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  1. AHH I remember that oh it would send shivers down your spine the best use I've found for my machine is all the shit I can hide behind it!
  2. Wow amazing stuff and a 6L boiler holey crap that thing must heat the house would it be worth putting a jacket or some sort of insulation on it also how are you finding it practically do you need to predict your next coffee to give it time to heat up or are you just yolo leave it on all day and consuming caffeine at a rate of 6 an hour?
  3. https://www.ebay.de/itm/Elka-werke-Typ-NE1-Kaffeemuhle-Industrie-elektrisch-Sammler-Deko-Vintage-Retro/333700695947?hash=item4db21c878b%3Ag%3Am5oAAOSw0KtfRk~j&LH_ItemCondition=10|4 Absolutely beast
  4. I recon it will fire up unless the seller said otherwise
  5. Well there is a for sale forum here witch is probably your best bet then Ebay and Facebook and gumtree and on and on and on
  6. Hmm it depends what you value, a speciliata will give a much better grind than a rocky but maby a eureka manual is better value for money or do you need the timer the second hand market is brilliant for deals and most of the time all a grinder will need is some new burrs so basically it's 1 price 2 ease of use 3 quality
  7. Can't wait to see this up and running
  8. Love the look of these what's wrong with it?
  9. Yup I can do that @Astin001 will pm
  10. 1. tsouthwell2. E4043. ratty4. Gavin5. steffanjtaylor6. MinesAbeer7. Zeak8. Earthflattener9.Mark 7010. Nicd11. salty12. ZiggyMarley13. ronan0814.
  11. I will drop to £150 delivered for anyone interested
  12. You could be spot on there
  13. Wow that marketing team needs a raise or maby he needs some tasty pizza
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