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  1. When I used to regularly visit chain coffee shops I’d go into Pret, buy a sandwich and then walk 5 mins to a Starbucks or Nero to get a coffee as I turned my nose up at Prets bean to cup machines. Years later when I was short on time and tried it I was shocked. I honestly think they make the best chain coffee, nothing spectacular but consistent. When I was following a restrictive diet with no caffeine or dairy 😭 it wasthe only place that could provide a decaf soy latte that was drinkable.
  2. Shameless tout but once my dual boiler arrives hopefully this week then all my Sage 54mm accessories will be going in the classified for anyone interested. Off the top of my head: Spare OEM baskets Spare OEM portafilter Motta distributor tool Crema Coffee dosing cup Portafilter funnels (metal one and plastic one works with grinder) Sage Grinder Pro MyWeigh coffee scales with timer and probably other bits and pieces.
  3. Thanks for the tips with my new DB when it arrives.
  4. I did Dutchy and TBF Sage have been great both times I've had an issue. I guess I could have tried for a refund but I got the Bambino for such a good price from the local retailer that the £480 discount on the price of the DB was far in excess of what I originally spent.
  5. Both Bambino's seemed to have some sort of electronics fail. The first once which was a V1 machine got stuck in the backflush cycle and no matter how many times you ran it would not exit that mode. Others on here have had the same issue all resulting in a return to Sage, and I've found similar stories over the internet while looking for a fix. The second Bambino is a V2 model and Sage seems to have made modifications the backflush program (perhaps due to the previous bug) as now you cannot defer the backflush cycle until after you've finished making your drink and must run as soon as it flags up. This is very annoying as the last time it happened I just needed to steam the milk for the final of 4 lattes. Everyone else had finished their coffee by the time I'd spent 10-15mins backflushing and remaking my coffee!! So I think Sage are aware of this issue and rewrote the software while also implementing this annoying change. The issue with the V2 Bambino was that it would not complete a shot or steam, cutting out halfway through and flashing all 3 lights. I would hazard a guess this is a spurious error from a sensor detecting an issue that is not really there. I say this as the issue seems to have gone away on it's own this morning however as I have already paid for a DB now I will return it anyway. I think the Bambino is a great bit of kit and even with my issues I would recommend to anyone starting out with a limited budget, partly off the back of Sage's exceptional customer service. I do wonder if certain engineering/component compromises had to be made because you are getting so many features at such a good price point. I'm hoping the DB will have a better build quality as I'm not getting a full 2 year warranty as Sage have said they will extend my existing warranty by 6 months so I will have 14 months left. That has been the only disappointing part so far as I feel if you buy something as I have with Sage giving me a discount off the RRP it should be treated as a new purchase. I do understand why they wouldn't do this with a straight exchange.
  6. Thanks for the detailed answer Ajohn.
  7. Sorry Ajohn, it’s been replaced previously about 6 months before although the two year warranty runs from initial purchase date. It’s stuck in some kind of cleaning cycle and I can’t reset it. I use bottled water, backflush far to much and have a monthly reminder to descale even though I pamper the machine only with volvic! Am I right in thinking you own a DB AJohn? Any regrets?
  8. It’s the second year of warranty (although this machine less than 6 months old) so think I’m only entitled to a refund in the first year. I know the retailer isn’t interested any more.
  9. So Sage have come back with price of £720 (+ my Bambino back of course) for the DB. So basically it's the same price as the MaraX and unless someone selling something else used realistically everything else is another £300+.
  10. Thanks for your thoughts Cocoloco and I guess you’ve boiled it down further for me ie roughly £700 for a new MaraX or £800(hopefully less) for a Dual Boiler. I did see that dual boiler and depending on condition it would only be £200 to step up. It’s funny though while head says yes, I still (probably wrongly) have more concerns about a secondhand Sage than the other brands for reliability and fixibility. And don’t laugh but I think this machine needs to be my last upgrade for a few years, and so while certainly not a dealbreaker I do prefer the look of a more traditional e61 machine. Anyone on the forum considering an upgrade themselves want to sell me one of the machines listed above? 😁😁 Let’s see if Sage actually get back to me today with a definitive price!
  11. Rather than hijack the upgrade thread below, just trying to quickly weigh up my options now my Sage Bambino has died. Having recently received my Niche the upgrade bug was starting to bite anyway. Sage have offered to replace my Bambino with a different coloured one (black). I could get this and hopefully sell on classifieds and put towards a MaraX, Minima, Elizabeth. Being honest having just bought the Niche my budget is probably more towards the MaraX and depends on what the Bambino sells for. Alternatively Sage have said I can upgrade to DB for around £800 although they promised to try and come back with a slightly better price as they can’t replace my Bambino like for like. Ideally I think if I could sell the Bambino for £300 (rrp £399) and pick up a used MaraX, Minima, Elizabeth that would be best for my bank balance. But not sure if that is realistic and don’t want to spend too much time without coffee at home. Any suggestions or other ideas?
  12. Cant believe it arrived when I’m fasting (although not moaning a month early!). Had to make a flat white for the misses and get her to describe the taste 😂 Thanks for arranging Dave.
  13. Clearly didn’t tell her the price and made sure to show her the pictures from google images (sans price) 😁 What was worse was trying to explain to the friends we’d taken to a national park in the middle of nowhere why I had to be near the visitor centre (with signal) at exactly 2pm 🤷‍♂️
  14. The wife has veto’d the white 🤷‍♂️ so hopefully that helps someone out 👍
  15. Hi @DavecUK put me down for a black one please. 👍 can I be a backup for white if anyone pulls out. Cheers.
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