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  1. I have one and to be honest, it plus a pairing or 10cm utility knife are probably all most home cooks need in their kitchens, knife-wise. I've had my X-50 Santoku for a good few years now and it is used pretty much daily. In that time the edge has been maintained using just a leather strop and a Lansky LSS8CM ceramic rod, and re-sharpened twice, properly using water stones. It's a great choice for someone not wanting lots of knife-clutter.
  2. Like anything else though, people like that hijack terms to suit their own narrative. There are plenty of right minded, perfectly decent people who also hold lets say more old fashioned gentlemanly views and this is what I mean by being Nationalist...proud of their sovereign nation, queen and country and of their roots and culture. They are not the sort to support or abide the lunatics and nut jobs of the Far Right who you refer to. No right minded person is. Lets look at this another way...does the same thing apply to the armed forces or the cub scouts or girl guides for that matter?...all of them swear allegiance to the queen and their sovereign nation. That doesn't make them Far right nut jobs. Can't you see what the Far Right have tried to do here? They have hijacked the terms to lay claim to something that they have no right to in anyone else's name. That is why we have these associations but it doesn't make them right and certainly shouldn't make them definitive.
  3. Who defines that maniac as a "nationalist"? Even if he did himself, that's not what defines being nationalistic. He was a murdering scumbag using thinly veneered terms out of true context. Trouble is that in doing so, anyone then flying a flag gets branded as a racist or facist. It's just a ridiculous argument to make. You, and presumably the moderator, have completely misunderstood what I was trying to say. I abhor facism and fascist views of any sort but would argue that it is mis-use of the word "Nationalist" to describe extremists. I mean no offence to you at all and wasn't trying to cause offence.
  4. What's "Far right" about National pride though Mr Binks? Surely arguing such is an absurd argument bandied about by the Far Left. The stupidity of this extremist viewpoint is evidenced for example where a femaile Labour politician recently ranted about a St George's flag flown outside a household, linking it to extremist "far right" views. When the truth came out about why it was being flown, she had to back down and apologise. Countless examples like this have occurred during this messy campaign. No-one moans when first generation Scots fly the flag of St Andrew, or you see a Cornish flag flying when in Cornwall. We all have every right to be proud of our own nations, just not those governing them. Nationalism is not a dirty word and never should have been. Insinuating otherwise is a flawed modern leftist concept. Good for you if you identify as English and take pride in that. If you don't or don't much care either way, like most remainers holding that view, then it's no argument against Nationalism. There's nothing Right Wing about being Nationalistic. Too many deliberately conflate that with facism, which it is not.
  5. I voted "out" because like others, it would been of personal benefit to my own business to remain but not in the interests of my children, imho. We've already given away many of our vetos and cards secured by Thatcher and we've reached a stage where our common market ideology is no longer the mainstay of Project Europe which is to be taken to the next stage of a Federal States of Europe. I can see nothing good coming of that. Just the social engineering side of that alone is insidious and would end up denying certain freedoms, let alone the economic and cultural impacts. The UK has been an open book (in more than one sense) for years now, and has spectacularly failed to be as protectionist for our own industries and interests as the rest of the EU has been for theirs. As such we've had goal posts moved on major projects at bidding time for the benefit of France and Germany (remember the "bendy bus" scandal anyone?). The whole fishing quota nonsense was openly formulated to bolster and grow the French fishing industry, despite GDP contributions being relatively minor. We have done more damage to ourselves by the way we introduce over reaching legislation off the back of EU Directives that has been responsible for much of the red tape that we operate under whilst the rest of the EU seems to cherry pick just how far they go with their own legislative burden on industry. There are several exceptions which include the water Industry, environmental protection and some aspects of health and safety (not all...but some) legislation all of which few can deny are in the common interest and where much of the associated administrative burden is justified. The real downside for us economically isn't the risk of relatively minor import tarrifs that will be levied on us for high value goods and services, but the impact on many industries that currently export lots of the lower value exports. The books simply won't balance. That is exactly what the EU wants. It's self protectionist. What is likely is that to compete with a growing export market for say the USA and elsewhere, the pound will likely be devalued to parity with the US Dollar and with the Euro. We can't compete currently without that devaluation, especially on WTO rules. This means increased import costs but here at least we hold some of the cards in that we are still a very important market for the European car industry (for example) so to survive and grow they will need to reach agreement with us or risk losing a big chunk of their market. Germany is already knocking on the door of a major recession so no-one can claim it' in their interests to play hard ball with us now. As to the City Financial Market, it is still alive and kicking despite the scare mongering that it would shut down and move abroad if we decided to leave. That hasn't happened. As for the false mantra with the EU whining that "it's not possible to have a trade deal within 12 months"...of course it isn't! It never was! We go out on WTO and then spend several years or more carefully building mutually beneficial trade deals, not capitulating to EU knee-jerk sentiment and demands for further extension. That is the cost of leaving, as are the ramifications for border control and IT management, so we need to get over it. It's no argument for remaining as it is and always was a short to medium term cost and despite what those on the remain side think, most "Leavers" knew this when voting. The costs to the UK will be painful in the short term but with better prospects longer term. Financial markets know that. The EU have had just as long to prepare for this and clearly haven't had any intention of doing so because they never believed with would leave. They do now and are panicking. They share the responsibility for things getting this far and no-one should lose sight of that.
  6. I don't doubt it. The banter's been fine ?
  7. How very dare you sir! Probably went from Engerland to the rest of the world! At least that's what Al Murray, the Pub Landlord would say ?
  8. That may have some truth to it but it is also widely recognised and agreed that the CFP has been disastrous for the UK fishing industry, even if parts of it have been geared towards preserving stocks, and a worse position longer term for the UK would be leaving the EU but remaining in the CFP. One train of thought is that remaining will allow the EU additional time to change the rules to make it impossible for the uK to ever reclaim national waters to protect their own fishing fleets, many of whom bought up swathes of past UK quotas in dodgy deals between the UK government and the EU (remember what Gummer did for our fishing industry?). The Scottish fleet, mainly out of Fraserborough and Peterhead, are on record as saying that they understand the risks of leaving the CFP and the EU but that in their eyes, it's more than just about what happens to smaller specialist fisherment or export tariffs to Europe; it's about regaining control of our waters and doing away with some of the bad practises of the CFP and a recognisiton that the CFP and the way it is managed is yet another example of the EU protectionist attitude towards mainland European industry at the cost to us in the UK, as happen with other industries. It'll just be another bargaining chip in reality as the contribution towards GDP is minuscule whilst impacts on the way of life and on communities around our coastlines is seen as more important to those communities.
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