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  1. Hi. I agree with @El carajillo, I leave for 30 mins and definitely refill boiler after steaming. 👍🏻
  2. Hi @light87 I fitted the V3 wand last year. I got it from Ferrari Espresso. (https://www.ferrari-espresso.com/product/gaggia-pre-2015-rancilio-steam-wand-v3-conversion-kit/) I don’t think it improves the steaming TBH. It’s much nicer to use and feels much sturdier than the V1/V2 I had before. Here’s a write up on how I did it using the above kit. Al
  3. Hi just carry out an auto tune as mentioned above. 👍🏻
  4. Hi. Just copied this from the instructions if that helps? Turn the Gaggia and PID on, and set your desired SV (eg 93) and then leave the machine to temperature stabilise (about 15mins or so) and then simply press and hold the > key until the Out(AT) light starts flashing rapidly. 👍🏻
  5. My machine came with a brass plate. I was getting some terrible jetting. I opened up the holes to the same as the standard plate but it still wasn’t right. Went back to an original gaggia ally plate and it was so much better. I just take the plate off to clean once a month. I’d give the ally plate a go.
  6. I used to like the Coffee#1 (think it was the first shop) in Cardiff town centre but it went down hill (IMO) when Brains Brewery bought them out.
  7. Hi I have the below. It’s good quality and doesn’t cost too much. The basket is not great. I bought a 25g VST basket to go with it. One thing I found was I needed to get the shots right using a standard PF first, before moving to a bottomless one. I think I started to run before I could walk! https://www.happydonkey.co.uk/product/gaggia-bottomless/
  8. It’s spot welded I think you can see the spot weld marks in the photo below. I think I’d pop rivet it together if it was mine.
  9. Hi I have that and it does fit the standard Gaggia PF but I think the 68mm O/S diameter one is the one that it states is compatible with Gaggia classic PF. The below is good for understanding the numbers on the basket. http://www.imsfiltri.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/02/IMS-Competition-Catalogue.pdf
  10. Hi I used these. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/M4-M5-M6-M8-A2-STAINLESS-STEEL-ALLEN-BOLT-SOCKET-CAP-SCREWS-HEX-HEAD-DIN-912-/221307549544?_trksid=p2349624.m46890.l49292
  11. Hi I agree with @AdG, there’s not much difference in the V1 and V3 with regards to steaming. It’s just much nicer to use and is a lot sturdier (in my opinion). The PID made a big difference in the steam power, if you haven’t already got a PID I’d recommend getting one. The V3 is a nice to have but not a must.
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