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  1. Phoenix, now owning the Bambino and having handled the other portafilter I would be 99% sure it’s the bambino one in the picture. It looks to me that the handle is textured like the Bambino rather than the high gloss on the BP or BE and from what I can see from the underneath it looks like the Bambino. Apart from feeling heavier and looking a bit better quality I reckon there’s no performance difference between the two.
  2. Thanks for the grind tip Bowie. I went to Horsham roasters today and now have some beans to play with tomorrow (only roasted yesterday so may not be optimal anyway!) If your looking for the basket, may be worth another call as I spoke with them today and happy to report they gave the single walled baskets in stock.
  3. Thanks for all the opinions and advice. Its been a funny old day today. On a whim I popped into my local Kitchen store to have a look in the flesh. They weren't aware of any changes to the Bambino package so called up Sage. Sage said they 100% hadn’t changed the included baskets or portafilter, although said this could be different in other regions. They clarified the single wall basket works fine in the Bambino and suggested buying one from their website. My local shop agreed to price match the lot and then agreed to do their display model for £150. With the Curry’s deal ending today I decided it was worth a punt, so bought that and silver SGP for £265 and was looking forward to driving down to Horsham Rosters tomorrow to get some fresh beans. However..... I got home and went to order the single walled basket and the Sage website shows no stock - WTF! I’ll call them tomorrow but feeling pretty annoyed. Any tips for getting the most out of the pressurised basket in the interim? ?
  4. Thanks MediumRoastSteam! I’d say budget is really £400 but a small amount of flex. Not adamant on Sage and certainly have been watching the Used forum, however the big issue I have is the WAF ?.
  5. Firstly sorry for long first post, I've been researching through this forum for a while now and have picked up lots of handy advice, however I wanted to check I've understood correctly and also gauge some opinions based on current pricing. Originally I was looking to pick up BE from Amazon for £390 which seemed like a good place to start upgrading from a Nespresso machine. Well reviewed and seemed good value for money compared to the BP and Touch. Now Costco is offering the BP for £449 which offers the Thermojet faster heating, a more powerful steam wand, more steps on the grinder, and subjectively a nicer overall package. Seems to be worth the current price difference and backed up by the recent thread on here comparing the BP to BE. I've seen people recommend a separate grinder and espresso machine to make it potentially easier/cheaper to upgrade in the future, so I also had a quick look at the SGP paired with Bambino. Through Curry's and Costco the total cost is £315 (£115 & £199). While I personally think the BE & BP look better than the Bambino and STP combined, I'm now thinking this may be the better option. Apart from the cheaper cost and ability to upgrade the grinder in a few years, it seems the Bambino has: The Thermojet heating from the BP. Now offers a non-pressurised basket which seemed previously like a deal-breaker to me. Has the steam wand with auto-milk texturizing from the Touch with the option to use manually if wanted. In fact apart from the cheaper Portafilter (I'm not sure what it is now shipping with since adding the unpressured basket), and with people saying the grinders are all basically the same, I'm struggling to see a technical reason to pick the BE, BP or Touch over the Bambino plus SGP!?!? What have I missed ?
  6. Not used for coffee but have found the sage Heston scale and it’s cheaper little brother below to be very accurate. Salter Ultimate Accuracy Dual Platform Kitchen Scale 1084, Black, 31 x 21 x 5 cm https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B06W5MRXHP/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_tai_OPkhEbSB29GAM
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