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  1. Hello, I'm currently designing a drip tray mod on sketchup to fit an Acaia Pyxis. It has been years since I have used it, I think I have completed it but just need someone with more knowledge of the program than me to take a look, as i've run into a couple of difficulties. Thanks in adavance.
  2. great news, can I order one along with your PID kit.
  3. Fantastic news, I think/hope ? this shall suffice until you release your mod. !EDIT! smart plug works a treat, shall persevere with keeping the brew switch pressed while brewing until MrShades releases his mod.
  4. !!Please read the above link first!! I've just swapped the brew switch and the power switch over and it works exactly like in the link above. I am going to get a smart plug tonight and do some testing. I.e. when the smart plug has switched the machine off after my morning coffee then on again at lunch will it revert back to the auto timeout of 30mins or is it still disabled.
  5. I think you are correct, I believe the 2015 model had a slightly bigger boiler but less power. So the only drawbacks really is the OPV which can easily be changed rather cheaply and the auto shutoff which is the main problem, I am going to order a brew switch and test it out, I will report back in a new discussion.
  6. I'm not sure of the date the policy was brought in to effect but I know from 2015 onwards Gaggia machines have it in place. I understand from my own research that the main difference from the pre 2015 is the OPV which is non adjustable. I did see a post a few weeks ago about replacing the power switch with the brew button, thus disabling the button flicking off. If I remember rightly the 20 min auto shut off is still there but connected to a smart plug and set it for 19mins 59secs then on again 1 sec later it should work.
  7. I'm loving this setup at the moment but I already have one eye on the next step up, but all in good time. The only gripe I have really at the minute is with the auto shut off on the gaggia as I would like to have it connected to a smart plug but doesn't seem possible until hopefully there is a workaround found. PID and Opv are next on the list.
  8. Hello everyone, After having various nespresso machines over the years and actually quite enjoying them?. That was until I happend to stumble across this forum a few months ago looking for reusable pods. I didn't even realise there was a whole world of coffee to explore. Looking forward to getting to know everyone and let's see where this journey takes me.
  9. Thank you for your reply, I did look at the niche but it is just a little out of my price range, I also looked at hand grinders but just wanted the quickness and ease of using electric as it will mostly be used in the mornings, from all of the reviews I've watched the mignon range seems to be the best hopper fed grinder for single dosing as the retention is only around 0.3g.
  10. Hello everyone, I'm new to the forum and I've recently purchased a Gaggia Classic and now on the look out for a grinder. I have decided to buy a mignon specialita but looking around the web I'm seeing them listed as both 310w and 260w, could anyone who has or have had this grinder please confirm the wattage. I will mainly be single dosing so it wont really make any difference but if there are different models of the specialita then obviously I would like to go for the more powerful motor for the same price. Thank you
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