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  1. Hey and welcome 😀 Click your name top right, profile and then on the left hand side you should be able to add
  2. I’ll take 2 cappuccino cups please, she doesn’t want saucers or espresso cups, sigh!
  3. I’ll run it by the mrs now and let you know 😀
  4. How much for 4 cappuccino/ saucers & 2 espresso cups / saucers?
  5. How many cups and saucers do you have?
  6. Everybody has a different palate but for me it was slightly less acidic and the flavour was more fruity, not by miles obviously 😀
  7. I've just knocked out 18in 38 out in 40 secs using the LSOL offering this month, bloom infusion (6 BLP and 8 secs on button 2) for 14 second pre infusion total and this bean certainly benefits from this rather that steam, it is singing! Not sure I will be sleeping tonight if I have another haha
  8. What pre infusion times does every one have set? Ive not tried them yet but plan on doing so today, Dave recommends BLS=3 and BLP=5 in advanced settings. What do you run the seconds as in the standard menu?
  9. Set up this morning, definitely a step up from the Classic that sat there previously. Very happy with the setup at present, should keep upgradeitus away for a while anyway..... Looking to get an Osmio to add to it on payday too.
  10. Some beans from Neighbourhood to try and some free beans from BellaBarista to go with the machine I picked up yesterday
  11. I don’t need it now, I picked up the bits from eBay last week and done the mod, then bought a new machine 😛
  12. Unfortunately not at the moment, all collections are via the warehouse at the back. I can't wait for it to open and be able to nose around and have a drink. They even have a vending machine out the front with fresh beans all bagged up, which is great to know!
  13. Ok, well I popped down to Bella earlier (It is only 10 mins from the new house) and now have the Liz in my possession. Sometimes being impulsive is bad Won't have it set up until tomorrow now as need to head back to mine and get the grinder. I want something to put on top of the cup warming, anyone have any links? Or would something like cookamesh do? https://www.amazon.co.uk/Unifit-Cookamesh/dp/B003FTH9BG
  14. For me, I just like to know the tasting notes for each brew method and recommendations on best suited brew method too
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