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  1. I’m currently debating similar upgrade options (coming from a barista pro) to you and have decided against buying a sage DB due to reliability concerns and cost/ease of repair. Although the Sage DB is available directly from sage in black truffle, discounted to £900 with the code available on here. The MaraX does look appealing to me as well but I’m not yet sure it’s ideal for making consecutive milk based drinks - something which I’m still looking into. I’m sure many on the forum will encourage you to also look at the Lelit Elizabeth which is a DB, although slightly over budget at
  2. What is considered waiting too long? In your review you mention 5 mins between shots max. So if you’re pulling 3 shots you have 10 mins total from first pull assuming no more than 5 mins between shots? I guess you have to steam in that time if needed. If you do wait too long you have to wait a further 15 mins for it to stabilise. Can you flush to speed up this process? If so, would there be any way of knowing when the temp has stabilised? MaraXL 2021 with LCC? 😄 Thanks.
  3. I don’t yet know if the MaraX is too limiting as I don’t completely understand how it works yet 😄 I don’t mind pulling a cooling flush but then it depends on how long it takes for the temp to stabilise? How does that work with an HX with PID. I guess it’s machine dependent. 😄😄
  4. Thanks for the detailed reply. Removing steaming milk from the equation, does that mean you have 5 mins total to complete as many shots as you want before the group gets too hot? Or does brewing another shot essentially act as a “cooling shot” and reset the 5 min timer?
  5. Very informative posts so far. Good choice @Mpbradford I will continue my debate between the MaraX and Elizabeth. At the moment I am leaning towards the MaraX, I like it’s more traditional appearance and the idea of lifting/pulling a lever to make espresso! Looks quite satisfying. And I’m usually someone who appreciates modern technology. Logically the Elizabeth seems a better choice as you can give less thought to temperature and steam pressure. How do you find using the mignon? To what level do you have to maintain beans in the hopper to prevent popcorning? I might consider a sp
  6. A very useful explanation! @Black Cat Coffee although I’m not the OP the Minima is definitely under consideration for me. How long does it take to heat up from cold? It would be interesting to know how it compares to the Elizabeth as they are so similar in price and both entry level DBs. Reading through DaveC’s review now. On a separate thread you also mentioned the Bezzera BZ10, an HX machine. @Mpbradford what are your thoughts?
  7. Makes sense. How does the Elizabeth look in person? I didn’t realise the pf handle was also tacky. Like you said entry level DB but I don’t think they should have compromised in these areas. Thanks, will have a look at the ACS Minima. Hopefully this is all still relevant to the op, didn’t meant to hijack the thread! In brew temp priority mode how is the steaming performance on the MaraX?
  8. I was going by a previous post - alternating between brewing and steaming works fine then. Do you still have to pull the next shot within 5 mins of the previous if you steam in between? Just trying to understand how this works (MaraX). If you get distracted for whatever reason, having to wait another 15 mins for it stabilise would be a pain.
  9. I thought someone might say that 😄 preferable not at £1850. The Crem One looks interesting...very shiny!
  10. I’m in the same position as the OP, although upgrading from a sage BP and yet undecided between the MaraX and Elizabeth. I personally don’t like the idea of having to pull all the shots first and then steam milk, for consecutive drinks. The 5 min time constraint between shots is off putting. In theory I would also prefer the option to brew and steam at the same time, although in practice I’m not sure that would happen. Seems like the main advantage of the MaraX (over the Elizabeth) is the addition of flow control in the future? Appearance wise, in my opinion the MaraX looks far bett
  11. I thought you might say that I’ll have a good read through both reviews. @Cuprajake from what I’ve read you can’t single dose with a mignon which would be my preference. MaraX definitely being considered, thanks. @Black Cat Coffee thanks, I’ll take a look at the Bezzera BZ10. How does it stack up against a MaraX or Elizabeth? As per DaveC’s review either machine can switch on/off in the morning/evening with a smart plug at minimal cost for the day. @[email protected] I definitely see the appeal of a pavoni but for my second machine I like the idea of it doing more of the wor
  12. Initially I thought you meant their lever machine. If not do you have a specific model in mind? Thanks. I'll have to read through your review of the MaraX and Elizabeth in more detail, as well as two long threads. I actually prefer the more traditional look of the MaraX but the functionality of the Elizabeth. I'm hoping the Elizabeth looks better in person than in pictures - it looks quite industrial to me, like a silvia. Seems like it's easy to get around the slow heat up time on the MaraX with a smart plug. Is it more work to maintain than the Elizabeth e.g. lubrication after backfl
  13. So I bought a Barista Pro a little while ago for £450 and for one reason or another I'm onto my third replacement. Unfortunately I'm now experiencing an issue with the steam function, which today stopped mid steam and the steam/hot water knob became very stiff. I managed to replicate the problem shortly after. The machine is relatively new and hasn't been used much. In general I'm simply not convinced by the new thermojet system and the reliability of these machines - I have to admit it's put me off sage. I can return the machine to the retailer for a full refund. Admittedly I was
  14. You could keep on eye on the sage website for when the smart grinder pro is back in stock. Good discount code posted here:
  15. Unfortunately prices have been inflated since March/April. I bought from Costco who are usually significantly cheaper than other retailers, I think Lakeland may even price match. The barista express was £400 on Amazon recently. Black Friday is around the corner.. Agree with you on the look of the Elizabeth.
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