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  1. LOL ive made plenty of bread in the past but cheats yeast. Tried sourdough years ago and gave up as they always came out like pitta breads that was exceptionally annoying. Been giving it a new bash and I can't believe how much better they are. Anything wetter than 75% I can't manage. I think I follow instructions better these days 😆😆. The colander still rocks tho! And yes I do still need a bread knife and I'm finding cutting just squashes the loaf flat at the mo. Will check it out cheers.
  2. Happy days, ive just openned my last 250g bag
  3. Yes if I had to do it again I would of bought a new original as my original is a bit rank but this seems to work well for the moment.
  4. I really need to ask you some questions but will start another thread. Been sat on my granddad's omega chrono quartz albatros for years that I don't know what to do with.
  5. Bear with me if you will. I am always tinkering with something on my machine. I bought the IMS screen and a new dispersion plate some time ago but was quite disappointed by the water flow through the group and issues I was having with channeling. As a result I took them off (left them in the cupboard) and switched back to the old stock ones that gave me much better results. I was a bit naffed off with the purchases but a few weeks ago I decided to try again but placed the IMS and the original screens together (IMS upper most). The resulting flow is much nicer, again the stock dispersion plate is better (but mines really grubby >10years old) but I can now get away with my other one that has a better thermal mass. Seems another marginal gain but I have made a few now that have made a difference. I generally dose 17g in my 18g VST so headspace is not an issue. Has any one else tried it? I do clean them almost everyday to avoid extra bits trapping.
  6. Cheers Groke. If I was flush with cash I would. But I don't think it's an essential atm. Really would like an electric grinder next as hand cranking is getting a bit of a pita.
  7. My main questions are in Osmio Vs my water and Brita filter. Will it significantly improve the life of my machine(scale build up etc?), especially if I want a MaraX in the future (and all I understand is my water is soft ), given I drink 1 latte a day/2 at weekends. Will it taste much better, we quite happily drink it at the moment (but fewer impurities the better), my wife drinks loads of herbal, warm water etc. So heating what I need is very useful, although we have a kettle that brews enough for a mug (it does get over filled). Given its £300 I cant argue for or against a machine as I dont know enough to make an informed decision and I could save said £300 to a really nice Mara.
  8. See if this works United Utilities - Water Quality Search Results.pdf
  9. Cheers Rob, when I'm home I will post it up. Couldn't do it from my phone. Yes first column was minn and the other average. The first was from the summary and the other the full. I will get it up later 👍
  10. Not getting on well with my mobile on this.
  11. Lol yes I know. But I need to tell my wife why we NEED one. She doesn't drink coffee and I think on the whole or water quality isn't that bad. But again bar the obvious I haven't a scooby what chemicals are particularly bad and if the Brita is doing a sufficient job 🤔
  12. Trying to do it if my mobile Calcium 13.0 Magnesium 2.89 Hardness 3.08 Any others
  13. Hello, I keep seeing the group buy and I keep thinking do I need it or should I save my money for a better machine. My local water is soft and taste ok. hopefully this link works. https://www.unitedutilities.com/help-and-support/your-water-supply/drinking-water-quality/water-quality-search-results/ The whole water analysis blows my mind a little. Out kettle doesn't really scale and we generally just use a Brita filters. I do regular clean my machine but I don't really understand the long term effects of using my water on my machine. If my waters crap I would get the osmio but I'm not sure. Can any one help.
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