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  1. I own the Motta tool and find it has subjectively improved my shots, the thing I can't quite get my head around are the tampers like linked above. I thought tamping as a variable should be kept consistent regardless of pressure to aid dialling in and then consistency. Over the course of using a bag of beans I will grind finer and finer as the beans get old to maintain shot time. By doing this a 19g dose will get shallower and shallower as the grind is finer, so my thinking is at this point if you are tamping to a set depth that worked when dialling in, you're going to end up with quite a light tamp??? How are people finding tamping to depth rather than pressure? Is it a non-event?
  2. I think I get what you are saying Skylark. I had to do this yesterday as using grind setting 1 on my SGP the shot was too fast taking around 20secs. I moved the inner setting finer by 2 steps and repeated now using a setting of 3 purely as a test. This also took 20secs so I would assume that you are correct and it “moves” the outer setting proportionally so in this instance by -2 After the first shot as CocoLoco says it doesn’t really matter, however it’s nice to have a starting point.
  3. Scwheeler

    Sage Bambino

    I’ve had two bambino’s from new, both have a small amount of leakage here. I guess it depends how much is coming out.
  4. I may have a spare single wall double shot basket for sale over next couple of days if you don't return it. I think you may be able to tell the newer model with 4 baskets and no-hole cleaning disc from the product code on box. If it just says SES500 it should be the newer one, if it has UK or other letters after this it may be older stock.
  5. Wowzers, that’s great to know. Maybe I should be less of cynic 😂
  6. When I researched this a couple of months ago I could not find anything the the DTP offered “manual” or otherwise that wasn’t offered by the Bambino. Plus the Bambino has the auto milk steaming from the Touch which you may or may not choose to use and the Thermojet from the Pro. I bought the Bambino and am happy with it however without trying side to side it’s difficult to say if one makes better coffee.At £199 (I got mine for £150 open box) it seemed excellent value for money.
  7. I doubt it, usually warranty from date of purchase, otherwise you could keep getting replacements forever. Be great if they did though, I’d certainly shop there 😀
  8. Get a good shot of espresso as detailed above and then top up with hot water to make an a longer coffee. It’s unlikely to taste good reusing the coffee grounds..
  9. Sorry for slight threadjack. Tom - While practicing dialling in, I've been just loading 19g so it is empty when when I move steps on grinder otherwise I was wasting so much coffee. Any downside to this method?
  10. Great, in which case I'd like to take both the cups and scales. Hopefully you can send together to save some postage so how does £34 sound? Cheers, Steve
  11. Hi Catpuccino What size are the cappuccino cups? The only ones I can find listed elsewhere are 250ml latte cups. What price could you do for the cups and scales together? Cheers, Steve
  12. New manual now on the Sage website now showing the inclusion of the extra single wall baskets. https://www.sageappliances.com/content/dam/sage/uk/en/assets/miscellaneous/instruction-manual/espresso/BES500-instruction-manual.pdf
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