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  1. Of course you can say that! But neither the title "How to destroy a MaraX", nor the non-existent description of what or why they were doing this said anything about Load Testing of a container (Fatigue in this instance), hence clickbait. Finally, and it feels like beating a dead horse now, if the purpose was indeed to "Destroy a MaraX", why not drop it off the side of a building, or shoot it 10 times with a 50cal? I'd certainly watch that
  2. @Northern_Monkey I am an engineer (structural), but same as you, I have never played one on TV! It's all about energy demand (i.e. how much energy you need to absorb, and at what frequency), and also about elastic vs. plastic crumbling zones. Elastic is when the material returns to its original state after the impact / energy / force has been removed, and plastic is when afterwards there is permanent deformation (and also change in the material properties). Don't want to bore everyone here with materials engineering, just saying that you don't need to be an engineer (or have pla
  3. Can I just say that this is a ridiculous test; it is obvious that they dropped the box a number of times, both vertically and on its sides, and then we see the "damage" being what? A few dents? Clickbait video at best.... There are multiple ways to try and protect a device inside packaging, including but not limited to "crumble zones" and even "shock absorbing" materials, but the fact of the matter is that no one expects a courier to start dropping these multiple times, nor would anyone be happy to pay an extra $50-100 to cover the cost of shock-absorbing packaging for one time use.
  4. No worries, as Tom asked, how did it taste?
  5. Sure looks good, but why 15gr in and 52gr out? Your basket looks like it can accommodate another 2-3gr, and at 52gr out you are over-extracting the coffee and probably getting bitter notes. If you watch your video, at about 15sec in, the extraction turns completely "blonde", almost white; that's where you might want to stop it. Alternatively, if you really want to go for 25+ secs, grind finer.
  6. Thanks @Rob1 Appreciate the detailed response!
  7. These are some weird numbers, but if it works for you. This is your end concentration then:
  8. ArisP

    Black Cat Coffee

    Thanks Rob, but if that was enough there would be no "cyber crime". Don't want to hijack this thread, which is why I didn't respond to mctrials either.
  9. ArisP

    Black Cat Coffee

    Done, thank you for fixing this !
  10. ArisP

    Black Cat Coffee

    Just tried to put an order in, and at the last page I saw that you don't support Paypal @BlackCatCoffee I'm sure there is a reason behind it, put typing card details online is not safe anymore.
  11. Welcome to the forum. The SJ is a workhorse; not many things (usually) can go wrong with it, as it was built to serve the needs of a cafe. That being said, without access to the grinder (buying online), there's nothing to really check. It looks to be in good condition, and comes with a small hopper (the big one is obnoxious). Scratches are irrelevant. The only thing I find a bit inconvenient is that it is a "timer" version. If you do end up buying it, or any other SJ, the following is a list of things to (easily) check in order of importance: 1. Take of the top collar and u
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