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  1. ArisP

    Sage Survivor

    Hi and welcome @NickG 2k is a very respectable budget. Is this including a grinder or do you already have one? The more information you provide on what you like to drink, space requirements etc, the more helpful people can be. I suggest you start a new topic. Also, yes all machines have issues, you are correct, but with regular maintenance they will live for many more than 4 years.
  2. ArisP

    Caramel in the cup

    There you go, not sure if they sell them green though.
  3. Sorry no, like I said in the beginning I'm certain the values stated in the bottles are more accurate than mine.
  4. Yes @Rob1 The remineralisation filter is pre installed in the Osmio Zero.
  5. ArisP

    Two Chimps

    I just used their website to place an order on my Android tablet, probably one of the easiest websites and tablet friendly.
  6. Sounds like the water fill level probe might be malfunctioning.
  7. I honestly can't tell which are the after cleaning photos. Did you forget to post them?
  8. How exactly did you get the last shot at 6 bar @Rob1 Is that an estimate based on the grounds being coarse?
  9. How about, rather than leaving a generic review on their website, the 6 of us create a list of points that we can then communicate back to Osmio as a review of sorts. I know that @DavecUKDid an extensive review, and has since provided his opinion, so we can provide ours? There are bound to be similar points raised, but that's not a bad thing, it just shows that more people have noticed them. Here, I'll start: Pros / things I like: 1. No more plastic bottles, can't overstate this. 2. Very compact device for what it does,. 3. Independent of plumbing, can take it with me when I move houses. 4. Better tasting water than tap, better tasting than brita/bwt jug. Cons / things I'd like improved; 1. Poor quality of the drip tray and of the magnetic lock for the tray. Aluminum would be preferred with more magnets. 2. Rotating mode selector is not precise, should increase the "click" lock, and one rotation only to go from cold to warm etc. 3. Should come with felt pads as option to allow the machine to slide easier on the countertop as Dave suggested, currently a pain to slide in and out to refill the tank. 4. This is a little specialized, but why not: either come with a blank filter for the magnesium/calcium for pure output of RO water, so we can then add back in epsom salt and bicarbonate for the coffee machine, or even easier, have an internal plumbing bypass so you can select if you want mineralized or RO each time, using a button on the control pad. That's all I have so far, obviously too early to comment on longevity of the machine or the filters.
  10. Looked dodgy/ poorly thought out even before I got to the colours and typefaces questions. Also, sorry if this is true and not a stupid marketing data collection, but a bachelor's thesis about coffee?
  11. There is a fun solution to that problem: Or, just dig a moat and fill it with crocodiles 😎
  12. Quick update on this. To keep it fair, I tested the BWT filter after 2 weeks of use (same as I did for the brita filter), and also added the result for the Osmio zero, after flushing 15lt of water to clean the filters. Both updates are in Grey. As a note, I had to increase the resolution for the Osmio by increasing the water test tube capacity to 20ml from 5ml, and then dividing the result by a factor of 4, which is why the number of drops below is actual, but the KH and GH are 1/4 of the expected value.
  13. Yup, the new one arrived today, going through the flushing process now!
  14. It looks awesome, mis-shaped enough to be unique!
  15. I have had my fair share of issues with their blends, currently about to finish a bag of the Brighton lanes, which is fine, but just that. In any case, you do have a point, as I definitely have not reached out to them to tell them about my Sweet bourbon issues, has anyone else? Is there anyone from CC on this forum?
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