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  1. Yep - it was cracked upon receipt for me.
  2. Gauge received and fettling complete. Who is next in line?
  3. Looks like I’m next for some gaggia fettling then! Assume I need to send a Pm with my address details in?
  4. thanks for the vote of confidence ? ?
  5. hi, new to the forum and finally achieved 5 posts! I wouldn't mind using the gauge - recognising the last post was a few weeks ago, where is the queue up to?
  6. spent around 6 months trawling through various threads after I inherited rescued a gaggia classic from my mother...
  7. hah, just realised as well that I can't reply to the 'pay it forward pressure gauge' thread as I haven't met the 5 post limit! oh well, this can only help ?
  8. thanks - confirms my suspicions. ?
  9. Bit of a bump to this thread... I'm trying to figure out which model of the gaggia classic I have so I can order a modified racilio steam wand, and the code doesn't seem to line up with anything else I've seen. I'm assuming it is a pre-2015 model by virtue of the 25/2009 part of the sticker but I'm not sure! Pic attached for info - any help would be much appreciated. Jude
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