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  1. ha i know what you mean about wanting a nice shiny one, same here but frankly i dont have the space for a nice machine ( maybe in a eventually when i move out of a flat in London).
  2. Hi @Mrboots2u and @newdent , thanks both for your comments. I have a niche zero grinder so should be ok'ish on the grinder side of things. The reason i was aiming for the Silvia is because it seems very common with a lot of parts and mods available which seem perfect for me as i am treating this as fun side project ( over a number of weeks/months to assemble it as i want , paint it etc ) . @newdent you mentioned that there are other E61 group head machines that are upgradable , any chance got a name or two as examples?
  3. Hi all I am planning on buying a used Silvia ( probably eBay or something ) and mod it myself ( kind of a little side project ). Not sure what the costs are for used silvias these days but not really planning on spending more than 200-300 especially since I’ll be spending more on mods ( and probably repairs knowing me.... ) . Anyway I have seen a load of different modes ( v1, v3 etc ) and was wondering if there is any particular model I should aim for and why ?
  4. hi @DavecUK I emailed Niche explaining the issue and they got back to me the next day saying basically it's not an issue. Here is their full response: This is not something to be worried about unless you’re seeing any other effects on your grinder.The sound of the motor can change occasionally and usually goes back to normal after a few days / a week. As for the the extra part i mentioned i have been cleaning the grinder by following this video : What i didn't realize is that if you fast forward to about 2:34 , that silver things with
  5. So I just gave it another clean and this time was a better clear ( there was a part I hadn’t removed before had which I didn’t know you can remove) and the noise is back to normal now . Hopefully will stay as is Update 3 hours after above post : While grinding some coffee the sound went high pitched again...
  6. Had my Niche for probable around 5 months now and been using it to grind maybe around 50ish grams a day ( 3 coffees ) , anyway this morning as it was grinding it the noise suddenly became noticeably more high pitched . Any ideas what this might be ? I did clean it last week but will clean the burs again but have a suspicion it might be motor related .
  7. wow, so much good information @MWJB , really appreciate it! Thanks a lot N
  8. I know this sounds weird and counter to logic ( especially since cold brews have to steep for hours on end ) but I am asking because recently I saw a french press video ( I’m pretty sure it was James Hoffman’s you tube video ) and the person basically said that after pouring water and letting it steep for 4 mins ( might have the number wrong ) to basically break the crust and this will stop the extraction . Does this sound right or I have misunderstood? Also for reference looking at the french press recipe in the coffee atlas ( James Hoffman ) and has the following text right after the recipe
  9. Hi all Got a nice zero not long ago and so have only recalibrated it once after a cleaning but i was wondering if anyone knows if the recalibration will be the same each time. For example now my v60 grind setting is around 40 , in the near future when i clean/re-calibrate the grinder can i expect to find the same grind on the 40 setting or would it likely have changed? I understand obviously that you cant compare the settings to other Niche grinders but for an individual grinder i would have thought that this would stay the same?
  10. hi all Firstly apologies if this doesn't make sense or is a pointless question , ill try and explain myself and my logic as best as i can . So like many of you i am working from home and therefore drinking much more coffee at home. As a result i am buying more coffee and i am always trying to buy different kinds ( no preference yet between varietals/regions etc as of yet... ) and my main brew methods generally are aeropress or v60. So here is what generally happens , i start off with more or less a standard recipe of about 15g-18g and 250g/300g water ( i adjust the grind s
  11. good to know its not just me. Thanks!
  12. Hey all At the start of the year I got Covid , luckily I was only mildly ill for a couple of days and that was it . I did loose my smell and taste for a few days and mostly seems to have come back . Now I have noticed lately that all my coffee seems to taste the more or less the same ( 3 different coffees at the moment ) so it’s either that my taste buds are still not back to ‘normal’ else my recipes for aeropress / v60 / Chenex are completely wrong ! Anyone else experience anything similar ?
  13. Thanks for the suggestion, i will keep it in mind ( wonder what my wife will say when i want to steal more of our limited kitchen counter because the water is not good enough for coffee... )
  14. Hi all , i live in London so water isn't that great and at the moment the only 'filtering' done is via a Brita filter. Been looking around and it seems the two easier options to improve the water would be to use either a Peak water filter or the Third Wave water sachets . Does anyone have any opinions on either ? ( I know bottle water is always a good choice but i am really against this for environmental reasons.... )
  15. Thanks to both of you for comments , will try a lower coffee amount and see what comes from it . Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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