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  1. If you ground say 2-3g of beans at a time do you think it would help getting better uniformity and a better grind. It has helped on my feld but is a bit of a pain but I'm in no rush.
  2. Tried the bagels today. Rather tasty but sesame seeds EVERYWHERE 😆😆
  3. Was using 17.5g vst. Times vary from 22-30 seconds for 35g out. but I do hand grind. I have found this bean more sensitive to over tapping the basket in my prep. But again the taste is always good and sweet
  4. Well just ordered my Bakewell beans and direct trade ones. Very excited again. Thanks for the discount.
  5. Just started my black cat yellow bourbon. Miles off on my grind and pouring through fast but still tastes good. Few more days of hand grind action and hopefully will have it nailed.
  6. Fingers crossed. This would be my dream drink
  7. Did you say Liquid Bakewell flapjack tart amazing, I did ask 😉. I will definately be having some of that 😍😍. 500g bags are perfect
  8. @Black Cat Coffee I think you have given me my first coffee nirvana experience. The Rwandan kinini is a banger. In truth it is only my second shot but the mouthfull of flavour was just lovely. Just opened the bag this morning 8 days post roast, first shot poured in 19 seconds and that had potential. Ground a few notches finer and poured in 23 seconds. Wow. Will try one notch finer again tomorrow all at 95degrees. By far the best I have ever had. Coffee with layers for me. Great job
  9. 250 euros blimey. Good job im getting old and have a shaky hand.
  10. Well placed my orders for yellow bourbon and peaberry. As excited as you can be. Looking forward to these. Thankyou for the discount.
  11. Spoke to STS and it has to go to Switzerland. I guess not cheap will be the answer.
  12. LOL ive made plenty of bread in the past but cheats yeast. Tried sourdough years ago and gave up as they always came out like pitta breads that was exceptionally annoying. Been giving it a new bash and I can't believe how much better they are. Anything wetter than 75% I can't manage. I think I follow instructions better these days 😆😆. The colander still rocks tho! And yes I do still need a bread knife and I'm finding cutting just squashes the loaf flat at the mo. Will check it out cheers.
  13. Happy days, ive just openned my last 250g bag
  14. Yes if I had to do it again I would of bought a new original as my original is a bit rank but this seems to work well for the moment.
  15. I really need to ask you some questions but will start another thread. Been sat on my granddad's omega chrono quartz albatros for years that I don't know what to do with.
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