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  1. @MrNik Is this still for sale? Would you take 20 plus postage (to Berlin)?
  2. I’d take it at asking, otherwise. If you could post to Germany? I could also cover the extra cost of posting to Germany if it costs more...
  3. Also using aergrind for 4-6 espressos a day in combination with a flair pro. Think I’m starting to develop RSI as a result! (Anyone else has this?). Grinder set to 1.3.1-1.4.0. but surely it depends on how the grinder is calibrated and as such would be different for each aergrind wouldn’t it?
  4. Fjord coffee roasters Berlin are offering filter and espresso beans for 26 Euros a kg. This can also be combined with the 20 percent homeoffice discount. Free delivery is available if you buy enough. Great coffee! Just got three kilos of speciality grade single origin espresso! Freezer now well stocked.
  5. Mike B

    Scales for espresso

    Maybe the joe frex scale with a timer would be a good option in this price range. I have the budget joe frex scales without a timer and am very happy with them.
  6. Aergrind would be a good option
  7. Thanks. I had seen a couple of comments on that thread about the two. I’ll have to have a bit more of a look and see if I missed something. Seems like I can’t too far wrong with either though...
  8. Has anyone used/owned both? I like the look of both of them. Seems like the workflow might be a bit easier with the robot? But I like the transportability of the flair! Would be great to hear what people think.
  9. The steamer arrived today! Packed perfectly and in great condition. Was a pleasure doing business with you Mike
  10. Does this mean that it’s no longer available here? I’d be interested in purchasing this... I would like to offer 60 euros posted. Cheers Mike
  11. Seems like you’ve rejected the idea that it’s taste bud related but it could of course be part of the explanation coupled with some other factor that I can’t even hazard a guess at. I know I always prefer a chocolatey Brazilian coffee in the morning as something like a washed Ethiopian - which I would love in the afternoon- is just too much for my sleepy taste buds and doesn’t taste good at all to me!
  12. Mine has the (earlier) 4 hole steam tip which is supposed to be marginally easier to work with but evidently not easy enough for me. It doesn’t seem to stretch the milk well at all. I’ve watched all sorts of YouTube videos and tried different techniques but always end up with either not enough volume or too much thicker foam on top! I never had any problems with my heat thermoblock machine although it took a long time with that.
  13. Exactly. It’s not that I’m unhappy with the Wega mini - apart from the fact I can’t seem to get decent micro foam with it - it’s more that I’m wondering whether I’d be getting even better coffee with a dual boiler pid... That said the flat whites I drink at the good third wave cafes in Berlin don’t really taste much better than the ones I’m making at home. I’m sure I could tell the difference in a direct comparison but not with an hour or two between Any other Wega Mini Nova owners getting good micro foam out there? From what I’ve read it’s not exactly the machines strong suit...
  14. Yes I guess. I suppose I just thought that the natural order of things or hierarchy was single boiler — hx — dual boiler... At least as someone who drinks almost exclusively milk drinks (albeit short ones :)). Perhaps I’m wrong on this?
  15. Thanks for your input guys! I am definitely a flat white person so single boiler isn’t really an option for me. I’m enjoying the power of the hx compared to the barista pro I had before. It sounds like there might not be a huge improvement moving from the Wega Mininova (vibe pump - tank version) to a dual boiler. Or at least not much point investing in a high end profiling machine...? Perhaps a second hand dual boiler with PID would be worth considering. Something like an Izzo Duetto.? Have seen one on eBay classifieds for 900 but not sure if the green boiler is normal!? https://www.ebay-kleinanzeigen.de/s-anzeige/izzo-alex-duetto-mc243-siebtraeger-kaffeevollautomat/1279842600-86-6147?utm_source=notes&utm_campaign=socialbuttons&utm_medium=social&utm_content=app_ios Also if I stick with the Wega Mini is there a thermometer which fits it? ( the inspection screw is fairly obscured by the upper casing.) Thanks again for your help! Mike
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