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  1. Just had a look round their website for the first time. £10.50 per 250g without shipping makes it one of the most expensive house blends I've seen. The positive feedback on here suggest they may be worth it though.
  2. GazRef

    Broken macap m4

    Grinder works 100% mate. Owned it from new. I can give exterior a wipe down as its been sat unused in the kitchen since Q1 this year. If I was selling it to a family member I'd say it could probably do with a full burr off clean. I've never had them off as I used to use those grinder tablets when they were the rage. But tbh given a spanking new set is 20 odd quid I'd forego the effort of a burr clean and just swap them out. Price wise I'm not fussed tbh as I've already replaced it so if you've got a number in mind... If not I can have a zoom around ebay for a ball park.
  3. GazRef

    Broken macap m4

    Hi. Embarrassed to admit I put my back out recently and have been MIA for most of a week. Pretty sure it shouldn't happen at my age. On the mend though. Took a few snaps of it for you.
  4. Can anyone give me a ball park figure on what to expect if put my machine up for sale. Fully working order. Condition wise, this year had the group head seals and gaskets replaced and a new pressure stat. Some point in last 24 months it had a new gicar control unit. I've gone and got it in my head I need a lelit bianca but need to weigh up the net outlay. Thanks in advance.
  5. GazRef

    Broken macap m4

    why broken? I have a doserless M4 I'm looking to move on.
  6. Of the bat I'm thinking brew hotter or increase you brew ratio. Do you have a naked to check how the pours are? Maybe you could try a darker roast as theyre easier to extract.
  7. when you brew for an hour do you still break the crust at 4 mins?
  8. those photos look too coarse? I had it around 30 for 4 min but was too blah and muddy
  9. 1 hour wait is 45 mins too long for me
  10. Learned peoples, Need some grind size help. I bought a bag pre ground from a roaster and It was finder than I expected. I copied the grind but never got results I was happy with. So settled on the hof method total brew time 10-12 mins 45g/750ml. Using a niche. 1st pic - is 50 on the niche dial 2nd pic - 12 o clock position in between 50 - 0 3rd pick - all the way back round to zero. Thoughts from eyeballing which grind looks best?
  11. Decent ! Im in for a spin of some Dr Strangelove,. Thansk for sharing
  12. Had this therm a few months. Recently noticed temperature readings were bouncing all over the place when its on. Thought it was a double/duff contact somewhere causing the off readings or the battery was on its way out. Thought the bolt had worked its way loose but it handn't. Gave it a once over and noticed the read out end had some wiggle, moved in and out on the fitting. On the click out the digital read out comes out of the fitting. Read out with long wire and the end has what looks like grey thermal paste on it. Reseating results in the same all over the place readings as before. I know
  13. Recently switched out the 20g VST to a 20g IMS basket the other week. Shots were noticeably better and I'm left wondering why. Head scratcher really. 1:2 pulls same 28-30s shot time. I know people say over extracting at 1:2 is hard but the VSTs tasted over if anything. Is this an indicator of prep error? Is it a case of the recipe for the bean being more suited to the extraction from one basket? Is it hardware related with the group benefiting one basket over the other (e61 vibe pump). Widely suggested VSTs are the reference baskets but I've seen multiple posts with people s
  14. Dose and brew ratio should help you nail the. Dont have the machine or basket you use so cant tell you a suggested dose size to use so give the penny test a whirl. Place a penny on top of your tamped puck. Lock it into the group then remove it. If the penny has left an indent in your puck it means you got too much coffee in the basket. Drop the dose. If not you're all set on dose. Most people would suggest a brew ratio between 1:2 & 1:3 in 27-32 seconds. Given your numbers so far I'd suggest a few clicks finer on the grind. This will reduce your yield and increase your
  15. wont brewing at higher temp help extraction. 92 sounds low for a medium dark. 94 it. I found the rave signature good at 27s 20/40. Had mega issues with one of there dark blends though so binned over 0.5kg.
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