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  1. You are right, Its a decision between the convenience of a modern sage vs a gaggia, a more traditional machine. I was hoping there may have been a compromise somewhere. The gaggia with a WiFi switch and a few other mods or a sage... Decisions decisions.. As for second hand, yes.
  2. Good Morning. Thanks in advance for any advice, it's greatfully recieved. I own a cafe and am use a Astoria Gloria on a daily basis. What I'm after is a machine for home, having had the use of a commercial machines for many years I dont want to buy a machine and then get frustrated with its speed and quality. My main requirements are: A budget of £500, but not necessarily needing to spend that much. Happy to spend less but this really is tops. Fast heat up time. Fast switch over from espresso to milk. Decent pressure for texturing milk. Obv
  3. I'm on the lookout if you see a bargain somewhere ?
  4. This is exactly the sort of setup I'm looking for, thanks for sharing.
  5. 5 posts, answered it myself by reading the guidelines, should've done that to begin with.
  6. Newbie here. What am doing wrong, something simple I'm sure, any advice appreciated, even if it embarrasses me. Thanks Tristan
  7. Hello all. I'm Tristan, looking for a new machine as my nespresso (a swear word on these pages I'm sure) has fortunately broken. It's time to get real. Gaggia classic and a grinder is where I'm going to start, I love a product I can modify and repair myself so I think this will be the perfect machine for me. Now time to find one. Any recommendations or alternatives welcome.
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