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  1. I like the procook professional x50 range. Especially the santoku. Really well weighted and easy to keep sharp with a steel.
  2. Great place. Always go there when in the city centre.
  3. Hi all I’m new here. I currently have the Scultura, I’m looking to upgrade but in the meantime does anyone have any tips on how to improve the drinks from the Scultura? I drink a couple of espressos and cappuccinos a day. I use pre ground coffee. I’m hoping to get a decent grinder soon. Is a non-pressurised basket worth getting? Thanks in advance. Al
  4. Hi all I’ve been reading the wealth of information on the forum over the last week or so, I’ve got the coffee bug and after 2 years with the Delonghi Scultura I’m looking to get something proper. Most of the question I have, already have detailed threads with some great info so I won’t ask anything yet. Thanks for having me and hopefully I’ll post what I’ve decided on soon!
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