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  1. Thank you. Will up my order from 500g to 1kg, which I guess is what the code is designed to achieve! Gusto Gold going down well this morning.
  2. Hi All could someone let me have the code please. Been very happily brewing Brighton Lanes and Gusto Gold and just discovered this thread with the discount offer!
  3. About 1 month in with my Flat with red ssp Speed burrs and am slightly underwhelmed. Probably had about 1kg through (inc 250g of stale beans). Currently on Coffee Compass Sweet Bourbon, after 250 or 300g of Red Brick Sq Mile., preceded by 250g Rave Espresso blend and first beans through were the remains of a bag of Rave Speciality blend. Have steadily tightened grind from 5.4 as set on arrival to now 4.3 (out of 4.5 - only 5 marks between 4 and 5) and motor running at 650rpm (Denis advised against reducing speed until I have had several kgs through) . I am getting a decent brew but not quite
  4. I usually make a 'cappuccino' with very weak 'latte art'. Taste in the cup has been good overall just a bit inconsistent - sometimes mellow sometimes super strong sometimes a bit sour, or perhaps bitter - my palate not yet distinguishing between sour and bitter. I havent played with profiling at all, just trying to get consistently good drinks with the paddle on fully open. Once I achieve that then I will start to experiment with PI and slowing the pour. I bought a set of small glass spice jars with sealed wooded lids and pre-weigh 18g into them. Then 2 cappus each morning. Chuck the
  5. I am also a new Monolith owner - a Flat arrived by courier 7th July. I ordered with the SSP burrs. Arrived set at 5.4 (or 5.8 if you take each mark as 2 since there are 5 marks between 1 and 2, 2 and 3 etc). Initially 17g in and 10secs to first drip. 35secs in total (so 25 secs of coffee pour) and I have 30.9 grams. Using Rave Specialty Blend and my Lelit Bianca. Eased off burrs and found initially all fairly inconsistent and was getting frustrated. Now after around 1kg of beans through - inc 250g of stale beans left in the cupboard last Christmas, I have tightened up to 4.4 (or 4.8 etc) and
  6. I had both a Niche and a Specialita. I have re-sold the Niche and kept the Specialita. Personally I preferred the ease of use of the Specialita. It doesn't seem to have any significant retention, and once you have set the timer to give you the required dose (mine is set at 13.8s for an 18g dose of Rave Speciality Blend) its all very consistent and repeatable. If you want to occasionally add more you can set the single shot button for an extra 2g dose or whatever you want to dial in. I haven't got too obsessive about weighing other than when setting up for my 18g dose, but on the few samples I
  7. Ok I stand corrected! No wonder I’m getting in a muddle trying to dial theSpecialita in! Clockwise is indeed finer. I’m almost there, 17g to 40g was 23secs so I’m going a tiny bit clockwise!
  8. Well this is a mystery. Machine in Hampshire and I’m now away till Thursday evening but I’ll take a photo then and then also dial it 180 degrees clockwise and anti clockwise and send some beans through to double check it all. Have to admit I found what should be a very straightforward process got very confusing at the weekend as everything I did seemed to be the opposite of what I was expecting until I had a ‘light bulb moment’ and finer was anti clockwise! Actually getting good shots with Bella Barista ‘gaslight’ beans and 25 secs from 1st drip so about 32/33 secs In all for 36-40 gr espresso
  9. Well the one I’ve been dialling on over the weekend is definitely anti clockwise to go finer. 2 on the dial is finer than 1 on the dial and to get from 1 to 2 you turn the knob anti-clockwise. I found it very confusing as my initial thinking was to follow the arrow and go clockwise to go finer but that is exactly the opposite and adjusts coarser.
  10. I'm sure you have all realised .......but after some frustrating adjustment in the wrong direction I discovered that to go Finer you need to go Anti-Clockwise, and to go Coarser you have to go Clockwise. It seems that the 'Fine' marked on the dial with an arrow is to show that by increasing the number in the direction of the arrow you are going finer which means turning the knob anti-clockwise. Just discovered as I have spent the weekend trying to dial in a Mignon Specialita.........took rather longer than expected as I kept turning clockwise thinking that Fine (and therefore Finer) was in the
  11. Buster

    Niche Zero- white

    This has now sold to Badgerman. Not sure how I remove and transfer to the 'Sold' section.
  12. Buster

    Niche Zero- white

    Annih - I will let you know. Just for transparency the sale has been agreed to Badgerman at £440 and collection form SP11 on Friday 17th July. All packed and ready.......
  13. PS. Maybe the black print on white Niche is less robust than the white on a black Niche
  14. Haha. Mine is white and just over 6m old although not used during lockdown. Slight fading on a couple of letters of ‘coarse’ - no big deal but did read somewhere that others had similar experience. Just wondered if anyone knew what caused it?
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