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  1. I used a Fred with my Classic and was quite happy with the results. If I want to be honest it probably does not have the same build quality as the Mignon as it has loads of plastic parts which came as a problem when I tried to mill some wheat grains with it - had to change one of the plastic gears but I can't complain as coffee grinders are not built for grain hardness... Anyway it has steel conical burrs, stepless adjustment and it is on-demand so it ticked all the necessary boxes for me to work with the Classic. Due the upgrade to the Vesuvius now it is sadly sitting in a box, only to b
  2. Would you be interested in a Lelit Fred for £120? I have one at home collecting dust since my last machine/ grinder upgrade.https://espresso.lelit.com/product/21
  3. Would you be interested in a Lelit Fred for £120? I have one at home collecting dust since my last machine/ grinder upgrade. https://espresso.lelit.com/product/21
  4. I'm eager to see some shots from this beauty!
  5. I have also ordered from them several times without any problems whatsoever, the Italian beans even had pretty good roasting dates which is usually a problem when shopping online!
  6. A new proud owner 😊 already in love, many thanks to @Paolo_Cortese for efficiently organising the assembling and shipping despite the crazy circumstances of the past few months!
  7. I am planning to buy a cast iron dutch oven for sourdough bread baking. As I would also like to get an Ooni Pro this summer, I want to make sure the pot part fits well in the oven. I have found a sizing document on the Ooni website but it does not really indicate all the dimensions of the cooking space - if anyone here has one at home could you please measure the coloured dimension arrows indicated on the picture (and double-check the brown one)? Many thanks in advance 😁
  8. I can totally relate! ?‍? Some bread and pizza from this week:
  9. Just checked my PayPal invoice from back then and it clearly states £267.5 + VAT adding up to a total of £321
  10. When I ordered it it was £321 including VAT
  11. That’s weird, I clearly mentioned the £321 offer to Jon and he didn’t seem to have any problems with it... it may be a mistake, let’s see what the others got.
  12. Just received the last address, email sent to Osmio! Hopefully you will all have it with you very soon ?
  13. Lovely, could everyone please send me their email address in pm so I can contact Osmio right away?
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