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  1. yes, will amend original post to say so.
  2. Selling a Titus Grinding doser for the Mahlkonig EK43. Great piece of kit, in good condition. Only selling as I no longer use an EK. £300 OBO + postage (also listed on Ebay)
  3. Looking for a used/second hand Doser for an EK43.
  4. Thoroughly recommend it, would advise purchasing from espresso solutions as they are the UK distributor and will make any potential warranty issues much simpler. Also if you can spare the extra £35 get the tough base, will save you so much hassle if you accidentally drop them.
  5. Missed that, interested by the choice of a V, what sort of lifetime do you get out of it?
  6. Espresso Solutions was cheapest around a month ago when I needed one.
  7. I switched to 15g VST baskets maybe a year ago at work and haven’t looked back, at reduced pressure (5ish bar) I’ve had no different an experience than any other basket size, maybe puck prep is now slightly more important but marginally so. Regarding IMS baskets I’d take Michael Cameron’s word for it and just use the VSTs, no one has done more research into baskets than Vince Fedele.
  8. Figured this would be the place to ask, is anyone aware of small batch machining companies that don’t cost the earth, sort of the service Thingiverse provides but for CNC metal?
  9. Hiya, if said touring alignment tool is now sat idle I’d be extremely grateful of a loan as ‘align the work EK’ is rapidly approaching the top of my to-do list. Cheers
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