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  1. Hey Mr Shades It took me a year to get round to fitting your kit, but I finally did it on Monday this week, took 2 hrs but I have had practice getting the boiler in and out before. I am stunned by the difference and it’s so much better not having to wait so long for the machine to warm up before surfing around... Steam is amazing now too, it’s like I’ve upgraded a hosepipe to a jet wash. Thanks for developing this kit, much appreciated.
  2. zombie

    Thank You

    Just awaiting the PID, glad I did it separately though. Had electrical issues with boiler (water on element, so tripped mains) and would have blamed the PID kit if I had fitted it at the same time; 150c in the oven sorted that problem out. Then I found out just how clean the solenoid needs to be! After that I made an OPV gauge, again from here and set my pressure to 10 bar. I feel a lot more confident around the machine now and quite comfortable with fitting the PID.
  3. zombie

    Thank You

    Hi, I just wanted to thank the whole community on here. I stripped down my Gaggia classic to replace the boiler gasket and run into several problems when I put it all back together. I am very grateful for all the information stored in here by the community and how useful it all was in getting it up and running again. I now know my machine inside out too!
  4. Thanks, I shall hunt down a service kit, without stats.
  5. I’m trying to work out which gasket I need the site https://www.theespressoshop.co.uk/en/Gaggia/b-27.aspx has two. One is red and silicone (Gaggia Classic Boiler to Grouphead Silicone Gasket - 12001021 £2.64) , the other is black (Gaggia Classic Boiler to Grouphead EPDM Gasket - DM0041/082 £1.20) Any idea on the difference/benefits? Also do these fit a Classic from 2012? Thanks
  6. As i’ve got to replace my boiler gasket, I assume this would be a good time to fit one of these too?
  7. zombie


    Thanks Glenn, I'm in the Dartford area, please do share where to visit. Scott
  8. Google, during research for new machines.
  9. zombie


    Been getting more and more into my coffee over the past couple of years, experiencing the good, bad and awful that you get working in london. My friends and colleagues think i'm a coffee snob. I'm not its just Starbucks and Pret taste awful. Just bought myself a Gaggia Classic after research on these forums, so thought i'd better join up and say hello and thanks for all the help so far
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