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  1. From what I understand, and I may be wrong here so we can refer to those who are more experienced, it’s easier to get a decent shot with a conical burr grinder compared with a flat burr grinder. So there may be less need for and/or reliance on distribution techniques like wdt with a conical. If you use the dosing cup in the Niche by shaking, tapping, spinning 😂, it seems like you can get a relatively flat bed in the portafilter. Clumping also seems to be minimal. With my brief time with the Mignon Specialita, wdt really was necessary to achieve a consistent shot. I guess we’ll find
  2. As I mentioned it just gives you more time to steam milk to temp. If that helps you, great. I seem to manage perfectly fine with a room temp pitcher 👍
  3. Can I ask, do you own a Sage machine or do you intend on buying one?
  4. Question is whether WDT is necessary with the Niche (I assume that’s what you’re referring to). I guess that’s a different topic entirely 😄
  5. Hi, welcome to the forum. Two machines developed a fault so I decided to avoid Sage entirely. If they go wrong out of warranty they are also costly to repair. On another note, I don’t think Sage machines which use a thermocoil or thermojet system (Barista Express, Pro, DTP, Bambino Plus) can make consistently good espresso for two reasons: 1) These systems heat water on the fly and the resulting temperature and pressure is very much dependent on flow rate; you really have to find the perfect balance of grind size, dose and tamping pressure to achieve a half decent result. I wo
  6. I think the Piccino is a very different machine (and price range). @BlackCatCoffee stocks both the Piccino and Minima. Many would say not to use hot water from the steam boiler on your machine for drinks like Americanos - better off using a kettle.
  7. Around 10.2cm from the bottom of the portafilter spouts to the drip tray. Of course you can get mugs around the spouts and even more space with a bottomless portafilter. I think space between pf and drip tray is quite generous on the Minima which is why a “riser” is included to reduce the gap if required.
  8. As @Baffo mentioned, I think it looks good, especially in person, but wouldn’t describe it as feng shui 😄 I haven’t used an Oscar 1 (lots of plastic right?) but I can bet the Minima will be a step up. You really did get an excellent deal, flow control included! A decent DE1XL would definitely be an interesting next step!
  9. I’m not convinced by it either as far as looks go! I don’t I’m afraid.
  10. Well I think most listings were + shipping, so let’s say £720+. That’s still 40-50% more depending on what you ultimately sell it for 😄
  11. Are you sure the Minima is feng shui enough? Not exactly clean, elegant, and minimalist 😄 No disrespect, I’m a Minima owner myself.
  12. Well I think they were testing the Lagom 64 with view to selling it as well. And I was even recommended a Niche over a Specialita they sell! Check sold listings, some were sold (new) for £800-900 on eBay in Feb.
  13. Bella Barista said they have a Solo side-by-side with the Lagom P64 and the Solo is apparently performing better. The Lagom supposedly has an issue with the clump crusher. You could always sell the Niche, make a tidy profit, and buy a Solo. I could also do the same! It’s a difficult one as the Niche workflow seems quite appealing and as DaveC mentioned, it’s easier to get a better looking shot with it. The bellows seems a bit messy. Without trying a flat burr vs. conical, it’s very difficult to know how much difference it really makes and whether that difference is preferable
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