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  1. Definitely, although I’m in South Yorkshire would you be willing to post?
  2. Thanks will do, I’m in no rush to buy so hopefully I can find a cheap grinder needing a bit of TLC.
  3. Great thanks I’ll take a look.
  4. I have recently decided I would like to upgrade from a SGP to a Mazzer super jolly or mini (used). I will be looking out for them in all the usual places ebay, gumtree and the for sale section here. I wondered if there are any other places I should be looking? I’ve thought about looking for some espresso repair companies on the odd chance they have one. Any other ideas?
  5. I’ve recently started steaming just before the temperature light comes on (around 30 seconds for me) it’s improved the texture of my milk tenfold.
  6. Thanks, not major problems but I have some dripping from the steam wand when it’s not in use & when I run water through the steam wand I also get a stream of water coming through the group. I’ve always thought it may be seals that’s need replacing but with a lack of experience I haven’t plucked up the courage to take the classic apart.
  7. Hi I’m a new member to the forum, I have been using it for information and help over the last year. I bought a used Gaggia classic around a year ago and I have since done a few easy mods like the rancilio steam wand, OPV valve, IMS screen. After about 4 months I bought a sage grinder pro I have been switching between grinding for espresso or for the V60. I’m hoping to use the forum to iron out a few issues with the classic and maybe spot a few bargains for a grinder upgrade. My bean supply has been varied, used Pact for a while and York coffee emporium under subscription. M
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