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  1. Uriel4953

    Vegan Milk

    Moving round of hives to pollinate almond tree's, has been linked to much higher mortality rates in american bee's. So probably avoid almond based products if that sort of thing is a concern.
  2. I just never considered this and just assumed everyone left the portafilter in while not in use. Learn something new every day.
  3. Standard curry, patak's paste. If i do something like a katsu curry where i bread and fry the chicken or with chips I use S and B golden curry which I sweeten with apple sauce.
  4. I think the problem with you webpage may be one of scaling. Looking at the image mildred provided it is 800x572 which i'm guessing is cropped 800x600 ? Personally i quite like the design of your site overall, but that may just be a generational thing. Although it does lack polish.
  5. What web browser/resolution are you using @Drewster displays fine for me on Google chrome at 1920x1080 and 4k. There is an error on your single origin page where the text runs into the footer, so that needs looking at. I think if you can find a good speciality local coffee shop to work with that would definitely help. I'd been looking round at different roasters/coffee and i noticed a sign outside a local cafe that they where serving coaltown coffee. I went in to give it a try, as it was a coffee i fancied trying and it was genuinely one of the nicest coffee's i've had. (Bearing in mind I'm still a coffee newbie) So i will definitely be picking some up and revisiting that cafe.
  6. Yeah i leave the portafilter engaged over night. I tried just turning it 10 degrees so it was only just hanging on but the basket still got stuck. I clean the portafilter after last shot but haven't been flushing the head. Only had the machine a month so i doubt coffee build up is the issue but it might be.
  7. When i remove my portafilter first thing in the morning the basket always remains in the machine. It can be removed from machine by pulling it down. It only seems to happen when i first remove the portafilter in the morning. It is fine when pulling shots ect. I have checked and the portafilter has the wire that is supposed to retain the basket. Any ideas, is this an issue ?
  8. I don't own both so couldn't claim to know. But it's like saying an audi is worst than a mercedes van, because you will never see people people delivering packages in an audi. Different requirements and priorities.
  9. The niche is completely unsuited to use in coffee shops, so no you wouldn't see them in loads of coffee shops. That doesn't make it worse than every commercial grinder available. It doesn't make it better than them either.
  10. Uriel4953

    Anyone tried this?

    I used to use it in my moka pot and cafetiere. Never really concidered trying it in my expresso machine.
  11. I had Lakeland price match john lewis when i had bought my Sage DTP before xmas for the 3 year guarantee. Still isn't user repairable parts but is piece of mind for 3 years at least.
  12. Uriel4953

    Am I mad

    Getting a Gaggia classic has no real down sides, if you find that making expresso isn't your thing as long as you don't pay over the odds on the machine, you will easily make your money back selling it on, it also means if you decide you want something more expensive like the lelit again you can sell it on no money lost. It also give you a point of reference for looking at what you want in a more expensive machine like the mara or sage DB or whatever. Another advantage is you can use the gaggia and wait for an even better machine on here second hand. All that being said if you have the money to spare and fancy a new machine the lelit are beautiful.
  13. Uriel4953

    Am I mad

    What sort of grinder do you have ? Spending £1000 on your first expresso machine is a bit like passing your driving test and buying a ferrari. You probably won't be able to get the most out of the machine at the start. That having been said if you have the cash to burn, you can have a lot of fun in that ferrari.
  14. Uriel4953


    Lidl pods are a off line option. They are £1.80 for 10. Worth getting 10 to test them though as the plastic pods aren't always great with all the nespresso machines, some there fine but some machines crumple the pods rather than piecing them.
  15. Sabatier is a bit confusing as it's not a trade mark or company. There are some very good sabatier and some not so much, so you need to be a bit careful.
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