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  1. I can watch direct on the site on YouTube in the safari browser (Apple)
  2. Border_all

    Puck crater

    New to this but is the seal in good order just thinking if a bit came out some time on the portafilter perhaps water is dripping in some way
  3. Quick update thank you @Dang24 for keeping the sale updated and your efforts in packing. Few minor things sorting out after it’s long journey but very pleaded with it ?
  4. Hi @Paola_Cortese see post 72 someone is enquiring about purchasing
  5. Looks really good must say i keep finding myself thinking of returning to Colombian from Rave perhaps after i have drank what i just purchased. Good luck with the machine
  6. So really this was on Thursday 15.30 but i was on doing some cleaning after transit bit more to do but chuffed
  7. How about a pearl white goes with many decors and would be less hard to apply Guessing you have some fine wet and dry in your kit
  8. Well i am happy with the machine as mentioned i had expected to make coffee but i felt the forum had members when the time came who could help and i am glad that was the case with your good self. I am in fact a rather analytical kind of person and reasonably enjoy tracking faults i think i got that from my dad who was in the RE in the army during ww2 He did impress on me track issues back. Guess what seemed like a slight o ring leak grew some what. I ordered the pump you found for me and i should hopefully have that in about a week or so. Once its fitted I’ll pop up another image showing the pressure and i think for good measure run a descale cycle. Hope fully i will sort out a minor issue with the portafilter fit as well Any road as we say here in the north thanks again learnt a lot.
  9. Thank you. This is my first dual boiler pump with a gauge so no experience sadly so never intended to drip feed the thread ?. Being honest i never mentioned purchase source as i never really wanted to imply anything about another member I guess i had expected to unpack and learn as i made some coffee the pressure issue with leak i had mentioned was water on the worktop and low flow from the head. in the old days of mechanical petrol pumps if the fuel line could suck air the engine would miss fire once the leak as in drip or suction was fixed the car ran hence thinking it was the o rings seemed unlikely the machine would have ran prior to dispatch if anything other had been wrong I had also discovered that the shower head and shower curtain was incorrectly assembled this morning and again i had considered that as a further pressure issue. Anyway thought i should explain as you have been a star helping.. Thanks again ?
  10. Cheers is it anything special do you know or will more or less any pump do Forgot do you think a pump is needed please?
  11. Bit update i have managed to get the pump on twiddling with the wires so maybe not a good connection. After some trying got all air bubbled out of system water is fairly cloudy from both the head and water dispenser. Not sure if that means needs a descale. The boiler pressure seems with what little knowledge i have to be okay but the pump pressure seems low and is in blue not red image attached
  12. Hi thank you bought here the pate says 2012 do you by any chance know where i could get a pump if need please
  13. Think i found the leak... the pipe going to the what i think is pump inlet was almost half snapped i have cut a fraction off and used a jubilee clip and its water tight There is a but i can not here the pump working can the system be airlocked would you imagine i am thinking the image of the red unit is the pump? any tips please
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