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  1. Mancoco is excellent. Try their espresso blend it’s virtually my go to coffee i would leave it at least 7 to 10 days though if you want single origin currently enjoying their Guatemala Finca Rabanales
  2. I’m only relatively new to this but to increase the extraction time either grind finer or increase the dose. I usually use 18g to get 36 ish
  3. I just joined yesterday at the middle level of £3 plus vat. The Discord seems to have a large number of US contributors and fewer from the uk. So far it’s interesting To see other perspectives but it’s hard to look for topics like you would on a traditional forum I will give it 3 months and see how it goes
  4. You have not mentioned funding the venture but have a look at Start Up Loans. A government supported scheme to help people start their own businesses Mark
  5. Just tap off you cold water supply and fit a tap under the sink somewhere easy to get to. When you leave just cap it off with a stop valve . All can be done by pushfit these days easy and removable. I did not want to have another tap by the sink so this is what I did with my BWT filter. To save the hassle of going under the sink to fill my machine each time I simply have several two litre bottle I fill all at the same time when empty works for me Mark
  6. I agree it is strange. It’s the concentric raised circles on the head of the filter and in the Heads. I’m away at the moment so cannot check which way round it is but I think the AEG head has a Raised circle where the second circle is on the BWT filter and this does not allow it to screw fully home and the water flow. The AEG filter does not have the second circle I only found out when I replaced the AEG filter with and could not get it to flow so did some investigation I think The AEG filter will fit your Flexhead I tried it in my BWT head and it seemed to go all the way home U
  7. I had the BWT head from the AEG tap kit. However once the AEG supplied filter runs out the standard BWT filters don’t fit and I had to buy the original BWT head. I was not aware until I tried to fit the replacement. Also there is no bypass on the head Any buyer will have to buy AEG cartridges to make it work
  8. Since the update the unread posts icon is not working for me. Anyone else ? I just get nothing but looking on the forum I can see posts thanks
  9. We must be on the same sub. Flavours sound great and will be good for my holiday as well next week but the other side of the country in Whitby
  10. Mine was 24 hours later than expected. Exactly the same delayed in Koln. I would be surprised if you don’t get it tomorrow and it’s worth the wait. I use mine daily and love it same routing as mine via France
  11. If it’s a small amount I just tweet after the shot and don’t bother purging If it’s larger say moving half way between 4 and 5 For example if going finer I do this whilst running and purge Hope that helps
  12. No it’s £189 from BB and is now Back in stock. Imported direct it’s about £155 to £160 all in dependant on exchange rate
  13. Thanks Casper. I like light roasts but my wife darker so any machine has to be capable of both. Very happy with the Mara but I have upgraditus!
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