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  1. I just thought I would post to say that Sage have posted my 2 cup single wall filter today which means they are probably in stock for anyone who wants to order one.
  2. @Neil1 So my Sage Grinder arrived today and I set to trying it out. It was set to 12 which is at the coarse end of the espresso range so I left it there and ground (grinded?) 19g of beans (relatively cheap supermarket stuff) and made an espresso. It took 38 Seconds from button press to finish which is about 30 seconds from first drop for 58g of coffee. Now I am not sure if I should be timing from first drop or from button press and this seems a bit long for 19g of coffee but not excessive I suppose. The shot tasted ok but may have been a tiny bit sour, I think I should probably grind a little finer and put less water through but it is a very good first try IMO. The Lattes I made from it were nice. Now to dial it in over a couple days hopefully. I will have to find a local roaster now or order some decent stuff online I guess.
  3. There are levels of great though, there is nothing like a MacDonald's Big Mac. It is iconic and it is the same wherever you go but it is certainly not the height of culinary perfection. Still, I like them and think they are great. Possibly on my thought process but I am not stating it as a fact in answer to a question, it is a suspicion which I will find out whether true or not myself as I have bought one. I would have bought a Minion but I want to use a number of different grind settings frequently which seems much better on the Sage. If, with my Bambino and Smart Grinder, I can make a good espresso I will be happy, it doesn't have to be great and unless I win the lottery I will not be chasing perfection. We mostly drink Cappuccino or Latte or Americano anyway with the odd Espresso after dinner with a shot of Grappa sometimes.
  4. Neil, Whenever I see a large group of people saying something works good and a smaller group saying it doesn't, particularly on forums, I suspect that either the small groups have failed to understand something about the device and if they knew how to work it it would be fine or they have very high standards that most of us would think were overly critical or they simply have no direct experience and have formed an opinion without facts. As an example, I used to brew beer from grain and I had a 3 vessel system which was what everyone said you needed to brew good beer, then some guys started using a process called brew in a bag which just required 1 Vessel and a cloth bag. They said it worked great and the final beer was indistinguishable from that brewed in a full herms setup. Some people who used herms said they were full of it and that it couldn't be as good yadda yadda. Well I tried it and it was every bit as good and easier and cheaper to get into too as you didn't have to buy all the expensive equipment. You know what those naysayers said when I reported my results? My Herms made beer must not have been good to begin with and if I had been brewing good beer then I would have tasted the difference. I suspect the smart grinder pro is a perfectly fine grinder and spending more very quickly enters the realm of diminished returns. Sure a used commercial grinder will give better results for coffee guru's but they take a ton of space, have a lot of waste or require a ton of modifications. A Niche Zero is probably great too but is it worth £300+ more? I doubt it, at least not to me. Maybe if my finances allowed me the option I might go that way but it doesn't so the smart grinder pro makes sense to me, particularly as I will also use it for Pour over and French Press, otherwise a used Minion might have been an option. I will let you know how I get on.
  5. As someone who also has a 3d printer I have to say these look like pretty nice quality prints regardless of the few bits on the base which you would never see.
  6. @idekov Thanks, I have bitten the bullet and ordered a Sage the Smart Grinder Pro today. Now I need to find a local roaster.
  7. I haven't bought a grinder yet, it is on my list but I don't have that much disposable income so need to save up a bit. In any case I do get decent shots now but I have a lot a variability due to using blade grinder to re-grind the pre-ground. I also use 19g of coffee, tamp really quite hard and then use the blade thingy to level then tamp again. Doing this I am getting 58g in around 40 seconds from pushing the button. I also haven't recieved the single wall dual shot basket which I have been promised as they are out of stock so I am still using the Double wall. I have tried the Single wall single shot basket and can get a decent shot out of that too so I don't think it makes much difference which you use. I feel certain once I get a grinder I will be able to dial it in perfectly.
  8. Good suggestions all but I have done exactly as suggested tamp, blade tamp again. Which leaves 16g of coffee. Today I took the pre-ground coffee and put it in my blade grinder for 10 seconds and there was a marked difference. It took much longer for the coffee to come out and the espresso alone was almost palatable and it made a perfectly drinkable cappuccino. I think I just need to accept that there is no way to get a consistently decent shot with pre-ground and will just need to wait to get the grinder. In the mean time I will have to drink lattes or cappuccinos. Also I would like to note that although the Bambino I bought from Currys did not come with the single wall baskets, I contacted sage and they are sending them out to me.
  9. My bambino definitely came with dual wall baskets only. They even say dual wall on them or at least the double cup one does. I kind of assumed that the dual wall would insure the flow was restricted enough to get decent extraction regardless of grind and tamp but I leaned on the tamp pretty well. I will try again with 18g and really lean into the tamp to see what happens.
  10. No, I do want to get a grinder etc over time but the cost is prohibitive all at once so was hoping to use the machine for a couple months with pre-ground then once the bank account recovers get a grinder. Is there any pre-ground coffee which is fine enough from the likes of Tesco et al which can tide me over until then?
  11. I finally decided to go with the Bambino Plus as I thought it would allow me to make "decent" drinks using the dual wall cups with pre-ground coffee and I could move on to buying a grinder in time. I bought some "Espresso Grind" Lavazza and tried making an espresso. I put 19g in the 2 cup portafilter, tamped it down and used the blade thingy to finish as per the instructions but it took 11 second from when the pump started to when it finished and the resulting coffee was really sour. Mixed with the foamy milk it was drinkable but weak. I tried again but this time I decided to not use the blade and to try tamping a bit harder but I couldn't get the portafilter locked in due to too much coffee in the filter so I used the blade again but tamped again after using the blade. Same result, severely under extracted in 11 second again. So what's the deal, do you have to grind your own with these machines and if so what is the point of the pressurised portafilters? Does anyone use a Bambino with pre ground and get reasonable results? I am not looking for espresso nirvana to begin with, just something drinkable.
  12. Hmm seems a bit of a crap shoot if you get them or not. Where did you buy it from?
  13. @M47T1 Did you get single walled baskets with the Bambino and if so from where did you buy it? I am looking at The Bambino myself and was looking to buy from Currys as they have them for £199 but I am wondering if they are old stock with just the double walled baskets.
  14. Ah good. The lack of parts was initially putting me off Sage machines but they really seems to offer a lot of value for money so I have changed my mind. The Barista Pro seems a great machine for me but I wish it was a separate Machine and Grinder for the same price. The Bambino and The Smart Grinder is probably close I guess but not quite.
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