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  1. The pressurised basket will only do so much! It's designed to be able to use fine to medium course pre-ground coffee. However that one with the pics of a french press and moka is likely to be too course for it? Can you not order some decent beans of the internet?
  2. The DTP can certainly do good foam, although it isn't powerful and takes a while. Personally I found you could only really steam for one, and the motta 350ml jug really helped as the shape was spot on. In this I used about 150ml of milk to make a flat white. You need to get a roll rather than a swirl to incorporate the foam, so the motta jug helps with this.
  3. As others have said, make sure you weigh out and use the manual setting. The volumetric on the BP was all over the place. The other thing is making sure it is fully warmed up. I found I needed to do at least 3-4 blank shots with the pressurised basket in to get the thing to temp. I think this often explains some of the inconsistencies seen in the BP model (note unlike the BE it does not heat when left on standby at all).
  4. So tried the long steep this morning. 24g coffee in 420ml, 40 minute steep. Slightly finer than v60, Brazilian. Water put in at 95c really nice flavour, no bitterness at all. It was a very clean cup. A light flavour but not weak by any stretch
  5. Note as well my JX pro is so good with no retention that it’s made my mignon redundant for most things. It’s still a great grinder but I just don’t bother with it!
  6. About 30 seconds, even with very light roasted and dense beans. My wife can do it and she’s tiny
  7. Thanks, if I get up early enough tomorrow I might give it a go!
  8. Thanks Mark, that’s a big increase in coffee! I was using 22-24g for the 450! How long would be minimum for long steep? 20 mins?
  9. Thanks Mark, Sage advice as usual. The drinks have definitely been on the weak side, what dose would you use for say 250ml water or 450ml for 2 cups? If the steep was short, say 5 minutes. Time is of the essence in the mornings getting the wife to work and lad to nursery.
  10. Ah yes, should have been careful with my language, I think the Brazilian needs a coarser grind but longer steep, potentially lower temp, 95 as opposed to on the boil.
  11. Tried a slightly darker Brazilian in the clever this morning and it was terrible. Horrible bitter flavours, unlike the same coffee in the V60 yesterday. I think the clever seems to be better suited to getting better extractions out of lighter roasts, and may boarder on over-extracting darker ones. It has definitely produced better cups for me with a lighter roast. Problem is I'm not a massive fan of light roast in the morning!
  12. my mignon (Manuale) lost about 5-8g initially after cleaning. But now that seems static, I tend to lose around 0.2g. I did make a few mods to it, like making an exit ramp so the grinds don't get pulled back underneath. No idea how much of this static or exchange. Maybe try painting some beans and sending them through. 🤣
  13. I like both and I'm not alternating between them in the morning. My findings are. The V60 provides me with a cup that has a little more concentrated flavour and body that I like. And I can get this with around 14g to 220g water in. The clever by comparison is lighter in body but still tastes really really good. The V60 takes me less time, so I do this one if I get up before the kid as I can be done in 5 minutes and sat with a nice cup of coffee on my own for a few minutes before the chaos. If he's already awake I accept I've lost and use the clever and steep for longer. I am
  14. I shimmed the bottom burr and found the top one didn't need it after that. As I've said before I had the same issue with mine that the burrs were touching prematurely. In terms of numbers, the were touching around the +1 mark and now it's about -1. That may not sound like a huge gap but took the machine from being unable to grind a light roast fine enough to extract properly on the La Pavoni to being able to choke it entirely.
  15. Not to be negative, but I don't think it's as simple as them offering fast delivery and service etc. The quality of a companies customer service is apparent when things go wrong. There is a guy on the forum who has a grinder from them and despite many videos showing the defect is getting massively fobbed off by BB. If you look down through the reviews on something like trustpilot they are all positive, apart from the odd one where things go wrong and BB are lacking. I have only dealt with them on the buying side, but I'd ignore positive reviews on how quick their service is etc. an
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