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  1. It was indeed a battle. 😂 I got another La Pav out it, so not a bad battle.
  2. Okay 😁😁 so I only got the damn thing out 😂. A few extremely hard taps with a small metal bar after soaking for over 24 hours. I have slightly damaged the brass but it shouldn't have any impact on the machine. So through my impulsity I also own another La Pav.
  3. So I've still not managed to get the circlip out. I've tried everything I can. I'll continue to persevere. If I can't get it out I may have a back up option, I've managed to pick up another 78-83 La Pavoni from Italy for a pretty decent price of £114, which even for parts I think is a pretty good deal. It's battered and bruised but it could be a good project. If I could just get that circlip out I'd have another La Pav to restore.
  4. True. I'll persevere for now, I've got it soaking in penetrating oil at the moment.
  5. The price of a new group is too expensive. 😑 I'll just need to persevere even if it takes me weeks. I've tried all day today to even budge it but no joy.
  6. I've tried rust remover, a pick, hammer and screw driver (not got enough of the washer to tap it out without damaging brass), dremmel is a no go. Any other ideas? 😂 Your right about it being therapeutic until something goes wrong, now im just loosing patience.
  7. I'll see what I can do tomorrow 🙏
  8. Do you think it's possible to dremel it out? I've tried screw drivers etc to no avail. I'm thinking possible dremel but don't want to damage the group.
  9. @jimbojohn55 @Nopapercup so I find myself coming here for help again. So I never noticed this when I tore the LP down but the snap ring is rusted into the group head, there's no where to grab with snap pliers and I have no idea how to get it out. Any ideas?
  10. Got it back from the powder coaters overall quite happy with the result. I was looking forward to putting it back together today but alas Ive not got the right size of boiler gasket 😑.
  11. Thanks @jimbojohn55. There more annoying me than anything else. I've followed a couple of your threads and found them quite helpful. I've found taking the LP apart quite cathartic.
  12. So finally got the base off with three leg oil filter wrench and it's currently at the powder coaters. @GrowlingDog I liked your red base so I've decided to steal it haha. However, I may have inadvertently chipped the chrome on the boiler though 🙄. Any ideas if these chips will cause me any issues in the future and what I can do about them? They probably seem miniscule but they are annoying me. Unfortunately the chrome has come right off. @GrowlingDog @Nopapercup
  13. So powder coating today was a no go as I couldn't get the boiler off, damn. Penetrating oil and a 3 leg filter wrench have been ordered. Heating element has been soaked in citric acid twice as it was white with scale (now looking good as new), machine dismantled although I broke the sight glass double damn. New Gaskets ordered along with sight glass and the resoration continues.
  14. 😊 Grand, I wasn't sure. All being well should have base sand blasted tomorrow.
  15. This is the element and switch here
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