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  1. Excellent, my DIY flat burr 45 deg grinder made from an old La Pavoni (Obel) has a mod to the chute and silicon blades on the burr carrier so retention is pretty much zero.
  2. Yes I think I saw a study on it, I think it was at least -30, and I think domestic freezers are -15 Come to think of it it was a talk about freshness from SCCA. This was the pod and slides there. Interesting stuff about freshness. https://scanews.coffee/podcast/53/a-scientific-approach-to-coffee-freshness-chahan-yeretzian-expo-lectures-2018/ I've certainly changed my thinking on resting very recently, with the race to consume a coffee potentially a relic from times of dark oily roasts where rancidity of the oils was an over-riding factor in consuming coffee super fresh. Some of the very best coffees I've had recently have been 3-4 week old lighter roasts that were pretty rubbish for the first 2 weeks but matured nicely.
  3. Isn't it like -30 to stop it entirely?
  4. What I want to know is what makes any flat burr grinder good or bad at single dosing? Retention? Surely it’s not popcorning as they niche does this. Do larger burrs help?
  5. All good points, I agree that temp stability is an issue, particularly with multiple drinks. It's hard to have to indirectly measure it and infer a temperature at the coffee. However, so far I've found I can at least get it close to where it needs to be, with a group temp of 82 I'm at about 90 in the coffee and 85 around 93-94. The shallower basket is interesting. I guess I'm used to the 54 sage, so not a massively large basket. I always found with my gaggia I got too much channeling. I guess grinding finer needs a grinder which can keep up. I'm not sure I could taste any of that in the cup though. I'm not really an espresso drinker though.
  6. I am early in my La Pav journey, I haven't had it long enough yet to pi55 me off. But, it has been so good that it has made me ditch the Sage, in particular because the milk steaming was superior. So those that have moved on why was that? Currently I can't see any downside of a machine which is good to go in minutes. Apart from maybe temp stability that can relatively easily be checked with a group thermometer and a bit of experimentation. I can see the appeal of something like a dual boiler. But I am not sure how something like a lelit would make a better shot? It is the shot volume/ratio? Do you miss something in not being able to get past about 1:3?
  7. TomHughes

    Sage Bambino

    Because most of the machines they sell are poorly looked after and broken. Thats how they end up with them, they take returns etc. check they switch on then sell them without doing proper checks. Search this forum and you will find lots about them. Send it back ASAP
  8. Was that single dosing the sage (Another grinder which doesn't respond well to single dosing), especially with lighter roasted or higher grown beans. What chokes a machine is a well compacted puck made up of a consistent grind that is too hard to penetrate. An inconsistent grind will never choke a machine as the channelling caused by the inconsistency will always allow water through. Single dosing tends to cause more particle distribution (inconsistency) especially in certain grinders with small burrs like the sage (conical, 38mm) and Mignon (flat 50mm) Larger burrs (Niche 68? conical) can produce a more consistent grind from single dosing, but also with really hard dense beans (think light and high grown) Grinders like the Mignon can produce a consistent ENOUGH grind from these beans if you treat them right, i.e. half fill the hopper and ideally remove any obstruction (making sure you purge and clear dead grinds, another source of inconsistency) The sage isn't and will never be capable of grinding these beans properly, hence why it's an ok grinder for most medium, low grown beans, but is massively found out when you go dense (light and high grown typically).
  9. TomHughes

    Sage Bambino

    Not from XSitems I hope!
  10. Probably just shifting old stock. Now the newer stuff is here I don’t think that will happen, especially as Sage seem to be having supply issues
  11. Sale? When? I don't there will be any sales until supply chains pick up, which could be next year. Get either, you will be happy with them for a year or so then shift them on probably.
  12. No offence was taken. The mignons are good grinders but they really shouldn’t need this much work to make them useable. Maybe it’s the cheaper models or a lack of quality control. You might find it you half fill the hopper and purge 5g of beans each time the consistency will be enough. That’s how it’s meant to be used. You are using it incorrectly so it’s not really the machines fault if it can’t produce the results you want
  13. I can tell you that when I levelled my la Pavoni, it was a tad wonky, it made a big difference to channeling and shot taste
  14. It definitely sounds like this isn't for you. I'd just send it back. Mignon is a great grinder and superior to the sage, but you have to treat it right. Hoffman was using a different grinder, one which doesn't create re-grinding like the mignon can. Also have you run through the 1kg of beans BB send? Oh and what do you mean the previous shot had no previous grinds in? was it the first ever shot?
  15. You can't single dose on the mignon like that. That dose you just put in was not only inconsitent due to a combination of fines, from the regrinding causes by the declumper at the top of the shoot (I'd remove this) AND the boulders caused by the popcorning. Also, that shot you just got probably had 5g of the previous grind in it. The mignon retains ALOT for a small grinder I measured 5g before I modded it. BB might be right. But that is EXACTLY what mine was doing. I could only grind fine enough for a dark Brazilian. And the grind was pretty inconsistent, lots of channeling etc. But as I say, aligned the burrs and hey presto.
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