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  1. Hi El Carajillo, Thanks for the advise and yes very rude of me, i’m Tom and please to meet everyone. On question 1, yes I only loosened not tightened and then tightened back up with the grinder running. Phew! On question 2, I do drink a fair bot of coffee and have espressos now and then. But to be fair made a coffee this afternoon, another long coffee and it seemed to not be so bitter. Not sure of perhaps it could have been to do with the 1st couple of brews from the machine perhaps? Thanks again for you reply.
  2. Hi, just brought my 1st b2c machine, went for the delonghi ecam 23.420. brought some blue miuntain beans from tkmax and made 2 or 3 long coffees. so 1st thing I made the mistake of adjusting the bean grinder dial to set the coarse of the grind as one of the first things I did (no beans in the hopper at this point), god knows why. Then when i read instructions it says dont touch this till after a few coffees have been brewed and also only whilst the beans are being ground. So I thought best option is to set it back whilst it is grinding. (Not sure if and what that has done) but coffee seems to be quite a nice consistency with a reasonable creme ontop. at the moment just got it on standard strength but the coffee seems quite bitter? Not sure if this could be the beans? So 2 questions, 1 have I screwed anything by playing with the coarse dial? And 2nd any advise on why the coffee is quite bitter?
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