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  1. I just bought a brass holder as my one and was naffed, thinking I made the wrong choice! it’s got the 6 small holes which I was going to drill out a bit to prevent jetting
  2. We all miss things. But sometimes we think things are more of a problem than they are. Did you see my post on psychology of upgrading a while back? I.e. that greater happiness comes from solving a problem rather than trying to gain something better. I guess the question you have to ask yourself, and via help of others, are you after a better taste and espresso from a bean that NEEDs a longer ratio? If not then happy days. However if you are going to limit yourself to beans that don't need that (when in the back of your mind you want to have that longer ratio bean) then there is on
  3. Interesting. Part of the reason I have followed this is I was thinking about getting a Londiunium, as I really like my Pavoni. But a limitation to only 60ml or so is the main issue I have with the pavoni (not sure exactly the group volume). I have tried a few fruitier beans from black cat recently, and with the ratio of the la pavoni I was topping out around 1:3. Which was just too tart for me. I tried it on the classic and ran it to 1:5 and it was beautifully sweet, although lacking a little in body.
  4. Are we talking the darker ones or the fruity sweet numbers? I was referring to the fruity/sweet.
  5. What did it taste like? I do a pre-shower with my pavoni, allowing a slightly longer shot. Not sure that's possible with the LR though.
  6. What ratio are you currently at? And have you tried just letting all the liquid run into the cup rather than putting the spoon under? Reason I ask is because I have a Pavoni which is limited to about 1;3, so 13g in and about 40g out. I find fruity beans just too powerful and fruit forward on this, but interestingly if I just sample the last 10g or so it tastes super sweet as those notes are starting to come out but are dominated by the fruity acidity. Part of the reason I am doing up my classic is to experiment with longer ratios for these beans. Is there a way of getting upwards
  7. Apologies for the lack of reply @TinkstarI was banned from posting. This is now sold.
  8. Fair enough. But some of your old shots on the minima were as bad, visually at least. So I’m gonna go with retained grinds etc. Yes you can mod a MM for single dosing but it still retains serious grinds and I think has quite a large particle distribution range. Maybe a niche would be better served if you plan on single dosing? one potential method of testing this is sticking a cut aeropress filter paper at the bottom of the basket, then putting the coffee on top. Making sure not to disturb it if doing wdt. This should stop any fines blocking the holes. And if they are you need to fin
  9. Presumably you’re hopper dosing and purging it? Or purging all retention between each shot change?
  10. Have you considered it's more your grinder/distribution rather than the machine? That shot looks all ways of wonk to me.
  11. Mines a year old and I haven't sanitised it or changed the filters. No maintence light yet. TDS still reading 15 coming out. Starting to think I should sanitise though.
  12. Yes true. I personally wouldn't trust anyone who isn't active. Mostly because if anything were to go wrong I'd at least like a way of contacting them. Obviously buying and selling goods is always risky. But I'd prefer to buy from people who at least appeared to be honest. I get the idea behind this site is making money and the forum is just a vehicle for that to drive people here, use the site and sponsors so the site can generate more income.
  13. This may be an unpopular opinion. But if you don't want to interact on here and stay active then I don't think you should post your equipment on here. Plenty of other places to sell, eBay, facebook. The for sale section on here should be between legit members and users of the forum, mostly so we can trust who we are buying from. Especially when machines are older and have no warranty to fall back on. Just my opinion, don't shoot me!
  14. I agree, I wouldn't want to be exposing seals etc. to that acid on too regular basis.
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