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  1. My mistake. Yes it was the power supply. You got a great deal😀
  2. I’m not selling mine. It’s a fantastic machine. I’m sure it will sell easily
  3. I would say that’s a very good price. I think mine new ordered at the beginning Jan was about £3200 delivered for the 1.4 version where the main change was upgraded heaters I believe.
  4. Zero water strips all the calcium out. To make it drinkable you need to remineralise which I do by mixing with my hard tap Water. I do not have a problem with limescale this way
  5. I use a Zero water filter and blend it with tap water to bring the calcium levels to where I want it to be. In fact it goes through a BWT filter first as it’s so hard. my first filter has lasted 3 months snd is still going strong. Worth considering
  6. Here’s the thread. 400ml looks normal
  7. There was a thread in the middle of last year where the consensus was that 400ml was all you could draw out of the hot water outlet so yours is normal. I live down the road on Barnsley where the water is very hard and I used bottled or BWT filtered in my Mara. Your looks like classified as slightly hard so it could be calcium? Do you flush out the boiler regularly. I used to draw out 400ml of water weekly as the TDS’s will build if not
  8. I am using the Specialita with the DE1. It’s not for single dosing and it will be ok as an interim grinder I quickly decided to get the best out of the machine I would need to upgrade. I have an Ultra on order why not try a hand grinder like the JX pro. I use mine with the Decent and it’s probably better than the Specialita especially if you want to single dose
  9. Weaker spring and different base. Available to order April delivery May ish. It’s on the website apparently
  10. V4 is about to be launched. You may want to wait. You may see many for sale as Decent are offering a free upgrade
  11. Send an e-mail to Miriam and ask where they are?
  12. I enjoyed @Altitude Coffee London Pioneer blend. They describe it as a everyday blend and it was lovely both with and without milk. Forum sponsors they give a 15% discount. I will be getting more
  13. I was invited into the showroom at number 12! My accessories took about 6 days and were delivered by Royal Mail at this end I chose my machine on a Thursday, it was dispatched Friday and delivered Monday. UPS tracking was out and said it would be delivered Wednesday Hope that helps
  14. Thanks guys. The HU it is then. Look forward to hearing more once received
  15. I completely agree re banking I left two year too late In my new role I actually believe we are doing good and supporting small firms get finance not putting barriers in the way
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