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  1. Mark70

    Am I mad

    Would the be Davecuk ? Does Dave work there?
  2. Mark70

    Am I mad

    Thanks for everyone’s responses. Think I am almost there with a decision. Probably go for a Mara and enjoy the learning curve. Going to have a trip to Bella Barista but as it’s a 240 mile round trip I won’t get there till next month and will have to hope they still have one in stock I will post up when I start using it and I am sure there will be plenty of questions Many thanks
  3. Mark70

    Am I mad

    Hi I don’t have a grinder but would pair either machine with a Minion Specialita which seems to be a popular combination Thanks Mark
  4. Mark70

    Am I mad

    Ok. Started looking to upgrade from my Nespresso machine and have just about settled on a Gaggia Classic PID’d However I like milky drinks and need to produce 2 in reasonable time and think this may be an issue on the Classic So I have now found the Mara. Read the reviews and am considering going down this route would it be too big a step up and am I better going the Classic first and upgrading later
  5. Just seen this thread. I run a Roccbox which I love. Only problem I cannot eat pizza out now as it’s rare to get one as good as home made.
  6. Mark70

    Lelit Diana

    Would love to but Bella Barista don’t stock it. Sounds like I need to avoid though from your and the following post thanks
  7. Mark70

    Lelit Diana

    Anyone got experience of the Diana? Looking for something mainly to make a couple of milky drinks morning and evening but also espresso Also the only supplier I can find is Caffe Italia. Anyone any experienced buying from this company. Looks like machines are ordered in UK but direct shipped Thanks
  8. That’s really interesting and something I had not thought about. Need to have a rethink and decide what I really need
  9. Thanks Aris. Good advise. Seems I’m on the right lines. I’ll go and have a look at the Gaggia and see it working before I pull the trigger Seems I’m on the right lines. I will have a look at the Niche cheers
  10. Thanks. Useful to rebase my expectations.
  11. Michael i will consider anything that gives the best results. Gaggia UK are local to me and I think they get refurbs through. I will check with them
  12. Looks like I’m too ambitious wanting two milk drinks in a row. How long do you think it would take to make two lattes on the Gaggia. I know it’s not the same but it takes ma about three to four mins on my Nespresso
  13. Aris P Sorry. I like espresso and most milk based drinks especially flat whites. I like a mid roast if that’s the right term. big fan of Mancoco Espresso blend in a cafetière as an example Of the coffee I drink outside using the Nespresso Priorities easy to use as a beginner, not too big a footprint on the kitchen side Able to produce two double shot Lattees without having to wait for boiler to reheat Budget say around £1000 including a grinder Hope that helps
  14. Hi. Been lurking a few weeks Looking to upgrade from a Nespresso machine and have virtually decided to go for a Gaggia Classic 2019 and a Eureka Minion Grinder If I was to push the boat out what would be the next level espresso machine to pair with the Minion. Also should I look to get the next level up as a beginner it’s easy to see what the entry level machines are but not so the mid level Many thanks
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