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  1. Hi - mine is typically on for an hour before I brew. I purge the steam wand first to rid the condensation. Then brew, then wait a bit cleaning up etc, then steam.. that seems to work best for performance. if I were to brew, then immediately purge the steam wand and then steam the machine would run out of puff quickly and struggle to steam one small pitcher.
  2. You are not talking nonsense.. it tends to flash often and there is a decimal per boiler linked to the temp changing between the two boilers. Pretty hard to track though and I think blinks even if not heating. Need to confirm that..
  3. Late to the reply.. I have checked and naturally have no f.02 mode of 5 available. Checked the power draw for each boiler on UK mains. 1.1kw each. So effectively both boilers could be on at the same time on a 13A connection. Guess no way to mod this? I might future mod to provide indicator lights for each boiler. At least that way I clearly know when I can steam.
  4. I’m not sure how much this is covered elsewhere but read and have proven that my own Profitec steam performance is much to do with the timing of the PID and only one boiler permitted to be in at a time. I have tested now (after a year of slight frustration) and when pulling a shot, I then steam milk. The issue is that the machine has prioritised the brew boiler and spends 10-15 seconds or so heating it back to 95 in my case. if steaming during this time, the performance quickly falls off. The reason - no heat boost. If I wait and confirm the brew boiler has stopped, the steam pe
  5. Breaking news! I have cleaned my machine and perhaps have noticed some small gains in crema. All of my coffees are milk-based. The report: Removed shower screen. It had a reasonable coating of black residue, easily wiped. Similar for the grouphead distribution plug. Removed Mushroom valve, spring and first valve in the group head above the cam. Very minor limescale. Soaked and cleaned in de-scaler and then re-assembled. Then backflush around 12 times using Cafiza cleaning powder.. I got some 'brown water' and clear quite quickly. Flushed a tank full of water through the
  6. I have been using Ashbeck, lots of aqua pura I think it was called (5l in a large container) and latterly Volvic
  7. Is that a rhetorical question? My assumption was that one can fiddle too much with a machine, and using bottle water I shouldn’t have much like scale issues. The grungiest part is the group head screen and quickly cleaned.
  8. I have had my Pro600 for over a year, used three times a day since lockdown began. I have done a few backflushes. Removed the screen from the group head and cleaned maybe 5 times. Never descaled. Always used bottled water. is there more I should do? Should I descale? My steam valve has a slight weep now. I have re greased that. Otherwise nothing taken apart or played with. All seems fine. I did remove the water level sensor in the steam boiler for another reason and while it had a light clean, it and the boiler internals looked good. just wondering..
  9. I’ll be fascinated to know how you get on. I have a Profitec p600 and really liked the levers on the ECM Synkronika
  10. Hi - my auto fill is pretty random. It will do it when the machine has been standing for hours.when first frustrated with this, I got around it by triggering a refill by using some of the hot tap and this forced a refill. latterly I am using a decent steam wand purge where I get some water out and this causes the boiler to re pressure and most of the time it’s ok.. at least this way I get steam power. Before this, even if the boiler didn’t refill, I could run out of puff before steaming one drink of milk (flat white not latte). Hence not being impressed. I did mention this
  11. Hi! Well it has had a LOT of use with the lockdowns and so glad I bought it. Overall, very happy. The only thing I would change is the steam boiler size. Sometimes it blasts other times it will refill itself mid milk steaming. I have started a routine where I purge the condensate from the pipe before making espresso. I get a good tablespoon or two of water and this makes the boiler element kick in and get the steam back to 2 bar (I set the Max steam temp with the PID). It will still sometimes do a refill of water while steaming which is annoying. That’s my only gripe. im st
  12. Hi - I’m glad the thread has been interesting! I am grateful for the replies and I don’t seem to be unique that the path well trodden is a not necessarily quick one
  13. Glad you liked the video Rob! Appreciate the feedback in general. I’m getting convinced that the beans are part of the issue as my technique seems good enough to get what appears to be a good espresso texture - just sour to taste. More experimentation to come, and with different beans.
  14. Thanks for the replies! My puck at 18g still seems to touch my screen once extracted.. this morning I tweaked the grind and prob went a little heavy on the tamp. 40 plus sec for 1:2 extraction of 18g of ground coffee. Espresso was not nice. Binned. relaxed grind a little and less crazy on tamp. Quite a bit of faffing trying to distribute. Same dose extractions in 30sec .. Seems better to taste but made flat white anyway and they are ok in Milk. I am beginning to suspect these beans re the sourness.
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