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  1. My lockdown project: Valve Phonostage:
  2. Now I've spent some time (7 months) getting to grips with knowing my machine, and verifying technique with a thermometer to gauge that what I'm doing is consistent enough temperature wise, I'm happy that using it without the need to spend more or have separate boilers or PID, I can still get repeatable, consistent results. I think there's a tendency to get carried away with the science of it all and look for fractions of a degree or whatever on temperature or on all the software now available to plot pressure/time curves and the like when for an excellent cup, simply knowing your machine, hav
  3. Following on from my brief ramble on some of the recent bean trails, one in particular merits a write-up on its one as I've now had a chance to try it: Coffee Compass Cuba Serrano Altura Superior. In a word? Sublime. This one is good no-matter how you take your coffee...it's a very adaptable and complex flavour. Briefly: Bean is a medium roast, with lovely distinctive aroma. Grind was set as a medium to dark roast for my Mazzer, with 15g tamping just above the measure ring in the double basket of my 58mm Rancillio Portafilter. That was a little too coarse but only a litt
  4. I agree..tried it this morning! Best I've ever had.
  5. Buy a sprung tamper, set to 30lbs and then just dial the grinder so that roughly 25 to 30 seconds for twice the dosed mass of the raw bean mass, tweaking either side for flavour.
  6. I have been trying a lot of different coffee beans this past 6 months and in particular have been wading my way through some Rave roasts and some Coffee Compass roasts. I think that I have found my new favourite Rave Roast in their Mocha Java Blend. I hadn't heard anything mentioned about this but it (imho) knocks spots off the usual popular suspects of Siggy Roast and Italian Job. Addictively delicious in a fruity chocolatey way with great after taste and a little lighter in roast than many other "Mocha's" I've tried. Talking of which, for those who haven't sussed it, Compass h
  7. Just to say that I contacted Compass, who, as per usual could not have been better in their service. I explained the issue, will be sending photos and described exactly how they were stored, what I found when opened, and the variations I tried for pulling a shot. They agreed 100% that they should have kept longer (easily longer) in the bag in a larder and that whilst there is always a little oil visible, the surface of the bean should not have been covered nor rancid. Something went wrong perhaps at the roasting stage or they maybe even got too hot in the delivery process. Whatever the
  8. I've kept them before this long but I think perhaps you have a point. 3 weeks may simply have been too long in this warmer weather. I won't be ordering them again unless I get freezer space sorted for them. That's a tenner gone for a lesson learnt.
  9. I order dark roasts because I like dark roasts. This one is bad, period. They usually look a little oily but these were covered in rancid oils as if wet. Any decent roast kept at 20 degrees ought to last 3 weeks. This is the first time I've had a dark roast taste this bad and yes, I do know how to pull a shot.
  10. I've had several lots but this was the first oily lot and they're as bitter as hell.
  11. Coffee compass....Mahogany roast malabar hit. It's the second iffy roast from the last 3 orders from them. I didn't complain about the last lot to cut them some slack, but this one is bin fodder. Anyone else have some of this from that roast batch?
  12. Just opened a batch of beans roasted on 4th of this month in an air tight valved bag which came from the roasters. Was unable to freeze the beans which I normally would for anything I keep more than 3 weeks. I opened it to find the beans wet looking with lots of oil having come out of the beans. This could be down to the roast, but having had this one before it smelled horrible this time and tasted worse...bitter, nasty no-matter what grind setting used was nor what expressed time. I'll be sending this lot back but wondered if this is more likely to the roast than to storage? (they
  13. A couple I use for long Americanos that work well: Rave's Italian Job; Rave's Colombian Suarez Project Single Origin; Compass Coffee Mahongany Roast Malabar Hit Compass Coffee Espresso Blend Gusto Gold I dose at 15 to 18gr depending on the roast and extract probably double or more out, usually between a double Ristretto and a double Espresso measure before diluting with 180-200gr boiled water. The time depends on which of those I am using but extraction is usually between 25 and 32 seconds. It doesn't seem to matter much of you go over some as you're diluting it anyw
  14. Bica60s

    Audio Buffs

    I'm sure that they would ?. Many people think that they might be tone deaf to some audio changes, but in almost every case (in my work dealings) jaws drop when they hear what they've been missing! Best advice I could hope to give to anyone though is that if you enjoy what you have then don't change a thing and keep on enjoying!
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