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  1. 1. I removed every part and cleaned them all. Everything was first cleaned by brush and then with a microfibre tool. After that I did also clean the grinding Chamber to make sure that there isn't any build up on the material which could elevate the bottom burr and sweep arms. 2 & 3. Of Course, Please find the pictures and Soundfile attached. First Sound File is with Scratching at grind level 9, Second is at grind level 12, without Scratching. wScratching.mp4 woScratching.mp4
  2. Interesting - just cleaned again - and it still starts to make scratchy noises at grind setting 10. i noticed that there is some movement of the funnel in the thread (it’s just Not That tight). I can make it work without scratchy noises down to 8 by adjusting the funnel in the thread horizontally .... but not in a persistent way. 😕 seems like something is going wrong?
  3. Hi Niche Users - just one question - yesterday after cleaning and recalibration I experienced a slight scratching noise while spinning for any grind settings downwards from 10. I wonder - because I really think that’s new - but can’t explain to myself what the reason for this change could be. Which grind settings are usable without burrs touching for your niche grinders? Best Regards, Sebastian
  4. Total water used to steam the milk is easy to obtain, as the DE1 tells you how much water it is using to make steam, with the chart I've included in the photo. However, by "wetness" one usually means "percentage of steam that is in the vapor state". ie how much water is carried in the steam. That's harder to measure. However, we have done just that in the lab. We built a kind of centrifuge that separates steam from water. Only vapor can escape out the top of this. We use this device to measure how dry our steam is, in the lab, as we tune things. We can weigh the water that was trapped, after steaming, and calculate the non-vapor content percentage of the steam. -john What did your result look like? And did you compare them to „traditional“ boiler generated steam? Sebastian
  5. I wonder if one of the early 1.3 owners could do a quick check on the steam quality in terms of „wetness“. As steam has been reengineered it would be great to have numbers to the changes made to quantify them. As a Test Method I would suggest to have 250ml of whole milk, weight it, steam it to 62 degrees Celsius, weight it. Can Anyone do that? Perhaps you @MrShades Best Regards, Sebastian
  6. Your last point is really interesting. Never thought of it that way before. Perhaps it is perfectly ok to sacrifice a bit more of time whilst the steaming process when cutting off significant amounts of time and energy while preparing to steam (heating). Good Point! so what really matters is steam quality and the quality you are able to achieve in foam. And that seems to be pretty decent as I understood as the power is ok and the steam is really dry and does not wetten the milk. Perhaps I should really find the time to visit Swindon... br Sebastian
  7. Swindon is quite a distance @MrShades, I will check when I will be able to do that. Nevertheless thanks for your offer. What about the steam at V1.3? I‘be read that this is really the weakest point of the DE1 - having a not so powerful and rather wet steam. Has that changed significantly with v1.3? To me this is really a matter of interest because my better half is strongly into milk based drinks. Which is, to be honest, so far the only reason to not have pulled the trigger yet and varying between the DE and a conventional DB like Bianca or Vesuvius. best regards, sebastian
  8. Any London Based Decent Owners present? I thing about making the move to a decent and am currently in London. Would be great to find someone who lets me have a glimpse on it before ordering. Best Regards, Sebastian
  9. Is there a decent de1+ or pro owner in London who would let me have a real life look at the machine in the following two weeks? best Regards, Sebastian
  10. Uuuuh .... quite a discussion I have started here. But to be totally clear - I am aware of the fast that the buy in to a „maybe“ game changer with such an innovative approach comes not without risk. Therefore my question really isn’t about serviceability of every part over long term - but only for possible industry standard parts which can and have to be seen as „wearing“. best regards
  11. Well - that’s an great answer. As for PCBs and stuff - so the things which are really core of the Decent Concept - I hope they will have done a good job and the Parts Are Long lasting. I don’t see them as „wearing parts“. For pumps, shower Screen, Gaskets it’s good to hear that there are other sources than just Decent. I really don’t like the idea to order each little spare part and get it delivered from China. Thx for your answer.
  12. Hi Decent Owners, just about to pull the trigger - but there is one question that is still holding me back. If - and I really don’t hope so - Decent as a company should Exit the market - what about spare parts? I am not speaking of PCBs and so on - It’s about these simple things like shower Screen, Group Head Gasket, Pumps, Pipings, Fitting. Are the Parts used in the Decent available after market? Or are they somewhat special and only available via Decent? I feel this really is one of the biggest advantages of old school E61s - you can have so many spare parts manufactured by so many suppliers ... Best Regards, Sebastian
  13. Unfortunately, I think your right, but going for both is really no option for me. What’s your conclusion after owning both?
  14. The E5sd actually looks like a e5p with a bellow instead of a hopper which allows to clean the grind chamber from grinds via air. Also it seems to have a lower grind speed. Essentialy the same principle they used designing the e37sd as Derivate of the e37s. Price wise it’s about 300 Euro difference, which I would pay - if I would be sure the Ceado is the more future friendly / no need to be upgraded soon grinder. Its really down to the burrs and resulting quality - is the 64flat superior to the 63 Mazzer Kony... that’s the question ....
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