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  1. JEC

    New Mazzer Super Jolly

    Grinder safely received! Thanks for the quick and easy purchase. Cheers, Joe
  2. JEC

    K10 cleaning

    I'd also quite like to fit one of these exit chutes... https://www.shapeways.com/product/LFSP7N4XK/k-10-throat?li=shortUrl ... but have held off for the same reason. Would be interested to hear if anyone has fitted one.
  3. JEC

    New Mazzer Super Jolly

    Hello, I'd like to take this at the asking price please. I have a friend in Sheffield who would be happy to collect when safe to do so. Cheers, Joe
  4. Hi All, I'd like to remove the burrs from my K10 (WBC) to give it a clean, but I've read people struggling with burr alignment after undertaking this. Has anyone done this? Is it simple for a numpty, or should I be worried? Cheers, Joe
  5. I’m also now off the list, as I’ve bought my own. @Ilaher is the person to contact for the next person on the list. Cheers. Joe
  6. Monday’s not a problem. Will PM you to arrange payment. Thanks! Joe
  7. Hi. I know this was a while ago, but do you still have one of the black ones left (I'm assuming this was the anodised one)? If so, I'll take it. Thanks.
  8. Hi there, have PM’d you with my address as requested. cheers!
  9. Hi there, Ilaher has said they will send this out to me once finished with it. Once I have it I’m sure I’ll be able to mess around with my classic and send it on to you pretty quickly. Will PM you for an address once it arrives with me. Cheers! Joe
  10. Hi There, I'd love to have a go with this once you've used it, if that's ok. Please drop me a message when it's available and I'll hook you up with an address. Cheers.
  11. This came in at the weekend and I’m very pleased with it so far! A huge difference in flavour and consistency compared to my old grinder, and I’m quite happy with pulsing and brushing to single dose at this stage. An Orphan hopper is on order too. The seller was true to his word and the grinder looks to be in very nice condition. I had wondered if I should try to give the grinder chamber a clean, but am intimidated by stories of burr realignment woes. Am I better off just leaving it alone? So far I’m not struggling to get out more or less what I’m putting in, so not tempted to mod the
  12. All good encouragement. Thanks! Ive been looking at the OE mini hopper, amongst other options for single dosing. Seems a bit pricey, but looks like a neat package. Something to puff with seems sensible though. Don’t want to get too ahead of myself until I’ve bought the thing. Will post photos if the purchase comes off, no doubt with more questions! cheers.
  13. Thanks! the guy claims it was used for 6 months as a decaf grinder, with approx 1kg per week going through it, prior to being put into storage. this seems like very little use, which is what sparked my concerns about potential alignment issues. Would love a Niche, but unfortunately it’s out of my budget. The K10 is being offered at half the price of a new Niche and looks to be in good condition. For that price I hope I can live with the extra faff and maybe learn a bit about grinders in the process.
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