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  1. A new proud owner 😊 already in love, many thanks to @Paolo_Cortese for efficiently organising the assembling and shipping despite the crazy circumstances of the past few months!
  2. I am planning to buy a cast iron dutch oven for sourdough bread baking. As I would also like to get an Ooni Pro this summer, I want to make sure the pot part fits well in the oven. I have found a sizing document on the Ooni website but it does not really indicate all the dimensions of the cooking space - if anyone here has one at home could you please measure the coloured dimension arrows indicated on the picture (and double-check the brown one)? Many thanks in advance 😁
  3. I can totally relate! 👨‍🍳 Some bread and pizza from this week:
  4. Would you be interested in less-than-a-year-old Lelit Fred? I know it is a stretch but I was thinking £120. It is on-demand and it has conical burrs + micrometric stepless adjustment: https://espresso.lelit.com/product/21
  5. Just checked my PayPal invoice from back then and it clearly states £267.5 + VAT adding up to a total of £321
  6. When I ordered it it was £321 including VAT
  7. That’s weird, I clearly mentioned the £321 offer to Jon and he didn’t seem to have any problems with it... it may be a mistake, let’s see what the others got.
  8. Just received the last address, email sent to Osmio! Hopefully you will all have it with you very soon 😊
  9. Lovely, could everyone please send me their email address in pm so I can contact Osmio right away?
  10. Email sent guys, based on my experience you'll have the machine with you in a matter of days 💪
  11. Following the great success of the first three groups, this is the FOURTH group for the Osmio Zero group buy deal @DavecUK was kind enough to negotiate for the forum members. You can find all relevant details in the following thread: Osmio Zero - Group buy process Link to the first, second and third group to see how it works: To recall the deal: A £321 offer. This is for 6 people who get together in a group buy and send a single coordinated order through to Osmio. For £321 you will get an: Osmio Zero Free delivery Free extra set of filters Process: To take advantage of this 6 people must get together, 1 of them needs to act as a coordinator and get details from the other 5. The coordinator sends an e-mail to Osmio [email protected] with their own e-mail and the other 5 peoples e-mail. Osmio contact each person to get delivery address and sends a paypal invoices to each person. When all 6 have paid the items are shipped to the individuals directly. Obviously the Coordinator should mention the forum, only because they may run other deals with companies etc.. and you want to ensure there is no confusion. I am willing to become the coordinator of the fourth group and contact Osmio once I have all the names and email addresses. If you would like to participate, please add your name at the end of the current name list in a comment the following way: 1. username1 2. username2 ... 6. username6 Please note that I am NOT buying as I got mine in the second group but I am happy to help out with the coordination - so 6 names left. Please do not add your name to the list unless you are able to pay immediately that you receive the invoice, as it could hold up getting the Osmio being sent to the other buyers.
  12. Honestly, my emailing skills are not THAT advanced 😁 but considering the amount of effort it takes and the joy of the new Osmio Zero owners I am glad to be the next coordinator as well if this is what folks want... and this time I will put the right title @DavecUK 🙃
  13. This can be corrected for the next group 🙂 Everyone please drop me a pm including your e-mail addresses and I will send the request immediately after 💪
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