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  1. I was really looking for a complete set up with both. Would be happy to arrange a courier to collect and deliver both items at my risk and cost for 500. However, looks like you may have a better offer - do keep me in mind if it falls through - I’ll leave my offer on the table. Joe
  2. Hi are you still interested in selling the machine and grinder for £500? I am keen to buy, subject to sorting logistics. Conscious you’ve placed the item on eBay so happy to add on your list listing fee to the price! the logistical issue is I am in Leeds based but also out of the country until the end of January. But when there’s a will there’s a way! so if you’re still interested in selling can we pm to try to sort something? thank you
  3. Cup_of_Joe


    Laynes (who use Red Brick Coffee) and Cielo (who roast their own) are the two that stand out to me in the city centre (and I live here), The other place that has been missed off above is North Star who are based in Leeds Docks - local importer and roaster with a coffee shop - absolutely worth a trip for anyone on this forum visiting Leeds. Check out their website for all the info. If you're visiting out of the centre Opposite is great (Headingley and Chapel Allerton), as is House of Koko (Chapel Allerton). Opposite use Redbrick and House of Koko use North Star.
  4. How much is PID kit? Have a feeling it might somewhat push up my budget!
  5. I am interested. I am based in Leeds but can collect from Ipswich on Saturday morning, or my inlaws could take delivery on my half later this week in Capel St Mary (village outside Ipswich). Questions: 1) When was the Gaggia last serviced? 2) Has the OPV mod been done to it? Thanks
  6. Based in Leeds but travel to London and Suffolk fairly regularly.
  7. Hi I'm looking to purchase: - Modified Gaggia classic (OPV + Steam Wand) - Decent, but budget grinder. Budget is around the £350 mark for both but could stretch it for the right gear. I am a complete newbie but looking for a decent set up to get into this! Many thanks
  8. I mean from a milk frothing perspective. I understand the gaggia classic is not very good at milk frothing although replacing the steam wand improves it. Wondering whether it's worth doing that or just sacking it in and going for a bean to cup with milk function. I could stretch my budget as necessary to do that.
  9. I'm a newbie. Please could you explain what you use the pressure gauge for? Go easy :)!
  10. What are your thoughts on it so far?
  11. Hi I'm looking for some advice and stumbled across this forum. I am a big coffee drinker and am lucky enough to have some quality coffee shops around the corner from me. However, I want to be able to replicate their amazing flat white's from home. I am on a tight budget (being new to this) - sub £350 all in - but equally want to be able to produce a pretty decent coffee. People seem to recommend the Gaggia Classic with a decent grinder as a starter. However, being a complete novice should I be going for something more automatic? At the moment I use an aeropress with shop ground coffee by my local coffee roaster (North Star) Thoughts/recommendations welcome :).
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