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  1. Where are you located? I'm assuming this is a French site. Dependant on your location you'll need to factor in shipping aswell as any customs costs. Externally it looks in good condition with all the parts intact. They do come up a good bit cheaper sometimes on ebay, this is one of the newer models. Unfortunately unless the seller is willing to show you inside the boiler you'll be buying it blind with regards to condition. The boiler is made of aluminum and they do indeed have awful corrosion issues if mistreated. Youll also want to ask for videos of it turning on and making a shot to give you an idea of if the element is actually working. Ive bought a couple myself blind but I got them considerably cheaper than that and they were older models. You'll also need to factor in the cost for new seals. It's capable of producing good espresso but if I were you going for a lever machine I'd probably reccomend a pavoni, they have brass boilers and are built like tanks. The cimbali is spring lever while the pavoni is a manually operated piston. Hope this helps.
  2. @JollybeanThat the new ground coffee in the background, I struggled to dial that in. Where are your storage cellars from?
  3. I'm no expert but the 60ml ones might be adequate
  4. So on someone's reccomendation I've bought test tube/centrifuge tubes for single dosing. What does everyone else use? Anyone else use the test tube method?
  5. Haha no worries, I use one every morning 😂.
  6. You could buy a brand new hand grinder for that price. Check out 1zpresso jx pro. Bella Barista sell it.
  7. If techno doesnt take it ill take it.
  8. It certainly wasn't fun 🙈
  9. Plastic bucket full of water. Soaked the boiler for 24 hours and then removed with scrapers and steel wool. I had respirator and suit. Everything was sealed in rubble bags including the suit and taken to local asbestos dump.
  10. It took a while but I finally got the boiler back and she's working again. I'm really not great at taking photos and explaining what I'm doing as I go but here's what's been done to her. New wiring Asbestos removed New stainless steel bolts Powdercoated frame Boiler welded twice as the first weld failed. Custom made Gaskets Element repair with Teflon and Glyptal Seized screws removed I'll eventually go back and paint the boiler but for now I think I'll just enjoy her. Video below was just to see if she was working and keeping pressure. And thanks @KTDfor the portafilter 👍 VID_20210209_085601.mp4
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