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  1. 60ml for 15seconds, 240ml which is 240 cc, over the minute. Slow.
  2. You got it bad then! On the Costa theme I went to their head quarters, saw the massive roaster and the barista training camp.
  3. I love this forum, your all a wealth of knowledge and kind, and I really appreciate all the advice. But I have another query, cleaned, replaced boiler and rebuilt my gaggia, but I am not getting a great water flow, and not getting a crema (this could be me I realise) could a 23 year old pump be the issue not getting the pressure up, seen videos on YouTube where gaggia seem to flow twice the amount of mine, Yours kindly man who had a delonghi then bought a 1997 coffee gaggia and loves it to the point of obsession.
  4. Thanks for all help people, boiler wired up correctly and working. Parts guru had a wiring diagram to follow.
  5. I may need rofessional help, I have a Coffee Gaggia made in 97, I decided to clean it take it apart a couple of months ago, but when putting back together, I mixed up the wiring on the boiler and shorted it and killed it. Does anyone have a Coffee Gaggia showing the the correct wiring for the boiler? I had downloaded an electricalelectrical diagram on pound on parts guru a electrical diagram for a gaggia 97. But not sure if this is correct, as I followed it last time and shorted it out. Attached is a photo of what I think should work? Too scared to turn it on just in case it shorts out? Kind regatds
  6. Do not fear, my boiler won't boil, so have bought a reconditioned boiler, In prepeation I took mine apart, so much lime scale....
  7. Having my boiler elements go on my Gaggia 98, am now seeking a another Gaggia (used) its cheaper than a boiler! so I have seen a Cubica plus (2011) and Baby Caffita (2005), which you recommend, I have a Rancilo steam wand which I would like to use again too?
  8. I blew up the boiler elements, by stupidly not putting the wires back in order, gutted. new boiler or machine?
  9. Blowing both, I changed the plug fuse and turned it on again and saw a spark on the boiler as it blew the fuse and trip. So I presume as you say a boiler element gone.
  10. Help, my Gaggia coffee 98, had a poor pump flow, gave it a good clean shower holding plate and the valve assembly, there was some limescale, put it back together, used it a couple of times all fine, and then it tripped the fuse, shorted out cant work out why soon as you turn it on, trips out?
  11. Thank you, I was just reading your post of converting one to a Classic, hope all goes well. If looked after will the Gaggia be up to it, I got it cheap, so I dont mind replacing a few parts?
  12. DWP

    Gaggia 1998

    Hello new to site, I had a delonghi which died from over use after a couple of years, with the run up to Christmas trying to save money and desperate for a decent coffee I have bought an old Coffee Gaggia 1998, not the classic, apparently it suffers from air locks if not used regularly (wont be a problem). Are there any tips out there, as this is a 20 year old machine? can you still get parts, can you upgrade the steam wand? and whats the advantage? Regards David
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