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  1. I was told that having lots of links (particularly to big sites with lots of traffic) was a good way of keeping the googlebots happy as they weave through the web. This then increases search engine optimisation.
  2. The columbian Bourbon is fantastic through milk. I got it green and roasted light and it's a smasher.
  3. Personally if I was living in London I'd get a La Pavoni and an Osmio water filter.
  4. Yep I get what you mean. I think it might be a personal thing too, taste is quite personal. Just look at coriander. To some (me) it tastes bitter/sweet, in a delicous way. To my wife (who has the genetic variant that's been identified) it tastes metallic and hideous! So, maybe coffee tastes are more than just 'preference'? Maybe, you have a certain taste receptor makeup that means you need fruit to come to the fore, and maybe in a way that others would find too much? So they say that the niche is fine, as they like a bit of fruitiness but not too much? Maybe, you taste fruity
  5. Can you explain what you mean by muting? Are you sure it’s the niche? Just I’m wondering as I’m currently using a fruity coffee with the JX pro, which should also suffer and the fruitiness definitely doesn’t seem muted. But I found it was quite temp dependent and had to get up around the 94-95C to get the fruitiness to the fore
  6. In my opinion you will likely get a change/deterioration in the coffee over the 5 days as you say you prefer darker roasts, which are more porous and more likely to deteriorate if left open. I think dark roasts need to be kept in cool/dark/minimal oxygen conditions as the delicate oils oxidise and can give rancid flavours. The coffee will also change in that time, absorbing moisture, this can sometimes mess with your dialling in so this could become a pain. I would probably put 100-150g, keep toping it up as you reach about 50g, to make sure there is weight pushing down.
  7. Yerba Mate just tastes like a cup of grass to me. Must be missing something
  8. Having used thermal paste to improve the conductivity of a thermometer for my la pav group the difference without using it is large. More lag and a few degrees disparity. Different situation but for the cost of £3 off eBay I’d use it
  9. Mine is on a la Pavoni which needs to be finer, ilI started off around the 1.4 mark but now the burrs have bedded in the range is around 1.1-1.3
  10. Any feedback on the Columbian Bourbon? I've just roasted this one, light to medium. So just waiting a few days to try.
  11. Nice colour scheme. But otherwise what a load of pretentious hipster bollox
  12. On the pre-mill the maximum I can get out with 20 sec pre-infusion and single pull is about 16-17g in and 40g out. Piston throw has a lot to do with it. When I got mine it was finishing 5mm from the shower screen.
  13. I used to make an espresso and take it in the car in a small thermos. By the time I got to work (45 mins) it wasn't really worth drinking.
  14. Cool! So that's the same with anything in the compost then really? My argument was really about coffee itself being inherently acidic as those should have been extracted.
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