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  1. Hi happy to pay 70 if it includes posting
  2. How high is the machine ? it needs to fit my kitchen
  3. Hi @Bezzy id like to register my interest. Would you take 60 for it? Also where are you located?
  4. Pic of boiler would be useful
  5. Great. Definitely interested as looking for a starter grinder. Thanks.
  6. Not sure of valuation. There was one in for sale section for 60 but don’t know if it sold or condition etc compared to this one. I Would be interested if you are willing to sell around that price point. Plus postage of course!
  7. Is the graef Still available?
  8. Hi is this still available?
  9. Very true. Lots of conflicting messages out there for a newbie! What’s the state of the boiler on the one you’ve listed?
  10. Great price, unfortunately too far south for me!
  11. Thanks for the offer. Sorry I’ll have decline as after doing some research I’ve decided against an aluminium boiler which I’m assuming the 2006 version has.
  12. @MartinB Will keep my eyes peeled
  13. I’m fairly new to this but from my understanding the pressure valve is adjustable on the pre 2015 ones and they also have a better aluminium boiler.
  14. @ThePeginator thanks for your insight. Seen another one on gumtree for around 60 so might go down the ‘fixer upper’ route If I’m out of my depth there’s always the highly recommended @gaggiamanualservice.com who can do a full service/repair if needs be and is conveniently close to my location.
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