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  1. It's frustrating that I can't find a UK seller....Best I can find is Germany, but I guess customs would kill me
  2. Yes but most of the internals are pretty standard, and shared by most high end machines. For me what made me go for the Synchronika was the stainless boiler, the rotary pump and the dual boiler. Also the boilers are insulated. The internals are pretty neat as well. You know, if you buy a Mercedes it doesn't automatically mean that it will be trouble free. The Syncjronika is a great machine, the temp measured at the head is pretty consistent and in line with the PID. I really can't fault it, apart from the problem with the steam valve.
  3. Just got an email and they are sorting me out soon.
  4. A mix of the 2. I like some oily ones passed second crack, but mostly between first and second crack
  5. I was under the imprtession that pressure/flow profiling is mainly used with light roasts that are somewhat more challenging to extract
  6. I am happy with my coffee, but of course the question is always : can I extract it better? Can it be better? I have a Monolith Conical MC3
  7. I have an ECM Synchronika and I am pondering wether to install the kit for pressure profiling. I am hesitating because I mostly drink medium-dark roasts and I’m wondering wether it would be a waste of time and money to do the upgrade. What’s your take on this?
  8. Can you do me a favour and confirm the internal diameter of the metal ring where the bellow slots in? Also would you mind posting a pic of the underside of the bellow? Thanks
  9. So you didn't notice any significant wear in the old part?
  10. They do sell it in the UK as well. Not having any particular problem with the 58.50, I just like that Torr tamper. Also, wasn't anything less than £130 VAT free?
  11. Yes, so variability between baskets can get you in trouble I guess
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