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  1. What beans are you both using and are they freshly roasted. Also 30 seconds always feels a bit short to me on my DTP I usually hit around 38-40 seconds for 20g in and 40g out using Rave signature blend. Assume you are both using single walled basket ?
  2. Is that the only sage you would consider. The Duo temp pro and Bambino are both good machines and having a separate grinder means if you do want to upgrade eventually you only need to replace the machine. The bambino is available for £200 from curry's so you could get Lakeland to match that for 3 years warranty as well. I paired mine with a Niche Zero and it has been fantastic. Like you didn't really want a big learning curve or a project so much as just the best morning coffee i could get and i feel this setup does that for me.
  3. This is what i use and i really like it.
  4. The only thing i would say is you might not switch out the filter medium in your RO/DI unit that you use for a marine tank as often as you would one for drinking water. This could lead to bacteria building up inside. Aside from that it's just very pure h20.
  5. I have a large airtight container where i store the majority of the bag and then decant them every couple of days into test tubes which hold 20g each.
  6. Double Walled baskets the small hole in the bottom of the basket regulates the flow so it means it is a lot more forgiving of what coffee you put in it and the grind. Single walled baskets the coffee acts to regulate the flow so the grind being consistent and correct is very important. Not really that blade grinders are frowned upon so much as the consistency of the grind is bad, Consider also a second hand commercial grinder. They can show up in the same sort of price point as the sage and you will be getting more grinder for your cash. As long as buying second hand doesn't bother you.
  7. After a recommendation from here i'm currently using rave signature blend and have been really enjoying it. Seemed to dial in really easily and i don't think i have had a bad coffee out of it so far. Might just be my peasants palette, but my brother was here last week for the week and he really enjoyed it too.
  8. I purchased a Sage Duo temp pro and am very happy with it. Gaggia Classics are self repairable but need a bit more savvy to get good coffee out of.
  9. Did you have a budget in mind when you say not to spendy ? I switched from nespresso to a expresso machine but the initial outlay for the machine was more expensive. I also did it for much the same reason, nespresso pods contain about 5g of coffee so your paying on average £70 a kilo for coffee. A basic setup which would probably be either a second hand Gaggia classic or a Sage Duo temp pro plus a second hand grinder or Sage smart grinder will probably set you back about £350. It will pay for it self eventually but depends if you want the initial outlay.
  10. When you don't think you have a problem, then you find out not everyone has 2 doubles for breakfast.
  11. Could this be caused by lime scale on the thermo block, if you have had the machine for a while. I tend to foam my milk before pulling my shot and after turning the switch to steam i get a couple of small spurts of water and then pretty much into full power steam. You need to be quick between switching the dial back to middle and getting the jug underneath to switch back to steam or the machine purges the thermocoil with water to cool it. Only time my machine has made an unhappy noise was when i let the tank on the back run out of water. So maybe it's a flow issue again likely limescale.
  12. Uriel4953

    Vegan Milk

    Moving round of hives to pollinate almond tree's, has been linked to much higher mortality rates in american bee's. So probably avoid almond based products if that sort of thing is a concern.
  13. I just never considered this and just assumed everyone left the portafilter in while not in use. Learn something new every day.
  14. Standard curry, patak's paste. If i do something like a katsu curry where i bread and fry the chicken or with chips I use S and B golden curry which I sweeten with apple sauce.
  15. I think the problem with you webpage may be one of scaling. Looking at the image mildred provided it is 800x572 which i'm guessing is cropped 800x600 ? Personally i quite like the design of your site overall, but that may just be a generational thing. Although it does lack polish.
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