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  1. @MartinB yes of course, I bought it for mine back then but in the end I mostly made split doubles so it has not really been used:
  2. I can offer a single-spout portafilter, mint condition, happy to post it for £15
  3. I can offer a single-spout portafilter, mint condition, happy to post it for £15
  4. adamk

    Ceado E92

    This has been since sold elsewhere.
  5. I have been using a £10 cheap jewellery scale from Amazon 500g with 0.01g precision for three years now and it is still working very well given that the V has got a built-in timer you would not even need that!
  6. @Callahan many thanks for the offer, considering that you are also quite close to me I can do £325, let us move to PM then!
  7. @Callahan Yes it is!
  8. Have you seen this one?? I can relate, I used to get gorgeous-looking shots using dark roasts and increasing the 2bar preinfusion time to 10-15s on my Vesuvius. Here is an interesting pattern extracted on the Astoria Greta:
  9. adamk

    Ceado E92

    For anyone interested, offers are also welcome as I will be moving home on 20th February and given the size I would not really want to take it with me 🙂
  10. Let us hope they were used to make a giant Tiramisu like this one 😁
  11. Exactly, by keeping the lever down you set the pre-infusion time manually!
  12. adamk

    Ceado E92

    I am sorry to hear that but I understand!
  13. adamk

    Ceado E92

    @Dave double bean just in case the depth is the only issue, I measured 26.5-27cm from the switch at the very back to the front of the front legs. There is then the front tray which makes the overall depth longer but that does not need support.
  14. adamk

    Ceado E92

    No worries, thanks for letting me know!
  15. We will be looking forward to the video Sounds like a great forum challenge by the way, does it not??
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