 21 seconds including infusion will have go finer now Justin
  11. Just about to move onto Ancoats Warehouse after experimenting with their free samples. I had issues for the first week and im a mere beginner. The coffee beans once they were 7 days old made a difference! Ive been getting 7 second infusion and 24 seconds pour not sure how to get it to pour for longer yet. Keep going yed down Justin
  12. Day 8 off Fresh Coffee. Grind setting 4 - 18g Infusion 7 seconds Pour start to finish 26 seconds Was a lot more like my expectations. All new still learning J
  13. Hi, Best pour as in it was like a watefall at one point and going off what ive watched online. So I changed the grind finer to try and slow it down. The really bad one i think tasted awful J
  14. So the coffee was roasted on the 12th so maybe im not so patient. I went back to finer took it to grind size 2 best pour if had time and measure. Tasted damded awful. So tried it at grind 3 taste improved but not great. Like science this lot! Justin
  15. Thanks everyone ill keep experimenting ill get there at some point. Justin Me to i went upto grind 12 deffo poured better despite my instruction book. Got a little bit to much liquid and slight bitterness. Think its still needs slowing a little so will try grind 13 next. beans were roasted on the 12th so pretty fresh justin
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