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  1. Coming soon, a new cafe in Edinburgh. Looks interesting from this write up http://edinburgh.stv.tv/articles/294294-new-edinburgh-coffee-shop-cult-espresso-to-open-in-buccleuch-street/?fromstreampost=168853
  2. Yes, but never in the same cup as the coffee. Quite sophisticated in that regard!!
  3. Very true. Hoping to visit Brewlab next week
  4. My brother just pinged this blog to me which reviews coffee culture in Edinburgh http://edinburghcoffeelovers.blogspot.co.uk/
  5. This Global Coffee Guide Infographic appeared in a recent edition of Shortlist: http://www.shortlist.com/instant-improver/food/global-coffee-guide-infographic Not sure I fancy the Yuanyang from Hong Kong!
  6. Guess this place opened in the last month or so but I've visited Fortitude couple of times this week and thought it very nice. Its on York Place, next to the Strand Comedy Club (just before you round corner into North St Andrews Street). Guy has a good selection of coffees and some equipment (bought myself an Aeropress yesterday). Probably only 5 minutes walk fro Artisan Roast if you were on a coffee crawl!
  7. FDC

    Coffee Compass

    I've been ordering from Coffee Compass for quite a while now. Brilliant service.
  8. My brother just sent me link to this place in North Berwick in East Lothian (about 15 miles east of Edinburgh). I hadn't heard of it but it sounds nice. Dont know if anyone has any feedback. http://www.steampunkcoffee.co.uk/
  9. Thanks for all your efforts Glenn and a guid 2014 to one and all!!
  10. Music Skiing Keeping my Triumph TR6 on the road!
  11. My listening pleasure as eclectic as ever!! Went to see La Boheme at La Scala last year. Wow! Really enjoying Mary Chapin Carpenter over recent months, superb voice Went to see The Sixteen last week in Edinburgh (they perform early English polyphony and music of the Renaissance) Then in car this week I have been playing King Creosote, Moody Blues, The Hold Steady, Bobby Womack, Tracey Thorn and Athlete. I suspect at some point over weekend, for sheer class, some Blue Nile or Paul Buchanan
  12. Thanks michaelg Not often in Glasgow but when I am I never know where to go for a good coffee so this is a helpful tip.
  13. FDC

    Civet coffee

    I am a member of the World Society for the Protection of Animals. Thought I would post a link to this article about civet coffee production and animal welfare issues. Thanks for reading: http://www.wspa.org.uk/wspaswork/civet_coffee.aspx
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