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  1. Hi guys, Need some pointers here. My first time attempting an "art" yesterday and tried do a "heart" ybut couldn't get it big enough to resemble one instead what I got is this teeny weeny one. What gives, why :T_______T:
  2. haha. I was on instant coffee and then i moved on to "dolce gusto" and now this espresso machine. honestly, having tasted what could come from this simple machine, I don't think so I would be able to go back to instant coffee anymore. they just taste so, one dimensional bland (using big words here).
  3. Hmm... for good measure, I think i'll just give it a warm rinse every time after use and a thorough brushing every month. Yeah! in fact, I bought the Skerton after watching this video. It says use a brush and I did buuuuuuut i still see stains inside the burrs so I'm guessing i'm doing it wrong(?) or is it normal to still see stains after brushing. I don't know. By the way, if you guys have this - don't follow the instruction on grind settings. It is messed up. The grind on "one-notch" is so fine that it will clogged up the espresso machine (tried it). "three-notch" is the right texture.
  4. Hah! You got me there. I really thought I uploaded a dish wash detergent and referred it to as my grinder. Caffiza powder? Never heard of that before, will probably google to read more about it. By the way, how often these hand grinders should be clean? I give them a nice rinse every time I use it (50g to 60g per use) but I feel like I am overdoing? Just to make things more relevant, added a picture of my hand grinder.
  5. Finally got the opportunity to grind some coffee beans using my Skerton Plus hand grinder - operation is fairly straight forward. Pour the beans into the hopper and turn away. What I want to learn is that how you guys maintain these grinders so that they remain in good condition for its lifetime (as I heard, the Skerton Plus would technically last you a lifetime). I detached everything for a quick wash and I noticed that there are brown colored stains on the ceramic burrs (from the coffee beans). Water doesn't seem to get rid of them and they appear permanent at a glance. I did some reading and found out that these stains are actually oils from the coffee beans (?) and it's natural for this to happen to the ceramic burrs but these "stains" need to be taken cared off else they will gunk up the grinder in the long run and will have some serious adverse effect. Should i soak the ceramic burrs into a warm soapy solution (i have this in my kitchen)?
  6. thanks for the welcoming wish! i received a Delonghi ECP35.31 as a gift last Christmas and is currently using it - i understand that it is an entry level budget espresso machine but I just did not expect to get so much fun out of doing something that appears so ordinary and if i am honest, it is rather addictive, the entire experience is. i did not expect to look for an upgrade so fast however it seems that the more i brew and the more that i read into the art of coffee brewing, the more inadequate i find my current existing Delonghi machine but I think i'd be better schooled if i perfect the basics first before looking at something more advance so that's what i am here for.
  7. I got a ECP 35.31 as a Christmas gift last year and I am actually loving what it puts out. It's miles apart from what I had before. I was on Nespresso and filter machines. Really enjoyed the process of putting in the ground coffee, tampering, locking in the porta-filter and smelling the aroma of the coffee dripping slowly from the machine. Not sure how the experience would differ with other higher end espresso machines but judging for what I'm experiencing at the moment with this entry level budget machine, I can only imagine. I never thought that I would actually spend money on coffee making but I just bought myself a Hario Skerton Plus hand grinder - i think this is a pre-cursor of what's to come, a coffee grinder machine. Not even a month into ownership and I'm already starting to look at one of those fancy Breville machines. There aren't many active coffee forums that has a dedicated Delonghi board so I'm really looking forward to this. Cheers!
  8. Hey guys, Stumbled upon this forum while i was googling for an active forum and decided to join in the fun! I am not new to coffee drinking but is year 0 when it comes to brewing so I hope that I will be able to learn a lot more things from you veterans out here.
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