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  1. Hi. I only got my machine last Saturday and am very new like you, although had barrista training so had some limited knowledge. I posted on here and got some great advice but the most important advice was get fresh roasted coffee beans. My beans were too old and the supermarket beans didn't have a date. I had the same issue, no pressure and extraction too fast. I changed my beans and the difference is amazing. I am now grinding on number 4, pressure is at 1 o'clock and it takes 25 seconds to extract. I don't think I will ever like espresso coffee but as an Americano/latte it's good. As I say I'm no expert but you could look at my thread from last week for some helpful tips and links. Good luck. Adele
  2. That was a great read thank you. I will check out his other posts. At least now I am playing, tweaking and fine tuning which is a much better position than I've been in since Saturday! Thanks Adele.
  3. Hello lovely people. I have updates! New beans were roasted last monday so thought I would give them a go. I can do 20g with this coffee so have weighed this each time. Auto extraction Grind 8 - extraction 20.83 seconds. 53g coffee yield. Pressure ok 1'oclock. Grind 3 - extraction 28 seconds 52g coffee yield. Pressure ok 1 o'clock. Grind 4 - extraction 25.66 seconds. 54g coffee yield. Pressure ok 1 o'clock. Manual extraction If I do 20g, 40g yield on grind 4 it takes 20.46 seconds. If I do grind 3, 40g yield it takes 29 seconds. I can't say any of them are a drink I'd want to drink neat but I made a mocha with the grind 4 25 seconds and I'm sat drinking it now so that's a start! What would you say my next step should be, am I right in thinking if I use grind 4 on auto, the extraction time is perfect but I am getting too much water/coffee out? At least I feel much happier and like I have made progress. Thanks! Adele
  4. Hi thank you for your advice. I am based in Leeds and the beans came from Leodis. I must be clear though, I did not buy the beans they were given to me as a free sample. I went on a barrista course with them as I am looking for a coffee supplier for my mobile coffee unit. I am learning as much as I can as I go along and I feel I'm doing as much as I can right but obviously learning more and more each day! The theory behind buying this machine for home was practice practice practice so I make as many mistakes as I can and learn as much as I can before hitting the road! The machine is certainly fulfilling the brief, I didn't think I could know as much about coffee as I do right now. Now I understand the importance of the age and roast date etc I will be careful to ensure I am using as fresh as possible taking into account the 7-10 de gas period. I've just picked up some new beans at cieolo in Garforth as they roast their own on site every week. I think part of the fun, once the intial desire to throw the machine out of the window dies down, will be experimenting with different flavours and finding what type of coffee I like. At the moment I don't know but first I really need to ensure I can get the machine to work. Once I know it works the rest should be tweaks. Thanks for all the advice. It's invaluable.
  5. Sorry for one more question. Could you recommend an online coffee bean to try? If I could buy one someone knows works it might help.
  6. Hi I'm dairy free so it's always an Americano. I can usually tell if it's a good coffee or not. I will ditch the beans and start from scratch with a fresh roast. I am very much learning as I go but am learning fast and determined to get it right! Thanks so much.
  7. Ok, this is what I have found so far. Used three different types of coffee. Two types from the local roaster one roasted in April, one roasted in July both brand new bags that i opened tonight also tried lavazza Rossa again brand new bag opened tonight, which is a mix of arrabica and robusta. I bought a cheaper bag to practice with! All ground by me tonight using the machine but measuring 18 grams. 20g is too much the tamp is well above the rim on 20g. It does not matter what grind size I use or what coffee I use. It takes 8-10 seconds for the coffee to start coming through the machine. It then takes 10 to 12 seconds to finish. Overall 20-22 seconds in total. I started at grind number 8 as factory setting and worked down 1 click at a time for each coffee type. Pressure is mostly non existent. The only time I got good pressure was using lavazza, 18 g of coffee on grind number 3 and I turned off the machine for 5 mins and then turned it back on and waited for it to be ready. Out of 16 shots I only got one good one where the pressure was right and the taste was ok. It's confusing that it is taking 8-10 seconds to come out which suggests over extraction but then total time is between 18 and 22 seconds which suggests under extraction. The only shot that tasted remotely passable was the lavazza at grind 3. All the others were disgusting. .colour of the coffee and crema was good with the lavazza the other grind there wasn't much crema at all. I really feel this is way too complicated. It shouldn't be this hard. Appreciate there needs to be some science and technique but I am doing everything right from the knowledge I have. Is the machine just not good? I really thought for that amount of money it would make a good coffee! Any ideas at all welcome. Perhaps I need to go to a different coffee place and try a better brand? Thanks for the help so far.
  8. Ah I've just checked the bag he gave me and the date of roasting was July 2019. Should I ask him for something that has been roasted later than that? I feel like it shouldn't be this hard! It won't let me upload the video but it was 20g coffee. Tapped on worktop. Tamped and wiped off so no grounds at all on outside of basket. Grind was 4 took 18 seconds in total and tasted foul. Extracted 70 ml of coffee and pressure was in pre extraction zone.
  9. Hi I'm using the double basket for fresh ground coffee. I am weighing out 18g. The beans came from our local roaster. On 7/8 there is no pressure at all. On 5 taste isn't too bad but still low pressure and lasts 15 seconds. In 4 taste horrid, no pressure and a lop aided pour so just under 40ml on the left side and just under 25 ml on the right side. I'm sticking with auto buttons at the mo as I'm already confused and manuals making it worse. I can't see with this machine how it will ever take 25 seconds to extract. I have a video I'll try and upload.
  10. Hi All, I was wondering if anyone has had the same issues and has any ideas. I can not for the life in me get this machine to do what it's supposed to do! I've heated the machine for 30 mins before use, warmed the arm and warmed the cup. I've changed the grind size from 10 to 1. I've measured 18g of coffee every time for a double basket and ive Tried manual extraction rather than automatic but no matter what I do i cannot get it to take over 20 seconds for extraction in order to get 60ml of coffee or the coffee to start pouring after say 5 seconds as per the manual. This morning I had it on number one for grind (finest) and it still only took 8 seconds after the pre infusion stage which I held for 7 seconds and the pressure was off the chart. (Manual) I have gone down every grind setting. Getting rid of one grind in between each so as not to get a false reading. Luckily I'm using the wasted grounds in my ninja coffee bar! I cannot get the pressure in the right spot and it never takes over 20 seconds for the whole thing pre infusion included. I understand the concept of if it's corse it will be quicker and if it's fine it will be slower but this just doesn't compute with this machine. The grind size doesn't matter the extraction time is always the same! The only thing that seems to change is where the pressure needle goes. Is there something fundamental I am missing as I am just totally confused and dont know where to go from here. I feel I'm dosing and tamping correctly and I use the razor tool. Factory settings say 8 for grind and 3 o'clock for coffee amount, I weight my measures. at the moment I have settled on 4 on grind size and I use the razor tool with tamping. What's confusing is the manual which says on automatic settings if it takes over 8 seconds to come out it's over extracted but if it takes less than 20 seconds in total it's under extracted. I'm getting both these things 8-10 seconds to start pouring and then less than 20 seconds in total to finish. The coffee is dark and has a lovely honey colour to the crema, around grind 4/5 it has the rats tail effect and tastes ok as a latte but is under 20 seconds on extraction and isn't the best taste as an espresso. I also don't feel like the machine is consistent so if I make one cup I get one result and with the next cup on exactly the same settings I might get a different pressure/time. Or is it me that isn't being consistent in something I am doing? Any advice would be appreciated otherwise I think it's going back! Thanks. Adele .
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