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  1. Me too! Happy single dosing 😄
  2. It’s still quite pleasing actually. Whilst operating a lever E61 seems more appealing, in practice I don’t think it’s worth the hassle with the additional maintenance required. In my opinion the Minima is more than worth the extra £200-300 over a MaraX for temp stability and steam power. Looks are subjective so that can sway a buying decision. Some may also find the Minima pump noisy in comparison.
  3. As it is difficult to compare grinder settings, it may be worthwhile buying something like the below which will give you a rough idea of grind size for each brew method: https://shop.squaremilecoffee.com/products/grind-size-sample-pack
  4. Not sure about that one, take a simple Specialita vs. a vibe pump machine - I know which one is significantly louder 😄
  5. Apparently BB will be taking photos of the black metallic version and uploading to the website shortly.
  6. Agreed. I don’t understand why they would not be comparable. Most are not in a position to compare large flat vs. conical burrs and there is only anecdotal evidence to highlight any difference in the cup. So ultimately both are domestic single dose grinders at a similar price point (although not sure attaching a bellows makes it a single dose grinder). I think we just need more information on the Solo which will only take time as early adopters provide feedback and reviews are published. Ultimately you will never know what suits you best unless you try them side by sid
  7. You don’t seem to have much contrast against the espresso. What dose and roast level are you using? And what size cup? Also when you initially pour/mix the milk it’s better to do so from a height, that way it sinks to the bottom and doesn’t “stain” the top. When you’re ready to pour the art you can stop and move the spout much closer. It does look a tad thick, so maybe you could do with less foam and more incorporation. Not easy if you’re using a classic? As others have suggested it might be worth investing in a Motta pitcher which might help you to get the definition you are
  8. Are you talking from experience? 🙂
  9. Can I ask why the Minima is a non-starter? Maybe looks or finish?
  10. @Emily I previously found this video by Hoffmann quite useful when it comes to coffee tasting:
  11. I did wonder why I suddenly accelerated to the top of the page 😄 Quick tip for those using iOS - if you tap the time in the top left corner on your phone it will also take you to the top of the page! Works across many apps.
  12. Well that’s all that matters!
  13. Why not keep the grind size the same and cut the shot at 1:1.5 or less. See how it tastes and adjust the grind finer or lower the ratio to experiment, one variable at a time. I think I did this by mistake once and the shot was very gloopy (in a good way) and tasty!
  14. I know many who have had the AstraZeneca vaccine and experienced similar if not worse side effects, lasting a number of days. Those I know who have had the Pfizer vaccine seem to have limited side effects, if any. Luck of the draw really. The side effects are not ideal but at least you will have a degree of protection, which is great! So congrats 😄
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