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  1. Crankhouse's 'Jairo Arcila Cinnamon and Tartaric Caturra' is now available. Tasting notes are cinnamon, ginger bread with maraschino cherry. £14.50 for a 150g tin. Maybe I'll wait for someone else to try it and report back first. I'm just about to tuck into a similar £/g (but lower buy-in) special lot from Rave, so I could be all treated-out for this coffee's run.
  2. I've been getting into puerh tea lately, so it'll be interesting to taste coffee from the same area - even if the processing might not represent the terroir. I've seen some Chinese and Yunnanese stuff available before, but this is the first I've seen from Xishuangbanna, which houses the six great tea mountains. First up, though, is the "Guatemala El Morito" 80g special release. I've never had so little of a new coffee before, so here's hoping I don't mess it up.
  3. Chasing the high of Rave's Colombia Monteverde from last Summer with another carbonic maceration processed coffee. EDIT: Correction: I just assumed that the Rave beans were a Carbonic Maceration Natural because they had the same tasting notes that the process can bring out in grapes/wine, but the Rave ones were actually just listed as a 'yellow' natural - meaning (specifically on that one farm) that they were fermented for 80-100 hours. The Horsham ones were fermented for two days in containers with one way valves - which may actually be semi carbonic maceration unless some details have been missed out? My head spins! I'll just say that they've both had an extended fermentation and leave the details to the farms. Either way, the tasting notes sound good to me!
  4. Not exactly revelatory (except maybe wrt preheating/rinsing from the last video), but it does look like a great base - and if it's anything like the V60 video, it will likely be seen as the 'default' technique, much to the chagrin of Alan Adler and our long-steep clique. Summary from description: 11g coffee (ground at the finer end of medium, assuming this is light roasted coffee. The darker you go the more you may prefer to increase the dose and coarsen the grind.) 200g water (brought to a boil and used immediately) - Put the filter into the cap. Don't rinse or preheat the brewer (it doesn't make any difference) - Put coffee into the brewer - Place on scales and then add water, aiming to wet all the coffee during pouring - Start a timer, and immediately place the piston piece into the top of the brewer, about 1cm in - Wait 2 minutes - Holding the brewer and the piston, gently swirl the brewer - Wait 30 seconds - Press gently all the way - Drink and enjoy!
  5. Has anyone had this through V60/pour over and was disappointed? I ask because they don't include this in their listings if you select the "pour over" filter on their main coffee page, even though they mention V60 in the description and give a pour over recipe. I ordered from them just yesterday and missed this completely even though it sounds right up my alley and I may have bought it instead of/alongside my chosen beans (the Ethiopia Malawo Yellow Honey) if I saw it. Are they being too specific with their filters (or made an oversight) or is there a good reason that it isn't recommended for pour over? They also have different offerings recommended for pour over and Chemex. I know there will be a difference in taste/body due to the typically-used filters, but is it going to be so different that you might as well not even show it to those who use one but not the other?
  6. Hi, may I ask if you're expecting to restock the Yaguas again in the next couple of weeks?
  7. From identical text snippets and appearance, it looks like it's in the same scam ring as the now-defunct "homestore24.net", which you can find on TrustPilot.
  8. I was not on the forum during the 2017 World Brewer's Cup and so I don't know if this has already been discussed, but I saw earlier that Crankhouse is getting in some coffee which lists its "varietal" [& processing] as "Honey Caturra (Tartaric Acid + Cinnamon)". He put it on his Instagram Story, which I've mirrored here if you don't want to mess with that or are reading after expiry. Having not heard of this, I went looking and found a Barista Hustle blog on 'Cinnamongate' and a long-winded video from Maxwell Colonna-Dashwood which seems to have been spurred by Colonna getting in the same bean sample as CH. Would you try it? Have you tried it knowingly? Do you think you might already have tried it without being informed? I saw some suspicion about the "Cordillera del Fuego" anaerobically-processed Costa Rican beans when I looked to see if this had been discussed, but no one went so far as to accuse them of adulteration. More broadly; is it adulteration, and distinct from the other experimental additions to the anaerobic process ('champagne yeast' doesn't seem as if it's cheating), or do all the rules go out the window once you get to naturals and anaerobics? Personally, I might take a punt just based on it being CH. He's well trusted and I've had his coffee (and am waiting on a delivery of the Peruvian Oso Anaerobic Honey - whose description I had to re-check on learning about the above!) without any disappointment.
  9. This looks like a very generic website with little information, and the company given in the contact page was incorporated very recently so there are no reviews on the usual sites. There are two threads on hotukdeals about it, with some saying that they or their partners have ordered from there. None have returned to say that the product arrived. https://www.hotukdeals.com/discussions/has-anyone-use-used-wwwhomeandkitchenshopcouk-3601101 https://www.hotukdeals.com/discussions/home-and-kitchen-shop-3600227 EDIT: Oh, there actually are a couple of reviews on Trust Pilot. Both are at the lowest rating possible and call it a scam.
  10. They arrived yesterday. Thanks for organising & roasting - I'm looking forward to brewing the one on the left tomorrow after finishing off Square Mile's Santa Rosa 1900 today.
  11. Cutting it pretty close, but I've just put in order #1125. Looking forward to my first coffee from you & Crankhouse both!
  12. Finished mine a little while ago. Absolutely lovely coffee, with an aroma that is just sweetness incarnate.
  13. Not sure if you've already bought it, but when I was looking at it, it seemed the best price was from Colonna (the creator's own roastery) - which has free delivery and a very generous 25% discount with the code LOCKDOWN25.
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