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    Thank You

    Just awaiting the PID, glad I did it separately though. Had electrical issues with boiler (water on element, so tripped mains) and would have blamed the PID kit if I had fitted it at the same time; 150c in the oven sorted that problem out. Then I found out just how clean the solenoid needs to be! After that I made an OPV gauge, again from here and set my pressure to 10 bar. I feel a lot more confident around the machine now and quite comfortable with fitting the PID.
  2. zombie

    Thank You

    Hi, I just wanted to thank the whole community on here. I stripped down my Gaggia classic to replace the boiler gasket and run into several problems when I put it all back together. I am very grateful for all the information stored in here by the community and how useful it all was in getting it up and running again. I now know my machine inside out too!
  3. Thanks, I shall hunt down a service kit, without stats.
  4. I’m trying to work out which gasket I need the site https://www.theespressoshop.co.uk/en/Gaggia/b-27.aspx has two. One is red and silicone (Gaggia Classic Boiler to Grouphead Silicone Gasket - 12001021 £2.64) , the other is black (Gaggia Classic Boiler to Grouphead EPDM Gasket - DM0041/082 £1.20) Any idea on the difference/benefits? Also do these fit a Classic from 2012? Thanks
  5. As i’ve got to replace my boiler gasket, I assume this would be a good time to fit one of these too?
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