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  1. They're still pretty good. The house 'George St' blend is a balanced cup - although the last time I tasted it I had a cold so... (Coffeeology round the corner is also worth a go but that'll be a new thread!)
  2. Columbia Amigos Del Huila. by Dapper & Wise (Portland, Oregon) Cherry, Almond, Jasmine. still working on getting clarity, but simply sublime.. (they're a good roaster, recommended) brewing in Aeropress.
  3. yeah no-one I know does this.. totally screws workflow.
  4. - Baratza support is excellent (in the US) and the Virtuoso a great grinder and just keeps going. You can buy parts from Baratza for all these models so keeping them going is rather easier than you'd suspect. On the flip side - if in the UK I'd look for the support of a good partner. <now on my 3rd Baratza Sette>
  5. depends on your beans but my standard Aeropress starting recipe is rather different. You don't say if you are using the inverted method - if not - try that. Try 19g, fine grind. Stir 10+ times and leave for 2 mins. (Water sub 95C) With the Costa Rican beans I'm testing - great mouth feel, sweet finish.
  6. Decent espresso led me here. Ironically because of my particular requirements I doubt I can use one of their fine machines. ?
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