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  1. I've been looking at info about the Barista Express after seeing that XS Items on eBay were selling a pre-owned model without some accessories for £190 on a sale which ends today. I decided against buying it, but in the process of deciding saw a lot of videos like the one you mentioned from Seattle Coffee Gear. I think, though, that the video you're talking about which found no difference (if it's this one from 2013) compared the Barista Express to the original Smart Grinder, not the Smart Grinder Pro. The newest video I found of theirs solely comparing the Smart Grinder Pro and Barista Express was this one from 2016, and it showed a difference. However, Gail said that the top burr of the Barista Express was not adjustable, which is apparently no longer true of post-2018 Barista Expresses - so that comparison may not be entirely useful, either. Apologies if you're talking about a separate video. I own neither machine and am just going off of what I saw.
  2. Thanks for the links and for pointing out the distinction. I figured that if a certain origin was almost-always roasted one way by forum-popular roasters (e.g. Sumatran, Yirgacheffe), the profile might be distinct enough to serve as a broad example for the roast level. I've been lurking and reading a lot of old posts on the forums, and it seemed like people were more likely to refer to their hard preferences by roast level than by origin, like with DSOL and LSOL, and when they were giving feedback on roasters/subscriptions. Origin does look like the better way to look at it, though; the coffees you linked seem to have far more distinction between them at the same/similar roast level than I expected from just reading discussions. I see that on top of the African and American ones you linked, Has Bean have a category for Asian origins which includes 2 Thai coffees. Do you know if these are distinct enough to justify a slightly higher price, or is it too fledgling to really care about yet? Additionally, is adding a honey-processed one a good idea this early into finding tastes, or is the fermentation aspect already covered by natural and washed? The funky one also is pretty intriguing - I'm not sure what "gloopy" really means in the context of coffee, but I'm excited to find out!
  3. Hi, there, I'm new to the forums, and to the coffee world. I'm looking to create my own taster pack/session to work out my preferences, and am wondering if there are certain reliable specialty coffees (in this current season) which serve as good examples of roasting archetypes? I'm happy for any suggestions, but I have a few specific questions: Is a light-roasted Yirgacheffe a good example for the light side? And Sumatran for the dark side? Would a blend be more typical/available for the dark roast filter experience? I've seen Monsoon Malabar shown as a consistent dark roasted/tasting coffee - but is the process too unusual for the tastes to carry over to other dark roasts? Is there such a thing as True Medium, or do all 'medium' roasts lean one way or the other? These would all be brewed in an Aeropress, with a lot of experimentation in brewing and serving for each type. If they are all available on one site, that'd be great - but it's no problem if not. Whole bean is fine. Thanks!
  4. Ah, good to know - thanks for the reply.
  5. Hey, I'm new here and am mostly looking to see what people have said about roasters & subscription services so I can try a few in the new year. Is the trouble you've had with hasbean to do with the beans themselves (and - if so - is this due to preference or quality?) or delivery/service? TIA.
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