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  1. Border_all

    This forum

    I do not see the problem with off coffee topic discussion each member can view a forum or just look at coffee related posts I do not consider myself right or left but feel as long as a degree of tolerance is shown why would it bother anyone. Think as well @dfk41 certainly answers coffee related questions so not here just for causing disagreement Just my 2 pence
  2. Border_all

    BBC Tv Licence

    I joined the Facebook silver servers they chat a lot about gumming up the works. I was a remain voter now of course we have left so for me at least the Brexit coverage on BBC means nothing U.K. will discover in due course the merits or not. Covid is the other big BBC thing not a lot of use as it’s not really going so much into regional information or age brackets and sick to death of stay at home go out blah blah blah and i sin as i could not say the Dominic Cummings thing was hardly an issue and certainly not a fan i can not believe many tens if not hundreds of thousands did at least as much as he did Rare best describes how often i have live TV on probably less than once every 6 months and then only because the HDMI failed on 📺 start up. Recently i have leaned toward cancelling the tv licence I do listen to BBC radio 4 sometimes or world service. Generally i think its ran it’s course perhaps one reason I continue paying is many still have rubbish broadband so other than dvd they’re out of luck
  3. A small update needed my specs 🤓
  4. Border_all

    Mara X

    I have mine on fortnightly order this really helps Dave 🤣🤣🤣
  5. I still read sourdough but as i am lazy thinking more a bread maker 🤔
  6. My Mignon only really started settling probably after 5 kilo and taste was in my opinion better probably at double. Also agree running the season beans in at coarse setting I have started collecting some older beans for running in my niche when it arrives even considering if I can’t get enough just buying some and chucking them through as taste for me is worth the effort
  7. I agree though i know Tom found significant difference from the start. My Eureka can go just before -1 on the dial. It also has some uneven touch about that time when spinning the burr
  8. Not sure did Tom share this it’s perhaps worth at least a look
  9. Agree with this ^ Also i find the machine i have now ECM E61 group i can cut my shot closer too what i want i found the push buttons a bit limiting and i see you used a la Spaziale before not sure if you got blocking alarms but i found it temperamental good luck
  10. Agree we need specialist shops that offer back up
  11. The round one looks good guess how easy it breaks may be an issue
  12. Hi @BlackCatCoffee Opened my Brazil - Fazenda Palmital - Pulped Natural beens lovely . Guessing you won’t be restocking for a while Any of your new beans that are very similar 👍
  13. Can’t see a mention how old is the grinder. Through speakers it’s hard but sounds similar to my Eureka but at times it seems to make a strange noise it reminds me of when electric motor has bushes and that they are worn or catching. Just a thought 👍
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