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  1. @shodjoe1 thanks for the advice. I’ve been playing around with this today. Firstly I drilled out the brass plate to as near to the original as possible. Using the IMS screen I pulled a shot and got the same results as before it was drilled (first photo) I then used the original alloy plate, with the IMS screen, to pull another shot. I can’t believe the difference in taste! (Second photo) the puck was way better!
  2. Interesting. What shower screen did you use with the alloy head?
  3. I’m having this problem too. Did you open up to the same as the original?
  4. What a great company to deal with! Recently ordered an Airscape and some beans. Unfortunately they got washed out of the post office sorting office and down the Taff! (Or the parcel was damaged and the PO staff couldn’t make out the delivery address) Rang BB to explain and without hesitation they resent the order that day. It’s great when you can trust a company to help when something happens out of the ordinary. I can’t wait to save enough money to visit BB to buy a new machine.
  5. Thanks @MWJB that’s very helpful. I’ll have a dig around. 👍🏻
  6. Thanks. That’s good news! Is there any easy way to check the bicarbonate/alkalinity?
  7. Hi all I’m looking for some advice on how often I should descale my 2006 classic? (bought from a forum member and well looked after)Below is the water hardness in my area, I use water from the tap. I make about 2 drinks everyday. I don’t want to over do it with the descaling but want to make sure it’s kept relatively scale free. Thanks Al
  8. Hi I’ll take the IMS double basket at asking & postage if that’s ok? Thanks Al
  9. Yes, that’s correct. I’ve only had mine a week. It’s excellent.
  10. I just tried it and it worked for me. Make sure you log back into your account.
  11. Got them. Thanks. Looks good. I’m happy to pay the asking price. 👍🏻 I’ll PM you now.
  12. Hi I’m interested in this at the asking price. Could you please post some pics? Thanks Al
  13. Abcan

    Eureka Mignon

    Hi Im looking for a Mignon to go with my recently acquired Classic. Any model would be considered. Thanks Al
  14. Hi Some years ago I set up a fishmongers and deli. At the that time, to trade, I had to do a food hygiene certificate a HACCP course (run by the local council) and the food hygiene inspector inspected my shop. I’m pretty sure this was the same even if you traded from home. This was over 10 years ago in Cardiff, so things will probably have changed, and different councils may have different rules. One thing I found was that the council’s food hygiene people were very helpful during the set up phase of my shop. They basically told me exactly what I needed in my shop to pass the inspection. I’d give your local council food hygiene people a call and explain what you’re doing. good luck! Al
  15. Just a quick thanks to @Diggy87 for the Classic. Arrived today in great condition. Just gave it a wipe with Silver Shine Stainless Steel cleaner and it looks fantastic. (Might remove the Gaggia logo and respray to help my OCD) 👍🏻
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