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  1. Thought I'd seen a post somewhere. Yes the bolt undoes its self. If you turn the machine on with no beans it'll happily spin and remain tight. Stick some beans in and it works itself loose. I was conscious not to over-tighten the bolt after install the disc but I'll give it mans dose over the weekend. You manage to sort it?
  2. how many notches about espresso grind is everyone using for aeropress ? 10 or so clicks up or more than 10 (2min brew time btw)
  3. thanks. mk 2 so no pid. I'll inspect that part and order a new one.
  4. didnt want to spam the forum with new posts. came through last bit of work on the machine without issue. today I got a new problem. The machine was on for the last 5 hours until the pressure release valve went off. turnd machine off. Observed machine while it gets pressure, within 5 mins pressure continues to climb and at 3 bar release goes again. Anything I can do to get it up and running or is it a new part? Guessing a sensor or something has given up the ghost. thanks in advance.
  5. GazRef

    NFC shipping

    thanks gents.
  6. GazRef

    NFC shipping

    take it I cant damage them if theyre left turning in the wind
  7. GazRef

    NFC shipping

    mine landed yesterday too. how did you get the nut off? i tried to unlock it but the entire middle burr just spins so i stopped after 1/4 turn
  8. Thanks for sharing. Should I go finer still and ignore the clock? Or maybe try the suggested recipe ratio minus the clock? When will I know I've gone too far?
  9. Tools: got a vibration pump vivi flow rate of 230ml/30sec. niche & 18g baskets. My dist and tamp is very consistent. Bean: https://www.northstarroast.com/product/dark-arches/ Chocolate, nuts and tangerine. Suggested recipe: 18g in> 38g out 28 seconds. 1:2.11 1st attempt: Used suggested recipe, end result espresso drying and not great. Dryness being the take away guessed this was over right? Has to be grind then 2nd: Decided to grind coarser and pull quicker. iirc 24 sec same ratio. Worse. Sip then sink shot. Under right? Has to be ratio 3rd: So the finer grind was drying and over so going back that way must be a mistake. The coarser grind was worse. Logic said keep same grind and push through more liquid. 28 second pull. 42ish out. Not good. Logic spent where to go from here. 4th: Has to be grind! Coarser is no bueno as the shots got worse. Tried to reset to the original setting. Pulled 28 second shot and only 36 came out. little bland but best shot yet. What happened here? Someone explain how accidentally grinding finer on a drying and over shot was better. 5th: to hell with it. Trying logic didn't work. Decided to go a notch finer and pull for as long as I dare. Dial between 7-8 on the niche. 18g > 33g out and 30-31 second. Best yet. Getting chocolate. Very drinkable. 1: 1.83 ratio. Shots are looking from the bottomless too. Can someone walk me through & correct my logic during that dial in. Tell me how I could have got to where I did faster. Certain Im missing something either taste wise or adjustment wise. Any other suggestions or tweaks to try to improve the shot further? Really only getting the choc coming through. Do have a 20g vst that I could use. Should I just quit while I'm ahead. Actually written this recipe down so if what I'm getting now is my worse shot going forward I'm happy. thanks in advance.
  10. GazRef

    NFC shipping

    Personally pleased with Niche here. £8.50 really isn't a lot. It's a bag of beans. Niche didn't have to retro fit it and if they were "unscrupulous" they could have charged double or triple that. Ordered Wednesday and its left the factory in china today. Cost of the disc + postage from the other side of the globe for just £8.50... doubt anyone's raking in millions from that. I cant get a train ticket to go 20 miles for that. Looking forward to testing the results.
  11. GazRef


    Lost for words. Bet that sounded great in the conservatively weekly article but that is real world reckless advice. Let science and medical experts lead the way. Deaths are avoidable we need to be doing all we can to prevent & slow the spread. Scary world.
  12. Interested to see what everyone's typical shot time is for a double. Total shot time from pump activation not first drip. Does anyone have any tips tricks or techniques they like to use?
  13. Cam maintenance all good. No issues. As for the snapped part ill measure it up when it arrives.
  14. Check the edit . There's a reason I work in tech and not with spanners.
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