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  1. If I remember correctly they might give you an option to provide your card details/put a deposit down which will allow them to send a new machine out immediately.They will refund once they receive and review the machine you send back. I don’t think waiting a week is unreasonable though..
  2. HVL87

    Water temp

    I’ve previously measured the expected temperature with the method Tom described using a milk thermometer - seems to do the trick just fine for both the Barista Pro and Express, having had the same concerns before. @skylark make sure the portafilter is hot and use a dual wall single basket. Measuring at/in the pf spout should get you to 90+ degrees after a few runs.
  3. I would have to agree with KingsoftheHeath in focussing on perfecting a heart before moving on to anything more challenging, which is what I’m currently doing. I typically use semi skimmed milk in the house but prefer full fat for milk based coffee drinks. It is slightly easier to produce a good microfoam and I prefer the texture in a latte. Definitely worth practicing with full fat if you can. The Seattle coffee gear video is good and also the below video has been invaluable for me, best I have come across. I find you really do need good microfoam to start with though.
  4. Not necessarily. I would typically fill the basket up to around 13-14g, then tap the portafilter vertically on a tamping mat to settle the grounds. This helps to distribute and not spill too much coffee from the grinder afterwards. I then fill up to the desired dose and tap the portafilter vertically and horizontally until the bed of coffee is as level as possible. I then tamp with the included tamper. My understanding is that the distribution tool should sit on the rim of the portafilter and spin relatively freely to create a flat and even surface to tamp on with the tamper. I don’t think I can achieve this with the Motta. Also I’m not sure it’s always easy to tell if the puck is well distributed, as it may only give that appearance from the surface. That’s why many seem to buy a bottomless portafilter so you can really understand if the puck is prepared well.
  5. I bought the Motta 53mm levelling tool from Bella Barista to be used with the Barista Pro - from my brief use, I found the lowest setting to be too deep for the basket and it goes below the razor tool 'line'. The tool doesn't rest on the rim of the portafilter, it sits on the bed of coffee - you end up tamping whilst distributing which I am imagine will likely lead to an uneven puck.
  6. @Dalerst thanks for the video. @DavecUK thanks for the feedback regarding the OPV. @ajohn having queried Sage before on another issue, I was immediately offered a replacement, although having since called them again on the above, the option for an engineer visit was given (although they suggested replacing). To be honest, regarding dose I haven't previously had any issue with 19-20g in the basket - the manual for the Pro even suggests 19-22g. I find that if you're grinding fine enough, you can fit 19-20g in the basket below the razor line and achieve a good extraction. I'm not sure why the recommended dose differs between the Pro and BE. Having sent the below video to Sage, they said the noise during the cleaning cycle should not be happening and suggested exchanging the machine.
  7. From my experience Sage customer service reps don't usually have a strong technical understanding of their machines, and often rely on their technical team for any queries beyond what's covered in the manual. When they are not sure they will simply offer a replacement. I can return/exchange if necessary but it's a hassle I'm hoping to avoid, especially if there is nothing wrong with the machine. Saying that, I have been in touch with them via email today and will give them a call tomorrow.
  8. Thanks for checking. 😂 @DavecUK do you think there is anything to be concerned about regarding the noise (from the espresso machine...)
  9. I also get the electrical hum after extracting a shot, when the solenoid valve releases pressure the hum continues for a bit. Does your machine sound the same as in the video I posted when extracting a shot?
  10. I use the below scales which I originally bought for the Gaggia Classic (small footprint). They aren't available currently but you should be able to find something similar on Amazon or Ebay. It comes with a plastic cover which you can use to weigh the portafilter. https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B01N7GC8SZ/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o02_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 I believe many people on the forum use the below (or something similar). This should be large enough to also weigh the portafilter (although I haven't used it myself). https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B01JKX4QAC/ref=psdc_3538314031_t2_B07Q7NBW88
  11. Thanks both. I was dialling in new beans so I would typically grind slightly coarser than in the video. @Dalerst a video might be helpful if it's not too much trouble as I do still notice a difference vs. the Express. @TomHughes do you notice anything unusual vs. your new pro? Maybe I'm just over-analysing!
  12. I recently purchased the Barista Pro over the Barista Express having found it to be a superior machine overall, although I do have one concern. When the grind is fine there is a fairly loud screeching noise during the extraction - I have included a video below for reference. I used 19.5g in the single wall double shot basket. The noise is audible regardless of what beans I use (roasted in the last 10 days). I didn't experience this with the Barista Express. As I grind coarser and there is less resistance, the noise is not as loud. When the extraction runs fast it can't be heard. I would typically grind one setting coarser than in the video (27-32s extraction). Any feedback would be much appreciated! Thanks
  13. Apparently 'Height: 25mm - 33mm (inc top)'. I've ordered one - hopefully doesn't become and expensive paper weight! Out of curiosity did you have to adjust the upper burr on the Pro? Also what grind setting/s do you typically use? Cheers.
  14. On a slightly separate note the 53mm Motta levelling tool is back in stock at Bella Barista. https://www.bellabarista.co.uk/motta-53mm-coffee-leveling-tool.html @TomHughes I know you were looking for one. Do you think this will work well when dosing 19-20g in the basket for the Pro? (same portafilter and basket as BE).
  15. This is an interesting question. I would probably check with Sage and/or the retailer as to whether they are now shipping with single wall baskets across the board. I have come across a couple of reviews with regards to the low temperature of espresso in the cup on the bambino - https://www.goodhousekeeping.com/uk/product-reviews/electricals/a27344184/sage-the-bambino-plus-ses500-review/ Not sure if this is a concern for you, however I recently bought the pro and the temp in cup is decent if not very hot (65-67c). Although on the Pro you have the option to adjust the brew temp +- 2c, which is not available on the bambino to my knowledge. Which magazine reported a temp in the first cup of 61c on the bambino, although I don't know how they measured this. As you mentioned the included portafilter is a lower quality although good to check (with Sage) if this has changed with the inclusion of the single wall baskets. I'm not sure how the steam wand compares (power wise) to the Pro, although it looks similar if not the same on appearance. Auto frothing is a plus if you appreciate the convenience. There is no dedicated hot water spout on the bambino or magnetic holder for the tamper - may or may not be an issue. The drip tray is also significantly smaller. I'm not sure how the internals of the machines otherwise compare - others may be more familiar.
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