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  1. Thanks Ronan. Unfortunately it's out of warranty.
  2. This is a query on behalf of my son who (like me) has the Oracle Touch, but he’s in the US, so it’s the Breville version. After the machine has been used, then left on for a while, it starts making hissing noises, emits steam from the wand and gets very hot. The power button doesn’t work, so the only option is to pull the plug out. After leaving it off for a while it recovers and works normally again. Does anyone have any advice / remedies please? Thanks.
  3. Thanks ajohn. So 58mm refers to the width of the bottom of the basket?! That first link appears to be the right thing for my machine, which is model SES990. I assume SES is Sage and BES is Breville. A bit expensive for something which is £4 on the Sage site but I might go for it to avoid getting the wrong thing again! Thanks for the help.
  4. I've now cleaned the shower screen and seal, which seems to have improved things, but it's still not perfect. I also ordered a replacement seal from Amazon (since they are out of stock on the Sage web site) which was described as having an outer diameter of "approx 5.7cm". Since the Sage part is described as 58mm I thought this would be ok. However, it's much too small, the Sage one actually having an outer diameter of 72mm. So I'm confused - what does the 58mm refer to? Any clarification gratefully received! Thanks.
  5. I had no idea that was necessary. The manual only mentions doing it if there is a "stubborn build up on the shower screen". I've never done it since I bought the machine 2 years ago. About time I did I suppose! Thanks.
  6. Thanks Mark. I'll do a clean as you suggest and get a new one when I can. Off to find a YouTube video to see how to get at it....
  7. Thanks ajohn. I can see something called a Seal Showerhead on the Sage web site. Is that it?
  8. My Oracle Touch seems to have developed a tendency for the portafilter to fall out during the second or third 20 second backflush, because it is slowly rotating until it comes loose. Does anyone have any tips to fix this please? Can I adjust the tightness of the lock system for instance? Is something wearing out? Thanks.
  9. I use a water filter jug, but I dare say that doesn't soften much, if at all. Bottled water is a good idea - thanks.
  10. Thanks for the reply. Yes, my water is very hard, so you are probably right. I suppose I should replace the filter monthly then, or when prompted.
  11. Does anyone know why my Oracle Touch is prompting me to change the filter a month after I've installed a new one? I understood they were designed to last 3 months, hence the 3 months shown in the little window which you set when installing. What causes the machine to decide you need a new one?
  12. I checked the dose and it weighed 22.9g. Is this sufficiently outside the "norm" to be a problem? Can you actually adjust the dose on the Oracle Touch and if so how?
  13. Ah, yes, understood - thanks. I'll check the dose. In fact I descaled (for the second time) 1 week ago and there are still signs of the problem, though only occasionally and it's not so bad as before. I changed the filter early in September, so on the 3 month cycle it's due for replacement soon.
  14. Thanks for the replies. Yes I do live in a hard water area and must admit I went about 9 months without descaling because I never got a prompt from the machine (still haven't) and read that you don't necessarily need to if you use a filter - which I do. Having queried this with Sage, I have since done 2 descales, one 6 weeks after the other and the power / noise issue stopped for a few days, but has now come back, though not as badly as before. Perhaps yet another descale is needed? I'll check the weight of the dose as you suggest Mrboots, but the problem is clearly linked to the change in power / noise since if this is consistent, the machine pours perfectly.
  15. My Oracle Touch has recently started sometimes making an inconsistent noise when brewing; typically when I start it is quieter than usual, then gets louder after a few seconds as if the power / pressure is ramping up. It then starts the pour late and produces much less coffee than usual. Any ideas on what the cause might be please? I'm doing the cleaning cycle when prompted and descaled about 6 weeks ago. Thanks.
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