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  1. Selling the following 1 x Izzo Vivi (ims screen, digital grouphead thermometer, portafilters naked, single and double. Original Bella Barista instructions) Maintenance history: Gicar unit & pressure stat has been replaced. Group head service kit used. 1 x Macap M4 Doserless (No modifications and original factory burrs. New set of burrs approx £25) Don't want to entertain shipping at this stage. Prefer collection or willing to consider reasonable travel (I'm based in Yorkshire) £620 all in. Posting at work so pictures incoming. Any questions or p
  2. Jamie I was looking at the Bianca for a while, still am, but you might want to consider the Decent if the budget allows. I'm yo yoing between the 2. With the Decent all the benefits of pressure profiling via under the hood profiles so repeatability for the wife. Small foot print too. Prices are next level though.
  3. build quality, capacity, flow rate, temperature control etc..
  4. tried again at 38 on the niche this morning and got a 3 min brew. all over the shop. Would I be right in assuming the biggest cause of agitation is the first pour after bloom? I get the sense once there's a certain liquid depth the pour doesn't cause that much agitation unless you pour from a height whereas post bloom you get that initial mushroom cloud expansion. Wondering if my pour technique at that stage is having a bigger impact on the brew time than the 12 clicks of grind size. I'll keep an eye out on a pouring kettle this black friday.
  5. haha no. The centre pouring is what caught my eye flow rate harder to control spiraling out of a normal kettle. Are the cheapo pouring kettles off amazon up to par or will I regret buying?
  6. I've not had the best of luck with the larger ratio 3min plus big pour methods of Rao and Hoffman. Recently tried Chad Wangs recipe and right off the bat got some amazing mouth feel. Article here THE RECIPE: Heat filtered water to 197 °F Place an original Hario white paper filter in the v60 and rinse it with 300g water Grind coffee medium fine (Chad did between 4.5 “5.5 on a Ditting KR804, and I did between 16 “18 on a Baratza Encore) Place 15g ground coffee in the v60 and shake brewer once to level it Ensure brewer and filter are room temperature
  7. haha hard to place right? I kept thinking it was something you have at breakfast like a bowl of oatmeal. My brain was close. I was "cinnamon is in oatmeal" nah thats not it not spicy more sweet. Then boom at 1:3 it was clear red berry cherry.
  8. Just to echo I think this is "better" pulled longer/ ground coarser. My initial attempt at dialing in was a fast 1:2 pull that had an interesting but undiscernible aftertaste. Tasted like breakfast something. I did try a 28-29 second 18g/36g and it tasted like a more generic chocolate type shot. I think it offers more pulled longer closer to 1:3 imo.
  9. Do you know where the list is or do you need to email them? I've seen a few video reviews now and that vibe pump noise reminds me of the "Predator" when it clicks.
  10. The Decent sounds like an amazing machine. Had a look through the thread and noticed the price of the unit has steadily crept upwards. Figured the machine would go the way of early adopter tax before price drops as manufacturing and supply matured. Now sat at £3150 to the UK (thats around 70% on top something like the Bianca) Owners in the thread still happy with the machine over time? Any struggles or learning curves or was it improvements all round from day 1? Any annoyances or bugbears?
  11. Pulled several bad shots dialing in with this since the first. Pulled a 1:3 20/60 shot in 28 seconds and the after taste wasn't as sweet but it was more discernable. Red cherries!
  12. Almost posted in this thread last night but couldnt get my words out. Only 4/5 days past roast so but out of beans at the moment. Last night had a fast pull at 23 seconds but still nice. Nice sweet pleasant aftertaste than I couldn't quick put my finger on despite making the 41g out last 5 sips. Went finer today for a 30/31 second pull but it was mostly bland and bitter so I'm going back towards the coarser grind. Any takers on what that after taste is?
  13. I've seen some roasters/coffee sites sell beans for this purpose. Personally I've never found the need. Use the new burrs and enjoy imo.
  14. Once you go naked you never go back. Few dead spots so could probably improve on distribution/puck prep. How'd it taste?
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