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  1. Wilfa svart View Advert I'm looking for a secondhand Wilfa Svart in good working condition, just seeing if I can find anything cheaper than brand new. Advertiser -Tristan- Date 01/05/21 Price Category Wanted  
  2. Sweet setup. Your tamper on the far left looks like a chrome version of my Asso jack leveler.
  3. Sold and have donated £10 to the forums. Thank you
  4. I had your comment removed because it violates the guidlines
  5. £320 Free pickup in Shoreditch, East London PayPal or bank transfer This is not listed for sale anywhere else (Photos at the bottom) Owned since 2nd January 2020, this is all in excellent working order. No damage and you're even getting a knock box included. Here is everything included: -- 1 x Sage the Duo Temp Pro Espresso Coffee Machine, Brushed Stainless Steel 1 x 54mm tamper 1 x 54mm Portafilter 1 x Integrated Tamper 1 x Razor Dose Trimming Tool 2 x pressurised baskets 2 x non-pressurised baskets 2 x unopened sage espresso machine cleaning tablets 1 x Stainless Steel Milk Jug 1 x Sage the Smart Grinder Pro™ Coffee Grinder, Stainless Steel 1 x Portafilter Cradle–Small 50-54mm 1 x Portafilter Cradle–Large 58mm 1 x Grinds Container with Lid and Sealing Cap 1 x Conical Burr Cleaning Brush -- The included water filter is currently inside the water tank is probably now due for replacement. I lost the allen key it came with but I think most people have a few lying around. I have popped the shower screen off several times to keep it clean. The steam wand was of course purged and wiped down after every use. If you're wondering, I've only used Brita filtered water with this machine. In terms of reciepts, this was all purchased from John Lewis and I can provide you with full receipts and full VAT receipts.
  6. I'm sure it does the job! I've heard Acaia scales are quite good but a tad too expensive for my liking.
  7. @TomHughes Can you recommend a good scale to me? Haven't actually got one yet.
  8. Yeah it’s a pretty exciting time! Damn. That’s first-class customer service isn’t it. Where did the rust appear and after how long into owning it? I think this is going to get pretty serious. Update though, since this post I purchased the DTP and SGP Interesting story as I definitely think the is a great beginner machine for me to start learning and tweaking with and actually. Very good machine for experienced baristas with a decent grinder too, for the money. I didn't get the BE in the end as I did not hear terrific things about the grinder and heard stories of the beans getting hot. Most people steered me away from it and said I would be better off getting the DTP and separate grinder and I'm yet to regret it! That being said, they may have been isolated incidents. I'm not sure. I have seen posts of people who have had their BE for over a year and are still pleased with it, but I won't be getting one. I was successfully scared off
  9. Before I throw this away, if anyone needs any internals from this Nespresso Pixie machine let me know. It was dismantled because it stopped pumping water, so you won't want the pump but everything else is fine. It's going to go to the tip otherwise
  10. Lmao I did think that's what you meant. Haha. God knows what Thames Water do to the water.
  11. Before I answer, which features are most important to you on your potential espresso machine?
  12. Just stumbled across this because I wanted to see what the inside looked like, then found this post. I'm also in awe of your ability, your grandfather sounds like he was very gifted indeed!
  13. Jealous. I have no filter on my water supply and I'm in London. Any water incoming goes through my Brita Maxtra Plus before it gets into my glass, kettle, coffee water tank, pot etc. If it didn't, my kettle for one would be disgusting. With the Brita I literally never have limescale in my kettle. Not actually sure if I should be using the Brita filtered water in my Duo Temp Pro but hey ho.
  14. How exciting! I have recently picked up the same machine. Great for my limited experience too haha. 1) Should water always come out the steamer or should it get to steam only? Are you seeing a bit of water jet out when you purge before using the steam? If so that's normal. The DTP produces steam on the fly, so you want to get any condensation out of there first. You'll hear the thumping and some water might come out yes. After I've frothed my milk, wiped the wand and put it back down, I switch to hot water and squirt some water out to purge it. Other than that, if you're asking whether it should be squirting hot water into your milk, the answer is no. 2) With the dual wall this does a double espresso? Do I extract all in one go? I noticed the machine auto stops after about 60 seconds is this meant to happen and is it ok to work to this? Yes the dual wall does double espresso, but you should only be using that for pre-ground coffee. If you're grinding your own beans, toss that dual wall to the side and get out your regular (single walled) basket. The correct dose for double espresso is 14 - 18 grams. Play around and see what tickles your taste. You're not going to want to brew anything for more than 30 seconds. It should be in one go, between 20-30 seconds depending on what you've got going on there. If it's too long or too short, revisit your grind, dose and tamp and adjust. You're going to waste coffee getting it right The above should have addressed your last question about the auto stop.
  15. Hi mate are you using the one which came with the machine?
  16. Loma Tala from Hermanos Colombian Coffee Roasters. Walk past them sometimes so thought I'd try it out. Nutty, chocolate-y and honey-y with some spice. First shot was a bit tangy but probably because I didn't pull a couple of blind shots through the PF prior. Second shot was absolutely gorgeous!
  17. Haven't tried Monmouth yet but you're the third person this week that's mentioned them. Must check it out.
  18. Must be quite big then? You've got your machine on a tray? I like it. Neat idea. Thanks!
  19. I can understand why you'd want felt on beautiful granite but felt will absorb the water and coffee which means I'd have to wash the thing.
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