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  1. Hi @AlbertoG. Both wands use the same valve. The Ferrari kit replaces the copper pipe, from the steam valve, with a Teflon pipe. Ferrari do still sell the V3 wand. I fitted one from them last month https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/254669149438
  2. @konrut123 haha, that was quick! You won’t be disappointed. Great fun fitting too. The steaming power is so much better. I got carried away and fitted a V3 Silvia steam wand too.
  3. Hi Welcome. Same set up as me. 😀 I recently fitted a PID and it’s transformed the GC in my opinion. I’ll upgrade the grinder at some point over the next year but will hold on the GC for a fair bit longer I think. Al
  4. Hi @bangit could I please have the gauge next? thanks. Al
  5. As said above that looks right. That seal fits right up in the union at the end of the copper pipe that the steam wand connects to. I take it the original seal is still in there?
  6. It sounds to me like it’s working correctly. It’s very different to the pannarello wand that you’ve replaced. Can you post a video?
  7. @Juancho the instructions are excellent with loads of photo’s. I’m sure if you get stuck @MrShades will be happy to help.
  8. Thanks @Mike112079 the PID fit was straight forward. The instructions that come with the MrShades PID are excellent. In the photo’s above I’ve not mounted it, since then I’ve mounted it on the side as it makes it easier for me to fill the tank. If you need help/advice fitting the V3 wand just PM me. 👍🏻
  9. @Oli986 it will fit with the standard drip tray. It has a big range of movement compared to the V1/2
  10. Thought I’d put up some photos and some basic instructions on how I fitted the Silvia V3 steam wand to my GC. It was quite a time consuming job but not particularly difficult. I bought the kit from Ferrari Espresso (https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/264776360301) It’s quite expensive but very well made, it comes pre assembled but I removed the flexible pipe to make fitting the bracket easier. I was servicing the GC and fitting a PID so had everything out. I wouldn’t want to leave anything in as there was a fair bit of swarf produced making the chassis steam wand hole bigger. Below is the hole before I started. The hole needs to be enlarged to allow the wand to have full range of movement without hitting the chassis. I used the below bits to enlarge the hole. I used a 4mm cobalt drill bit for the bracket attachment bolts. It goes through the stainless easily. You need to keep the drill speed fairly low. I picked up the existing hole in the chassis and opened up to 4mm. Grinding the hole bigger took lots of trial fits of the wand to make sure it wasn’t touching the chassis. There was a good few mm of metal removed. I fitted the bracket using the bolt in one hole and marked the other. Drilled to 4mm and gave everything a good de-burr, ready for fitting. loosely fitted the bolts, got the position right then tightened them. Refitted the boiler and connected the steam valve up. I used some PTFE Tape on the connection. looks fairly neat from underneath. Put everything back together and I think it looks good. Only tried it once so far but it definitely feels nicer to use. Along with the PID it’s made a big difference to the steaming. If anyone is thinking of doing this mod and wants any advice or has any questions please post below or PM me. 👍🏻
  11. Ferrari Espresso do a kit. Not cheap but it’s really good quality. It feels so much more substantial than the V1/2. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Gaggia-UDATED-pre-2015-CLASSIC-to-Rancilio-Silvia-steam-wand-v3-conversion-kit-/264776360301?_trksid=p2349624.m46890.l49293
  12. I’ll try and post some photos of what’s required to fit the V3 steam wand tomorrow.
  13. Finally finished! Decided to fit a Silvia V3 steam wand too. The PID was fairly easy to fit, the V3 steam wand was a pain! First drink was a revelation! Steam was unbelievable!
  14. @MrShades PID fit and a good service underway. Great instructions with the PID and it’s nice to get inside and see how it all works. I can see why these machines are so popular with people who like to tinker. Very simple.
  15. @jjstorgaard gauge arrived today. Thanks. @luke if you PM your details I’ll send the gauge onto you next week. 👍🏻
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