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  1. Apparently 'Height: 25mm - 33mm (inc top)'. I've ordered one - hopefully doesn't become and expensive paper weight! Out of curiosity did you have to adjust the upper burr on the Pro? Also what grind setting/s do you typically use? Cheers.
  2. On a slightly separate note the 53mm Motta levelling tool is back in stock at Bella Barista. https://www.bellabarista.co.uk/motta-53mm-coffee-leveling-tool.html @TomHughes I know you were looking for one. Do you think this will work well when dosing 19-20g in the basket for the Pro? (same portafilter and basket as BE).
  3. This is an interesting question. I would probably check with Sage and/or the retailer as to whether they are now shipping with single wall baskets across the board. I have come across a couple of reviews with regards to the low temperature of espresso in the cup on the bambino - https://www.goodhousekeeping.com/uk/product-reviews/electricals/a27344184/sage-the-bambino-plus-ses500-review/ Not sure if this is a concern for you, however I recently bought the pro and the temp in cup is decent if not very hot (65-67c). Although on the Pro you have the option to adjust the brew temp +- 2c, which is not available on the bambino to my knowledge. Which magazine reported a temp in the first cup of 61c on the bambino, although I don't know how they measured this. As you mentioned the included portafilter is a lower quality although good to check (with Sage) if this has changed with the inclusion of the single wall baskets. I'm not sure how the steam wand compares (power wise) to the Pro, although it looks similar if not the same on appearance. Auto frothing is a plus if you appreciate the convenience. There is no dedicated hot water spout on the bambino or magnetic holder for the tamper - may or may not be an issue. The drip tray is also significantly smaller. I'm not sure how the internals of the machines otherwise compare - others may be more familiar.
  4. Quick update - I've packed up the Express ready to be returned on Monday. I find the steps on the grinder to be too far apart and don't want to rely too much on changing the dose to fine tune the extraction. The Pro is easier to use with smaller steps on the grinder. The LCD screen is an improvement for me over the gauge on the BE - helps with grind time, shot time etc. I also appreciate the speed of the thermojet which makes the overall flow more efficient. The steam wand on the Pro is a significant improvement over the BE, and once under control the microfoam produced is excellent - just need to practice my technique to become consistent. I'll be keeping an eye on espresso temp to make sure everything is working as it should, although I found that on the BE the temp in the cup was also not optimal if the espresso was either too far under or over extracted.
  5. Newbie question - I’m using what’s left of my rave signature beans roasted on 27dec. Using the same dose, grind and yield as yesterday I’m seeing quite different results. Is this expected as the beans are still only 12 days old? I know it varies by bean, however at what point (age) do you only have to make small adjustments, if any, each day to dial in? I keep the beans in an airtight container in the kitchen cupboard. @TomHughes good to know regarding amount of milk to use, shame about the wastage. Where can you buy the single hole tip? Is it a good fit? Cheers.
  6. Less scope for fine tuning with dose I believe. Thanks for the info on the single shot basket although I typically only use the double. I believe others on the forum have also mentioned to stay away from the single as it’s difficult to dial in consistently.
  7. I’m using a thermometer to measure temp. Are you getting good/consistent microfoam? Regarding grind settings I was getting 2 second changes between them on the BE for a very fresh roast (1-2 days I believe). At the moment I’m using the rave signature beans roasted on 27 Dec. I’ve had a few over-caffeinated lie downs recently so I feel for you Do you know whether you intend to keep the Pro?
  8. Keeping dose (19g) and yield (just over 2:1) fixed and adjusting the integrated grinder on the Pro, I'm seeing a difference of 7s in shot time between grind settings (based on a small sample). However as Tom mentioned, dosing below 19g results in a fast poor and lower temp which substantiates the resistive flow theory, recommended dose of 19-22g and feedback provided by the sage technical team. Unfortunately this means I can't underdose at the same grind setting in order to fine tune the extraction. On the other hand the steps on the BE grinder are further apart. However it seems like I am able to to change the shot time by 1-2 secs at a fixed yield by adjusting the dose in 0.1g increments. When I first purchased the BE I was making the error of not using scales with a 0.1g precision to weigh the dose. Also I haven't yet been able to find a technique to consistently texture milk on the Pro. As it stands I seem to be leaning towards keeping the BE, although that seems to keep changing...
  9. HVL87

    Barista Pro

    How does the coffee puck from a DTP compare to the BE or Pro which both have a 3 way solenoid valve? Is it messy to remove? Otherwise I wouldn’t say you are gaining too much other than faster heat up, quieter operation and automated/programmable shots. The steam wand is significantly more powerful/faster (assuming DTP is the same as BE) and switching between brewing and steaming is slightly quicker. This is a factor for me as I make a lot of milk based drinks. With a separate grinder and espresso machine you can upgrade your grinder in the future without taking up extra space, if that’s a consideration. Would be interesting to see Tom’s reply on shot consistency.
  10. So the sage customer service rep reached out to their technical team in regards to the temp on the BP vs BE. Answer below: With all thermojet units: Barista Touch, Barista Pro, Bambino...The temperature result of coffee will be dependent on the conditions set by user. We controlled the flow based on Coffee roasted freshness, selecting the correct grind size, adding enough coffee in the portafilter, tamping evenly. All these variables must exist on the thermojet products otherwise consumers WILL experience coffee not at the optimum temperature. In regards to the cup warmer, group head and shower screen being warmer on the BE vs. BP: This is because of thermocoil we use that has more mass and takes much longer to heat. This will then in turn radiate heat upward to the top of the unit. The newer thermojet units do not radiate heat because of the faster heat up times and are ONLY on when required. Also the cleaning cycle should be required after 300 shots.
  11. I also ran a few shots with the double wall basket and now get 80c in the cup - although the 'flush' icon has lit up on the screen, asking for a cleaning cycle to be performed already. Not sure if that's normal? Only been a week.
  12. Interesting - how have you measured the temp and what reading are you getting?
  13. I was measuring 60-65c in a dual wall espresso cup preheated with boiling water. In a 240ml ceramic cup "preheated" with water from the spout on the pro, it measured 50c. I don't mind topping up with hot water from the kettle, but in my mind it renders the spout on the pro redundant as it does not perform its intended function. The issue is also with the time between making the drink and it being consumed a few minutes later, if you have guests for example. If you start with a hot drink you can take your time and savour it as it cools, as opposed to rushing to drink it whilst it's still warm.
  14. I spoke to a customer rep from Sage who then spoke with her supervisor. Apparently all of their machines including the Pro brew at 93c but due to the way in which the thermojet system works, the temp in the cup will be lower - you can then "drink it immediately". I also came across this statement in a different thread on here in regards to the BT. The water from the hot water spout measures 72c in a preheated cup vs. 80c on the BE - I haven't even adjusted the temp on the BE from default. Serving an Americano from the Pro will cool down far too quickly. Warm water to lukewarm espresso I assume all Sage thermojet machines will behave in the same way unfortunately.
  15. I guess that’s why you got rid of the DTP! Fingers crossed, let me know how you get on.
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