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  1. Yes it's so hard to compare because we lay out the money and take one home and live with it - we don't know what the other choice would have been like. Good retailers of course have stuff set up to try but 10 minutes in the showroom isn't like living with it. It's coffee and a hobby - an life's too short to drink bad coffee.
  2. I haven't used the SD but I sort of wish I had upgraded when I bought the S. -$700 Canadian more was what stopped me. The throat thing is not the most attractive but it makes sense for a single dose function. How much time do you spend looking at your grinder? Or you could just go for the E37Z - the niche, a good hand grinder, the versalab M4, the kafatek monolith. It's interesting that all the grinders built to be single dose use look different. We all march along looking for how to get the perfect cup, I'm working at it, I think about once a week I have a sip and say, Wow that's a great coffee.
  3. Yes I do have the S, I'm just comparing - same size burrs, same motor, same speed, one has a hopper the other has a rubber neck that can collapse to push air through.
  4. That would be interesting, but in the end can you do anything about it? Won't there be some old grinds held in the machine and dispensed mixed in with the new grinds in every shot? Isn't that part of the better design in a more expensive machine - closer tolerances and better design reduce the retained grinds in the machine after grinding you shot? Thanks for the previous link. It clarifies what we mean but I still end up thinking, to what end? If a machine is well designed and has very low retention I will get a small percentage of old grounds in every dose. Some of those old grounds I imagine stay stuck in those small nooks and crannies of the machine and don't get pushed out (until you disassemble the machine for cleaning. Also in reply to your questions - no I don't get any popcorning. I occasionally get a bean that is slow to move into the grinder - it sits and spins in the grinder. The E37SD comes with a tube on the machine that is made of rubber and ribbed so you place your hand over it and press down which creates a puff of air to help ensure as much coffee as possible is expelled and less retained.
  5. Even if the hopper is full isn't there going to be some old grinds retained in the grinder mechanism? So the 18 grams out will be a bit (that .4 g or so that Mark measured) plus mostly newly ground from the hopper (the other 17.6 g). Love your set up, that's a great poster. I'm not familiar with that machine though. I'm in Canada and haven't seen that brand. I went with the ECM syncronika with flow control. I'm now thinking I should have maybe gone with the lilet bianca - those were my choices at the local retailers, without going way up in money to a La Marzocco, Slayer, Rocket R9. Anyway I've had this set up since October and still struggling to master consistent coffee - mostly good, occasionally wonderful and occasionally pitching down the drain.
  6. You're right this was not out of the box, but the review Mark at whole latte love, he cleaned the machine (opened the machine) the best was the role hand grinder at .32 second E37S at .44 and then .59, .6, .65, .75 and 3.2 for the others in the test , you can see it on you tube. My worst result so far is .3
  7. Thanks forThe E37S came out as having the least retention of any electric grinder ( hand grinder did better) in the Whole Latte Love test (see you tube). With a freshly cleaned grinder I get .1 to .2 grams of retention. I get no popcorning. - With a freshly cleaned grinder I put in 18 grams of beans and get 18 grams of ground coffee in the portafilter (or occasionally I might get 17.8 or 17.9 grams of ground coffee - and usually the next dose will deliver 18.1 or 18.2 grams of coffee so there's very little retention going on. On their web site Ceado says This system, unique in the world, ensures in any working stress condition a constant distance between the burrs, allowing to keep the chosen grinding consistency. - This is referring to their steady lock system and I would take "any working stress condition" to include a full hopper or an empty one. This does give me something to experiment with though and I will try out grinding - empty hopper, full hopper and weighted beans to see if the results vary.
  8. Hi, This thread hasn't been very active lately so I hope some of you will be checking. I got a new Ceado E37S in October. It came with the smaller hopper. Hoppers overall don't make much sense to me for home users. Single grinding seems the way to go. Exposure to air is the enemy to fresh coffee so why does everyone fill a non air tight container with beans that will sit for days? Depending on your use but we do through 78 grams or so of coffee a day. The difference in price between the Ceado E37S and E37SD is $850 Canadian and I was already pushing my budget spending $2300 C on the E 37S. I use it as a single dose machine. I weight 18 grams of coffee dump them in the grinder and then weight the result. Most grinds I get within .2 grams of what went in which I consider close enough. What has thrown me is how variable I need to set the grind in order to get the 36 gram shot in 30 seconds. My machine has a scale of 1 to 4 with each 1 having 20 divisions. When the machine was new (October) I generally was grinding at about 1.4 to 1.7. Lately I'm down to as low as .4 and .5! This has remained consistent for the last couple of weeks. Is this normal? Also looking at the E37S and the E37SD they look very similar - they look physically the same other than the collar on the SD vs the hopper on the S. They have the same size burrs with the SD having titanium coated and the S having Stainless Steel. The button and set up are different since timed run makes no sense on the single dose machine. I'm wondering if the S can be modified to have a collar similar to the SD, or maybe even the SD collar will fit the S - Ceado won't even answer my emails and the retailer is worried about warranty issues with modifications. Single dosing not only allows you keep coffee stored air tight till you wish to use it, it also allows you to easily switch up coffee (between regular and decaf, or different beans that you might have a morning preference and like something else after dinner) without wasting coffee.
  9. I’ve had the synchronika with flow control for about a month now. Great machine. Flow control is new to me so still learning that. All in all I think I would. Be happier with the lelit bianca, especially when plumbed in the machine is more compact, the flow control paddle is way easier to use than the knob on the ecm. Also the difference in price would have let me go from the celadon 37s that I bought with the machine to the cedar 37SD, single. Dose grinder. the lelit is newer and has not had as much exposure.and review yet, so that made me a little hesitant and I went with the reviews.
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