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  1. Confess with all going on not tried this months yet though certainly happy if others are for the reveal 👍
  2. Almost sure i heard on radio 4 the forestry representative say forests would be kept open for visitors. But people should not travel unreasonably for said visit. Message seems a bit strange in that light
  3. Border_all


    For those who think the virus only hospitalises the elderly this image shows some with young looking skin As an at risk person the advice I understood was social isolation as far as possible still exercise keep distance from others while out. If the older or less well never leave the house for 12 weeks or more many including probably me never will. I have not found any real evidence that heard immunity is proven for Covid
  4. Border_all


    Yep we had H1N1 then
  5. Border_all


    Just a guess this i think schools are still in progress so the parents can get ready for what’s coming i imagine really soon schools will close Imagine when prisoners are released getting funds for basic living essentials to them Also truly sad but if people need claim unemployment help it will overpower the system in that’s place. Even GP’s in my area are sending 3 months repeat prescriptions out so as mentioned i think maybe keeping schools open might protect the mental welfare of the children for a while.
  6. Have Royal Mail confirmed they will continue largely as normal ?
  7. Border_all


    If you use iPad i often find YouTube mutes the sound normally i can just use the pad control for bringing the volume up
  8. Border_all


    I think it’s informative as well though not sure that the idea of the flow chart ie hole is that representative of new hospital cases versus people being discharged works. The flow would change if the infection rate increases beyond the R0 of 2.5 now lets say goes higher the NHS could not cope. Looking at today’s step up in new precautions and saying London is growing faster than the sage model they use predicted for me highlights the difficulty We should also remember those who die as care packages can not be maintained for people who had need prior to the outbreak fingers crossed and thanks for the link
  9. Border_all

    Mara X

    Great review sounds like a good purchase 👍
  10. Border_all

    NFC shipping

    Odd question are the disks now come as standard when buying a new Niche?
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