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  1. The drip tray hole is used after i pull a shot it takes the excessive hot water and drops it in the tray. Perhaps if yours only drips you may have a blockage you might try lubricating the spindle after doing several back flushes
  2. Yes pricing reminds me of buying espresso kit πŸ˜‚
  3. That’s a great question. I am thinking you still use a live culture and add in the recipe This one or something like it was what i had looked at. The are at the moment hard to find though https://www.lakeland.co.uk/61789/Panasonic-Stainless-Steel-Sourdough-Bread-Maker-SD-ZX2522KXC
  4. Thank you i did notice Panasonic are well the only one i found that offer a sourdough function Locally we have Thomas the Bakers who sell wonderful sourdough bread unfortunately not always available πŸ‘
  5. Thats close to my routine as well then add 60 seconds of drinking. I know i agree i am a gannet
  6. This may be sacrilegious in this thread 😁 but are any of you bread lovers using a bread machine? If so what machine please
  7. Buy both sell the one you are not liking as much
  8. Payment received and now in post via UPS Mod please move to sold
  9. Sounds good to me shall we move to PM to conclude the deal?
  10. Hi Hope you don’t mind I’ll wait a little while see if someone comes in at asking πŸ‘
  11. This Eureka Mignon Specialita was bought from Bella Barista December 2019 and as you can see in the images the transferable warranty on production of the warranty card Expires 30/12/2021so a sizeable warranty for a potential purchaser This is really a guess but i would think i have put through 25kg of beans without any problems I have now purchased a Niche Zero for single dosing and I thought i would offer the grinder here on forum first see is any member thinks this is good for their plans Price is Β£270 shipped and i only want to ship UK Mainland please it will be sent in the original box with instructions receipt and warranty card from Bella Barrista I am based in Teesside if someone prefers socially distanced collection Sorry can’t get images to stand up 😁
  12. Tom. I noticed you mentioned drinking during training are you adding anything into the water perhaps looking for isotonic benefits. I ask as when exercising heavily years ago it was common for people to try adding things for better hydration or indeed carbohydrates for maintaining energy. Sipping often small amounts would probably have a negative affect on your teeth and possibly generate higher saliva output I use in addition to others recommendations fluoride mouthwash. Good luck
  13. I may give that a try though behind you for just water probably 2 pints a day though top up with herbal tea πŸ‘
  14. While i am not a fan i can see why in the case you describe the Sage offers a workable solution, i hope you enjoy your purchase
  15. Mine is still going strong i like the taste in herbal tea and find it okay for normal tea. Taste for just a glass of water mmm probably like it more if it was cold just not realistic for me popping it in the fridge first
  16. As did I, hence my odd reply 😁
  17. I put through 2.25kg today got another 2.25 tomorrow will have to wait for the 10kg part though lol
  18. I received mine today as fas as i can tell from a U.K. base no additional charges
  19. Mine has just arrived bit excited looks great only problem i must go out so playing later 😁
  20. I hope you will remember to season the burrs so allow a little more than one day 😁
  21. I think usually the farmer needs to irrigate but usually they are healthy
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