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  1. 1. tsouthwell2. E4043. ratty4. Gavin5. steffanjtaylor6. MinesAbeer7. Zeak8. Earthflattener9.Mark 7010. Nicd11. salty12. ZiggyMarley13. ronan0814.
  2. I will drop to £150 delivered for anyone interested
  3. You could be spot on there
  4. Wow that marketing team needs a raise or maby he needs some tasty pizza
  5. Sell the DB too many problems with them the Izzo should fire up relatively easily, unless you really want the convenience of the DB, even then if you think it's getting shook sell it and buy a new one with a warranty
  6. I like this one had a lovely americano 18g in 36 out 6sec preinfusion with 34s at 7bar at 96c Smooooth clean with nice acidity I'm gonna run it a bit shorter get a bit more bodie next time
  7. Wow that's some accomplishment hope it arrives safely
  8. Only ever seen the non lever version when it arrives get the serial number and contact them for more info amazing little find would love to see more of it where did you find it?
  9. I'm going to let you in on a little secret it's called "Lighter Side Of Life" just dont tell anybody else okay 👍
  10. I had a brilliant surprise today my 500g hopper to replace the 1.5kg behemoth came today but even better it came with a blow up system don't know if they wanted them gone or I got lucky but I'm dead happy 😀😀 oh and also new burrs!
  11. I'd contact them see if they have any idea
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