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  1. Mike B

    Flair 58

    @IriscoI might add that the baby faema is beautiful. Even if I am biased. I’ve got photos and a video of it in action if you’re interested 😃 https://www.instagram.com/reel/CPViO9aIG76/?utm_medium=copy_link
  2. Mike B

    Flair 58

    @IriscoSo I’ve only been using the baby faema for a couple of weeks and need to experiment further. I have really enjoyed the shots from both but they have a different flavour profile. Here a few random observations/thoughts so far... The grind for the baby faema is pretty much the same as for my dual boiler whereas for the flair it’s a good bit coarser. I pull the shots a lot longer (time) on the flair but the baby faema I’ve gone for 1:2 ratio in around 30-35 seconds and the shots have tasted very balanced but more delicate than say made on. The dual boiler. I’m pretty sure tha
  3. I’ve got a cheap gooseneck kettle from coffee gator which has three holes in the lid. I just steam it while boiling the water for the coffee. I can reach starting temps (measured in the brew chamber with a cooking thermometer) of 96 degrees this way. I’ve been using the flair pro for a year or two like this and find the workflow ok. To be honest I wouldn’t want to do it first thing in the morning. But I’m lucky enough to have a number of other espresso machines for this 😃
  4. Mike B

    Flair 58

    I own a flair pro and a baby faema (although not a robot) and I think what makes this interesting and different is the heating. It’s not just a way of preheating but also means the temperature during extraction is stable compared to the flair pro and the robot. Whether or not this actually leads to a better result in the cup is of course another thing entirely...
  5. A good hand grinder like the Kinu or comandante would be a great partner to the robot, or any espresso machine for that matter.
  6. Somehow I’m doing a lot of waiting for coffee gear at the moment. Also currently 3 weeks in to a fairly long wait for a 9barista. Still the best things come to those who wait. And I’m confident that the arco will at least be on a par with other quality hand grinders and I like the concept...
  7. I’ve gone ahead and backed this. Think it’s an interesting concept and build quality looks good. Now just have to wait five months to find out...
  8. @EddieTI’m no expert despite working on my latte art skills for about 2 years now, but looking at this I’d say - try angling the cup a bit more steeply when Integrating the milk then you can start pouring the patter earlier. This should result in a larger pattern appearing. Straightness and centredness are two aspects I’m really working on. Try and keep everything square and really focus on the angle of the cup and where you’re pouring. I snap a quick photo of things which I produce and find ok and then I can see where I still need to work and where I’m making progress. Enjoy the process and b
  9. @mattpitts74Asuming you’re not new to espresso, I’d go with a coffee you know well and like, so you know what it ‘should’ taste like. Perhaps something super light might not be ideal for getting used to it, mind. If you are new to espresso, then I would go for a medium or darker roast as these are less finicky to dial in. Generally though any coffee that tastes good on other espresso machines will taste good on the robot . (Please note that I don’t actually own a robot but do have a flair and some Pavonis.).
  10. @jimbojohn55 My base has also seen better days, would be great if you could keep me in the loop here if you have any spares... Cheers Mike
  11. There’s info on how to do this here: http://www.francescoceccarelli.eu/La_Pavoni/Faidate/sottobase_gomma_eng.htm Also if you order things from Francesco I would pay the extra for priority delivery otherwise it can take ages! (I’ve tried both quick and snail delivery). alternatively you could contact max selb and he might well be able to help with parts.
  12. I ordered mine from the French maxi coffee site. Someone had tried it out once and sent it back and i then snapped it up from them for 150 euros! That made my decision between the flair Pro and the Robot a no brainer. Now I’m thinking that I really need a 9barista... 😉 PS - they do have these offers occasionally so might be worth checking their site while you’re considering and pounce if you see someone. However I think they only send these ‘seconds’ to France.
  13. I know I’ve already chimed in already saying basically the same thing, but I feel inclined to reiterate as I think I’m one of the few flair users on this forum: Preheating on the kettle is really effective and easy - I use a cheapo coffee gator one for this and it works perfectly due to the holes in the lid. I then use a meat thermometer to check the temp. I can easily achieve starting temps of 96 degrees like this if I want to. Work flow is easy enough once you get it dialed. However i must admit that I use a rocket r58 for my morning coffee
  14. Beautiful machine. I’m sure that Francesco can supply parts. And I’ve seen some of the rubber bases on eBay for around 20 euros. If you’re part of the Facebook la Pavoni group, you might get other tips for where to source parts.
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