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  1. Although many might agree that it would be nice in theory to easily see centralised, crowd-sourced notes and reviews, I wonder if you might get a better picture of whether people would actually go out of their way to use it if you instead asked if people on here have much regard for the already-existing reviews and ratings on some roasters' websites? Would they actually decide what to buy based on what some random person - who could be preparing and consuming the coffee in god-knows-what way - says, versus what the roaster claims? Obviously, roasters can misrepresent their offerings, but
  2. The auction is over. It looks like Square Mile is the only British company to have won, with them paying $66.50/lb for 396 lbs of an 89.6-scoring lot.
  3. I only have a V60 and Aeropress, and had these beans in July. I don't remember anything like banana (I'd guess that's at least partly a texture-influenced note in espresso/milk drinks?), but the rum raisin was a constant and the bubblegum notes came through like crazy once I ground fine enough.
  4. I came across the SCAE's water chart document, which explains some of the chemistry and features the recommendations from Water for Coffee prominently. It's obviously much shorter than Water for Coffee, but it seems very practical.
  5. We had the same call for the first time today, too. Must be busy! It was a little more realistic for us, since we'd made a purchase which came with free next day delivery a few weeks ago. Given how pushy Amazon can be, it wouldn't have surprised me at all if we'd been entered into a free trial despite declining it at checkout. The same logic of Amazon not reminding us - and certainly not over the phone where they can be sure we knew it! - meant that the call was ended before getting to a human. From reports online, it looks like we're in line to receive many more of the same calls fr
  6. BWT only gave a range of 15 - 18 d total hardness for their expected capacity. Because my water is softer than that, and because of the 2 month regulation fitting perfectly, I figured it was fair to compare that to the range ZeroWater gave for my actual hardness - since it would be favourable to the ZeroWater. It's great to hear that you're able to get so much use from a single ZeroWater filter compared to what even they advertise. I was going off anecdotes like this (and this was posted just a few hours after my initial comment in this thread) on the forum, and reviews on Lakeland (while
  7. At 201 - 300 TDS, ZeroWater gives a filter expectancy of 55 to 95 litres. At 15 - 18 degrees total hardness, BWT gives a filter expectancy of 120 litres. (Whether these expectancies are accurate is a different matter, but I can't really rely on much else. Does anyone have any experience of both in real life?) Simplifying my water need to 2 litres per day, a year's supply of BWT would be 6 filters (£33.99 on their site), whereas ZeroWater would be 14 filters at their lowest given capacity (£170 on their site) or 8 at their highest (£89.99). Jugs are fairly equally priced,
  8. Does anyone have any experience with BWT's 'individualised' filters for jugs and brewing coffee (filter/immersion only) in a hard water area? In-line filters or an Osmio may be options in the future, but for now a jug seems most suitable for my use and the testimony in the Peak thread is making me hold back on that for now. ZeroWater might be an option, but it would work out a lot dearer. The most commonly found BWT filter seems to be their Magnesium one (which did well against the Peak, Brita, and un-mixed ZeroWater in this video), but they also have the 'balanced alkalised water', 'magn
  9. It's a shame when any business goes down, but I'm not sure if Covid is entirely to blame for this one. If they did provide value in being a marketplace for sustainable speciality coffee (i.e. reselling bags from popular roasters) it should have thrived during lockdown, as roasters apparently did at the start of all this.
  10. It's not a great layout, but they do give a description of taste; the large image of the bag you get when you click through to a blend is one of three images you can select from the tiny translucent previews at the bottom of the page - or you can swipe through them. The third image is the tasting notes. No idea why they do it like that, though. The single origin coffee pages show that they could have their descriptions and tasting notes where you'd actually expect them to be, and having it be both obvious (without the user having to interact with it after clicking through to the blend) an
  11. It seems great in principle, and the 'clean' pack should be no worse than a Brita jug. The alkaline pack may add Magnesium, but it also claims to raise the pH up to 9.5, which should probably be avoided for coffee. The jug itself is... unfortunate. It looks like they had an ordinary jug as the V1, but now it's unique and inconvenient. The setup video makes it look huge, and there's no way that's fitting well in many British fridges.
  12. I haven't tried any to give a recommendation, but CoffeeDiff lists 4 in-stock Chinese coffees. The Rave and Poblado Coffi "Lafu" look to be the same, but there's a natural from Vagabond (apparently different from the Xingang) and a recently-added washed/wet one on Grain and Grind which claims to be made of the varieties "Carimor" [sic] and "Sarchimor", whereas all the others are "Catimor P3/P4". I don't know enough of the science/traceability to know if that one is distinct, but here's the brochure from the self-proclaimed exclusive seller/marketer of "Black River" green coffee.
  13. The one on the left is clearly an English judge in a long wig.
  14. It looks like their LSOL code for 20% off all coffee still works, by the way! I've just ordered half of their filter/omni-roast selection for a great price.
  15. Well, I never thought James Hoffmann would even bother to review something like this, but...
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