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  1. I have just completed it as well, many thanks @DavecUK!
  2. So did the scalpers of eBay... 😂
  3. It is still a massive help not having to worry about being able to secure one today so thank you very much again @DavecUK!
  4. Thank you ever so much @DavecUK!
  5. This has now been sold elsewhere!
  6. And here starts my home roasting experience with the Sandbox, so exciting! A big shout-out to @Bella Barista for the quick delivery (ordered it yesterday morning), not only did they advise me on which beans I should try first based on my roast and flavour preference but they also surprised me with a kilo of it in the box! What an excellent customer service!
  7. Many thanks for your interest! I was thinking £890. Although the plate says 2017 for year of manufacture, I bought it second-hand from an Astoria distributor and I was told it was only lightly used for six months before. It is white, it has got some light scratches but otherwise it is in a very nice condition. I changed the gasket and shower screen upon purchase. It has been used for 2-4 shots a day, I take the shower screen and screen holder off every day, clean them and backflush with water afterwards. I also backflush with pulycaff weekly and use Osmio water only, so scale should not be a p
  8. Would you be interested in a lightly used Astoria Greta instead (volumetric buttons + internal tank)?
  9. If size and budget are not a problem, you could try a big conical, it blew my mind how silent the Ceado E92 was... Otherwise I have found the E37S surprisingly quiet for a flat-burr grinder.
  10. To be honest we both prefer darker roasts (not the charcoal-tasting ones!) but I know they experiment with lighter stuff as well at Mokador. I have a friend who works there, let me ask him and I will get back to you in pm (so I won't steal the thread)! There is also a bigger roaster called Bazzara from further north which has definitely got some funky blends. However I can tell you in advance that it probably WILL traumatise them for life 😂
  11. Ciao Francesco, welcome to the Forum! My girlfriend (Francesca ) is originally from near Ravenna and so I know some roasters in the area. I can highly recommend Mokador, located in Faenza. The 'Golden Cup' is their traditional Italian roast if this is something you are after, you can get freshly roasted beans directly from the little bar and shop they have on-site.
  12. There is also a one group version of the La San Marco 85 Leva or the newer 20/20 Leva (Commercial/ Plumbed only)
  13. I bought this grinder recently from a roaster in Bristol (Bristol Twenty). I am selling it as I am currently on the path of trying various higher-end grinders to see which one I prefer the most. I probably do not have to say all this but it is a superb on-demand grinder equipped with 83mm flat burrs. It has got an anti-static/ clumping mechanism and the mounting allows for regular cleaning without having to lose the current grind setting. It is also quite silent for a flat burr compared to my previous experience with a Fiorenzato F64. It is probably around 5 years old (no manuf
  14. @MartinB yes of course, I bought it for mine back then but in the end I mostly made split doubles so it has not really been used:
  15. I can offer a single-spout portafilter, mint condition, happy to post it for £15
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